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1851 General Store Ledger of ?? H. Patterson & 1880 Cotton Book of Dillahunty & Sons, Henry County TN . 1851
Price: $50.00

The first 71 pages of this ledger are from a general store believed to be in Henry Country, TN for 1851.  The same book was later used by another individual as a cotton book in 1880.  The information in the "cotton book" section includes purchases from small growers and sales to larger companies  Also included is a Memphis Cotton Exchange Daily Market Report, January 15th, 1881 with a cover from W. G. Galbreath & Co, Cotton Factors to Dillahunty & Son, Henry Station. . The last half of the book is blank.  Measures  15 1/4" x 6 1/4".
Edward T. NelsonHerbarium and Plant DescriptionsAllyn and BaconBoston1888
Price: $60.00

42 completed pp, 5 blank pp. Green applied illustrated cover with leather spine and corners, preprinted description pages with samples of plants, hand filled out descriptions, shoe lace type ties on three sides. A collection of plant descriptions, each preprinted page has space for detailed scientific and common explanations of plants. The 42 completed page are hand written and dated April-June 1896 (with the bulk in May), the second page contains samples of the described plants. The back of each page has the initials M.F. and the cover is inscribed Marion E. Foster. Locations include Lanesville, Riverdale, West Glouceter (Massachusetts). 9 3/4" x 8"
Personal Account Book for Charles W. Bartlett, 1873-1877. ..
Price: $60.00

Applied marble over leather cover, stamped inscription, handwritten personal account entries. Book begins with an inventory of finances; money, stock, real estate, notes as of April 1, 1873. The rest of the book consists of debits and credits logs by month. The left hand pages have monetary totals with names of individuals, possibly tracking payments received. The right side has two columns of finances with lists of items. Items include "oysters at Masonic Levee", "1 pr Gloves", "French Lessons", "Wife", "Milk Bill". Each year begins with an inventory and list of stocks and real estate. Enclosed at back is a photograph of a house with family on front steps. Back of paper states "249 Jackson St. Lawrence" 8" x 5 1/2". cover worn, front end paper has chipping, inside front end paper detaching but book solidly in place.
Chauncey Buell's Book - Ludlow Massachusetts, 1834 -1841.
Price: $65.00

Includes wages paid to others including tasks performed from 1834-1841 followed by a receivables ledger.   Last entry death record of Chauncy, who died at age 60 (1853) , Anne who died at 91 years and Margaret who died at age 65. The Buell family of Ludlow was descended from William Buell (or Be well) of Chesterton, Huntingdonshire, England, who came to New England about 1630 and settled at Dorchester, Mass., but removed a few years later to indsor, Conn., where the family took a prominent part in the early history of the town.Chauncey Buell,' the first of the Ludlow Buells, was born March  1, 1793, at Somers, Conn., coming to Ludlow about 1820, where he died Sept. 12, 1853; married April 24, 1821, at Longmeadow, Anne Lathrop, born Dec. 24, 1794, at East Wiindsor, Conn., died Feb. 17, 1886.
"Your Favourite Walk" Photo and Memory Album created by Cissie, UK. 1909
Price: $65.00

Handmade, hand tied album with photographs and a handwritten letter from a niece, Cissie, to her uncle. Addressed 473 Carlton Place Oswaldtwistle, there is a photograph from Douglas Harbor  Isle of Man and the niece refers to her uncle getting settled in the "land of the free and the home of the brave" while referencing her travels in the UK Names mentioned include Peggy, a new niece Lizzie, brother Dick, and Aunt Maggie. 5" x 6 1/2" some staining from photograph and mounts
Two Weeks Without Pay; Being the Happenings from June 20 to August 13, 1923 - personal journal New York/New Jersey
Price: $65.00

