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Only That, and Nothing More: Spelman Brothers Trade Catalog
Price: $25.00

Manufacturer: Spelman Brothers' Bazaar and Bargain Goods Location: New York Date: c1880s Pages: 18 (including covers) Subject Matter: Summer goods, trade catalog A sales catalog sent to stores by the Spelman Brothers to advertise their wears in different stores. This was a sample of the catalog that could be ordered (not including the orange cover which would be removed on the final printing), and each store could stamp their name on the bottom of each page. The Spelman brothers claimed that "it sells the goods for you", and no prices were listed so that each store could set their own prices. The items sold in the catalog have brief descriptions and often a B&W illustration to go with it. Some examples of the items sold are: hats, hammocks, fans, camping equipment, "fancy flannel outfits", summer corsets, and drapery scarfs. These catalogs were sent free of charge in return for a "generous order of goods". The whole catalog was folded at one point, and the crease marks are still evident. There is minimal edge wear, and a few intact tears. 9" x 4 1/2"
Art and Decoration in Crepe & Tissue Paper. Dennison Manufacturing Co...1913
Price: $30.00

96 pp. Printed soft cover, photographs, illustrations, crepe paper samples. A trade catalog filled with information about crepe and tissue paper. Vividly colored samples of papers, decorating with papers instructions and photographs, advertising for other materials to use with papers, includes index at back. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". tear on cover, cover handled
Art and Decoration: Crepe and Tissue Paper
Price: $50.00

Manufacturer: Dennison Manufactoring Co Location: Boston Date: 1907 Pages: 96 Subject Matter: Decorations made from Paper A comprehensive guide to crepe and tissue paper, including prices. There are B&W photographs of various samples of the crafts that can be made from crepe and tissue paper, as well as some B&W illustrations of templates, patterns and products. The covers show some edge wear, and sight fading. Additionally, they are detached from the text block. The front cover, at the top, was signed by a previous owner. The back cover is missing a small piece from the bottom left corner. The interior pages shows general toning and soiling. Some pages have stains on them from where the ink was smudged at one point.  8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Charles Folsom Dealer in Fire Arms, Ammunition, Sporting Goods, Cutlery and Novelties
Price: $50.00

Manufacturer: J. Stevens & Co.'s Celebrated Arms Location: New York Date: November 1883 Pages: 112 Subject Matter: Sporting Goods Comprehensive descriptions with pricing information for all types sporting goods. The catalog has a wide range of items for sale including various fire arms and ammunition, hunting knifes, hunting traps, card games, puzzles and small musical instruments. There are B&W illustrations throughout the catalog of the goods being sold. Charles Folsom was the sole agent for J. Stevens & Co.'s Celebrated Arms. This is his sale catalog, #31 A. Covers show foxing and toning and edge wear. The front cover and first section of interior pages have detached from the text block. One of the two staples used for binding is missing. The interior of the back cover is reinforced with tape. The interior pages show heavily toning, edge wear and some intact tears throughout. 6 3/4" x 5"
Doch & Ronbright, Wholesale Provision Dealers, Curers and Smokers of Fine Meats. Harrisburg, PA, December 18, 1883.
Price: $60.00

Art and Decoration in Crepe & Tissue Paper
Price: $75.00

Manufacturer: Dennison Manufacturing Location: Boston Date: 1914 Pages: 96 Subject Matter: Decorations made from Paper Comprehensive descriptions and pricing. Samples of crepe and tissue paper are included. Images from B&W photos of the products and uses, as well as both B&W and color illustrations for possible design ideas and uses for crepe & tissue paper. For example there is an illustration of a decorated car for a parade and costumes of various animal and plants for children made from crepe paper. There are patterns to cut out and use in the back of the catalog as well. Covers shows minimal cover wear, along with one tiny blue stain on the back cover. Toning. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Le Lilliputien . A Rouyer, Editeur, Paris. No. 359 - Handwork Patterns Secular Subject Matter, April 1877. ..
Price: $100.00

A 4 1/4" x 2 5/8" wrapper with nine fold-out pages of cross-stitch or petit-point patterns All in full color.   The reverse advertises different products and locations in Paris. This pattern booklet was for April 1877..
Pettibone Bros. Mfg. Co. Manufactures of Uniforms and Society Goods, Banners, Badges, Flags, Regalia, Paraphernalia, etc. Catalog No. 674.
Price: $150.00

The Paul E Wirt Fountain Pen
Price: $165.00

Manufacturer: The Paul E Wirt Fountain Pen; Sold by: Chase Brothers (Haverhill, MA) Location: Bloomsburg, PA Date: c1895 Pages: 16 (including covers) Subject Matter: Fountain Pens The front cover has an illustrated line drawing, with the inscription, "Tho' the pen be mightier than the sword, the Wirt is mightier than them all." The catalog starts with a brief description of fountain pens, and how Paul E Wirt pens are far superior to others. Each page after has B&W illustration of four different pens, the type of case use (ex. Mottle Case, Plain Gold Bands), their prices, and a witty phrase such as "Do not dip, dip, dip. Use a good fountain pen. Use