unpaginated. Paper bound personal diary from June 20 to August 13, 1923, handwritten and made to look like a published book by drawning a title page.Preface from the 'editor' is presumably the author of the diary and begins "The second spoke continues and finishes the last days in jail (school)." July 7th mentions he bought 4 letters to put on his jersey (jeff)n however a letter on August 6th is addressed to "Clarence". The diary depicts the life of a teenager in 1923; getting a massage to remove skin blemishes, events at school, grades, work done on the car and the repairs, lots of swimming and flirting. Friends mentioned are Dietz, and Art, Bill,and Red Lovett, Higgsy (later listed as George Leroy Higgs, apprentice chemist), Rich Beck, and his pop. He wants to get a job at Price and Lee (publishing company) and talks of Kempson's (publishing company) where he currently works. Accounts of his days; working, friendships, cars, trips to Pennsylvania, Asbury Park, Dreamland Park, and Midland Beach. Gets his license plate for $9.20, the number is 293514. Other names mentioned Elizabeth, Bee (Beatrice), Carrie Frey, Captain Ratchford (park police), Jean Ahern,and an Edee who did not swim one day because she "had the monthlies". A wonderful look into the life of a teenager in 1923. Many details and emotions. Last page mentions that "due to the popularity if these books another volume will be published immediately". 6" x 3 1/2". pages intact, some writing messy but overall easy to read
Diary and commonplace book of Steuben Jenkins, Wyoming, Pa. 1876. 1876
Price: $75.00

Fabric covered diary with preprinted statistical information such as calendars, almanacs, currency, and astronomy. Continues with personal accounts. January through September of 1876 has diary entries then at end a writing "Historical Memoirs Relating to the Housatunnuk Indians" by Rev. John Sergeant which references Susquahanna and Mohegan Indians is copied in. 3" x 6" diary is worn and has some staining
My Trip Abroad, travel log for the S.S. Minnekahda, 1929
Price: $75.00

100 plus pages, tri-fold journal. A very detailed travel log, possibly for a young lady. No name is given but the trip is incredibly documented. The book begins with a preprinted trip information booklet. This included travel information like longitude and latitude, mail times, currency, compass information, navigation, keeping time, how to play shuffleboard, and signals. It then becomes a personal travel log book. It begins with the log detailing date, course, position, run, and remarks. Beginning on July 4, 1929 and ending August 18, 1929, the S.S. Minnekahda of the Atlantic Transport was captained by John Jensen (his signature appears in teh book). A very detailed itinary  is documented starting on June 28 as the leave central wharf on the "Boston" to the Minnekahda which then travels to England. Rails are taken to Scotland, Paris, and around England. Other documents include, hotels stopped at , places visited,gifts received, letters/calls/cards/suppers, and an address book with addresses form a variety of locations. There are personal notes and a listing for who saw them off (father, mother, Herbert, and others). Names mentioned in the diary are May Kunkle, Ruth, Walton, Bixby. Very detailed descriptions of what she did, read, sights seen, and places attended. Color fold out World map at the end of book. 6 3/4" x 4 1/2". some wear on leather cover, pages intact but title page binding is split, still has pencil in holder, most pages fully filled
Diary of Young Girl, Frankie Brown, Daytona Florida, 1919. ..
Price: $85.00

Black leather cover, preprinted generic pages, lined pages for each day of the year filled in by hand. Calendar journal with identification page identifies the book as belonging to Frankie Brown in Daytona Florida, some answers are tongue in cheek and give the feeling of a preteen or teenage writer. The next section has preprinted pages of calendars, value of foreign coins, rates of postage and stock, populations, weather, and holidays. The journal then begins on Wed. Jan, 1, 1919. Each page is filled in completely. It begins "you are a new diary and I wonder if you are nice. Your predecessor was. Your name is Elizabeth". Entries discuss friends, activities, crushes 6" x 3". heavy wear on cover, sections of text block detached
Inventory Book for Builder, 1903-1906 . ..
Price: $125.00

paper cover with cloth tape binding, handwritten pages of builder's inventory lists. A detailed listing of building supplies from 1903-1906. An unknown builder documented the inventory for his business. The first page starts with "fire pails, painted 453", "railing for automatic fire door  397 1/2' " the list continues throughout the book and contains sprinkling heads and  water closets then goes on to specific areas of the building; basement, machine shop, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th floors. Other entries are for coal along with "Fogarty's time record". Later in the book is a listing of names and locations many of which are crossed out, these have dates from the 1860's on them but appear to be in a similar hand. 6" x 4 1/2". worn, tear in cover
The Standard Diary no. 532 of anonymous writer in Massachusetts. The Standard Diary Co 1912
Price: $150.00

Brown fabric cover of printed journal, lined paper, beginning has standard information such calendar, holidays, populations, weights and measures, presidents, and a variety of tables. The journal is very detailed. Each day of 1912 is filled in with weather, organ lessons given, callers, information about chickens, and daily life. The end contains addresses, accounts,days she played organ and amount received, births, deaths,  detailed listings of chickens and laying habits, poultry eaten and sold.  Last page is a list of names of pullets in 1911-1912. 5" x 3"
Newspaper Cover Handmade Commonplace Book, June 4, 1809.
Price: $150.00

8 pages of laid paper stitched in place between a portion of a newspaper page from 1809.  Includes Bible verses and quotes, bills sent to Bridgeport Bank, Mohawk Bank and several to  Manhattan Bank.  This is followed by additional devotionals and banking notes.  Articles on the covers include petitions of the New York state assembly, buildings to be sold or leased,  want ads and advertising and a partial editorial on a letter written by John Adams.  Measures 7" x 4 3/4".
An Account Book of Benjamin Clark, Exeter, MA 1824-1130; Provisions Merchant - all types
Price: $150.00

A 7 3/4" x 6"  approximately 50 page ledger or day book with marbled paper cover.  A day book or account book with additional informational entries on local events. Entries begin with the driving of various named cows, followed by Benjamin Clarks tax bills for 1824.  Mr. Clark is merchant of all things... Ledger entries begin with a credit for 30 pounds of old iron left with me when I bound his wheels.  Followed by information on cheese and potato sales and other food products including 'veel'.  Includes ales of timber,  pork and lamb, calf skin, buttons, ribbon, etc.  Also includes periodic weather reports Oct 12, 1828 "this morning there is a whitefrost this is the first frost that I have ssen this fall".  Additionally he would credit debtors for  "a day's work".  One page is an Account of What I have received this year 1830", listing the butter and cheese he received by date including dates and amounts and costs for the entire year; with a second page dedicated to corn and potatoes and livestock. Additional yearly accounts for 1828 and 1829.  An upside down entry on the inside back cover reads "Monday, Dec. 28, 1829 uncommonly warm.. Moderate wear; one leaf detached but present.
Family Album Containing 32 Illustrated color Belgium telegrams for 2 Weddings 1940s-1950s.
Price: $175.00

The brightly colored telegrams are congratulations on the marriages of Jean Pier Stockhelm to Laura Jane spooner of Memphis and a second wedding, that of Nicole Fraipont to Michael Stockhelm. Also includes wedding pictures, children's pictures from the 1940s and 1950s.  Housed in somewhat worn leather album.  Measures 10" x 8".
Union Civil War Pocket Diary, 1861. L & E Edwards.New York.1861
Price: $200.00

A small leather bound daily pocket diary from 1861. The journal is mostly used for daily notations on the weather and a short list of the work done that day or who visited who. As the Civil War starts, there are annotations of the different important events and battles of 1861. It starts with President Lincoln's inauguration, the Battle of Fort Sumter, the Declaration of War, and the Battle of Bull Run. As well as smaller events, like military soldiers dining in the city, and then departing for Milwaukee and other war related notes amongst the daily writings.  Written in short declarative form.  Annotations periodically throughout the year.  The first few pages of the journal are filled with useful charts and lists. The pocket diary ends with a few pages for Bills Payable, a small pocket for scraps of paper and a loop to hold a pencil. Measures 4 3/4" x 3". Edge wear, particularly on back strip. The front closure strap is detached on one end. Minor toning and soiling on interior pages due to age. Last few pages of the journal are loose and semidetached.
Miscellaneous Extracts, During the year 1837. ..
Price: $225.00

A hand constructed booklet measuring 6" x 3 3/4" with an array of factual data from the year 1837 embellished with historical events from as early as the 15th century.  A few facts of interest: -The death of King William the 4th took place in June, and the ascension to the throne of the Princess Victoria at the age of 18. -A table annotating the churches of Boston including the year of origination and the pastor  including Orthodox Congregations, Baptist and Episcopal Churches accompanied by information at the base for smaller churches. -Highest salary paid to a governor of a state was $4,000 to NY and PA; the lowest $400 to RI -Imports and Exports in gross dollars for 1825, 1830, 1835 -Salary of the President is $25,000 and Vice President is $5,000--etc. through cabinet and justices -97 captains in the Navy in 183.8 Includes 13 pages of "extracts" the remainder is blank.  Also includes additional smaller booklet with five like pages..
Rebecca Hileman. The 'School Friendship Book' of Rebecca Hileman in High School in Loda. Illinois, 1920-1923. The Reilly & Lee Co.Chicago.1919-1923
Price: $300.00

The very well documented high school years of Rebecca Hileman from Loda, Illinois are captured as Rebecca filled scores of pages with over 100 photographs of friends and family, name cards, souvenirs of school events, news clippings, letters and more. Includes some memorabilia such as a dance program, graduation invites, a piece of Wrigley gum and its wrapper, a typist certificate and lots postcards. In one section Rebecca lists all the faculty and the subjects they taught, as well as creating her own mini yearbook by grouping headshots together by class, All in all this scrapbook is a  fascinating picture of a young girl's school life in the early 1920s. The scrapbook itself was published by The Reilly & Lee Co, and was designed and illustrated by Clara Powers Wilson. 9" x 6 1/2". Covers are soiled and slightly bend due to the overabundance of the interior contents. Back strip is partially detached due to 'overstuffed' contnet. Binding is loose and mostly detached. Interior pages are toned and soiled due to age, some pages have minor tears. A few of the photographs have become lose and gone missing over the years. There is a stain caused by the Wrigley gum. Additionally some ephemera was never glued down, simply tucked into the book.
Daniel Warner's Day Book - Payment Records, Days in the Moon's age, Math Problems, Remedies for Man & Beast and much more.. .Henry County, Indiana.1846
Price: $575.00

Leather bindings with penned cypher front cover.  Begins with ledger entries followed by a series of math problems a table to show the number of days in the Moon's age, to be bled on, so as to receive Good Health.  Includes "A True Story" written in German more cyphers.  Remedies To stop the Blood, To Destroy a Tumor of the Neck, To cure a Tinche or film of the Eye, Cure for the Bots of Horses, For Eye Blisters, For the Burning, For being Liver-Grown, For the Night Burning and for the Cardiaca.  More math problems and cyphers that we called 'story problems' in elementary school. The book concludes with a Cure for Dyspepsia. Measures 7 1/2" x 6 1/4".  . Cover wear
A large format autograph and friendship album with fine Calligraphy, Autographs and Stamp Portraits of classmates belonging to J. W. Hertzog, Exeter Station PA, from his senior year at Eastman College, Poughkeepsie, New York. 1894. 1894
Price: $600.00

Unpaginated autograph and friendship album with a perfusion on entries from classmates from across the country, the islands, Mexico, Canada and Japan. A majority of entries include an identified photographic stamp of the classmate. It concludes with a series of stamp portraits identifying the individuals and their state of residence. The book also includes eleven (11) full page examples of fine hand penned calligraphy birds and another works interspersed throughout the book. There are two additional facing calligraphy decorated pages that highlights the faculty for 1894, again with stamp portraits, with large format stamps for Clement and Mrs. Gaines, the president and treasurer of the college. The final area of particular note relates to Eastman not merely being a theoretical school, students gained practical experience in the business arts of the time by actually performing the tasks that would be expected of them in their working careers. Apparently Hertzog was majoring in banking and has a diagram of Assignment of positions E.C. Bank for Tuesday May 10, 1894. The final page has impressions from all of the rubber stamps that were used at the East- man College Bank. .
Clergyman’s Sunday School Visiting Diary chronicling visits made to the homes of students of the Sabbath School of the 2nd Presbyterian Church, Troy NY, commencing April 6, 1847-1864. 1847
Price: $700.00

According to the first entry (hidden in the back of the book) the effort of home visits was under- taken by the superintendent “for a little time past, I have been troubled by efforts made by Mrs. Warren, patron of the Episcopal church, to induce poor families whose children have been in our SS to take the children from us, and send them to Episcopal SS (se visit, June 12, 1847). Were it to a Baptist or Methodist S.S. I should be glad to see the children lease us to enjoy the greater advantage offered; but I feel that the instruction under which they would come in the SS would not be evangelical, and gladly would I retain them with us. But apparently cannot succeed in doing so, June 14 - Yesterday I was notified by a teacher of two other families the children of which were leaving our school for the Episcopal as above”. This is followed by 70 plus pages of documentation of visits that include details on the home environment, social conditions, the sobriety and religious beliefs of the children’s fathers and more. Most of the interaction is with the mothers of the children. When troubling situations arose, the superintendent would say a prayer. The book documents the daily affairs of the less fortunate parishioners over a period of greater than twenty years. There are a few entries at the end of the diary for the early 1880s. Measures 11" x 8 1/2"..
Commonplace Book Receipts & Directions for Creating Colors, Making Cements for Bonding 1768-1831
Price: $850.00

A fascinating collection of directions and receipts including Directions for Painting on Glass (1786), a grouping of Curious Receipts from 1766 including To Make Blue Letters on Sword Blades, To stain a Mahogany color, To Make Red Ink (also yellow, gold and or silver, violet, etc).  Also includes a Cement for broken vessels, receipt to dye black and much more.  Penned on laid paper.  Measures 6 ¼” x 4 ½”.   .
Large Format Commonplace Album Comprised by a Gentleman in 1828 and Another in 1900. Miniature Lord's Prayer, Sketches1828
Price: $900.00

This rich album includes a number of miniature watercolors and pencil drawings. The title or frontise page is an illustration done in pencil and watercolor depicting a toddler and an elderly gentleman, perhaps symbolizing the “New Year passage”.   The first 85 pages of this album were the musings and excerpts from an English gentleman in the late 1820s. Includes some calligraphy and several miniature pencil drawings.  His works are finely penned and neatly arrayed and among many other entries include • Pyramid of Drink e.g. from sober to tipsy to dead drunk and all of the stations in between explaining man’s thoughts along the way. • Properties of a Gardner – Why is a Gardener the most extraordinary man in the Word – Answer addressed to a Lady, which is a play on words with the help of homophones relating to gardening • A Bachelor’s Soliloquy • The Voice of Love – Drawing • Many excerpts from Lord Byron • To a Lady on a Swing • To Miss H…On her saying that I could not be in love because I was so cheerful • Origins of the Flower Forget-me-Not with watercolor • On a Lady sending a tongue and a hare as a present. The hand changes, with an early entry being 1903.  This section is also reach in small pencil works mostly of landscapes. Includes a miniature Lord’s Pray.  A few items of note include • Photo of a home in New York 1901 x 2 • Pencil work of a church fortress • Naïve pencil sketch of a soldier • Full page watercolor of shells • Lord’s Prayer in miniature • Full page watercolor of chrysanthemum • Pen and ink of dogs • Applied watercolor of bird • A stick figure series illustrating Shakespeare – Life is but a walking shadow – Oh that his too, too solid flesh would melt… • Iroquois Chief in pen and ink • Pencil drawing of H. M. S. Boscawen A fine collection.  Contains approximately 250 pages.  Measures 10” x 8”. .
1843 Watercolor & Pen and Ink Album for Jayne Lloyd Haines from her Father, Wm Haines, January 26, 1843
Price: $1,950.00

A large format album with embossed covers with an illuminated title page identifying the giver and receiver of the album.  An album rich in creativity with a few musings and writings, but predominantly a combination of   • well executed full page pen and ink drawings, many done after famous works • a charcoal drawing • watercolors, some composition works, that have been cut out and applied either as a single object or part of a collage • handcolored cut-out etching • well composed pages of scrap and cut-out works, mostly decorative but some with morals and enigmas • elaborately cut applied silhouettes of military invasions • a cobweb  with watercolor fuchsia that lifts to reveal a printed silk friendship verse on the inside back cover Elaborate gilt stamped cover.  Measures 9 1/2" x 12". .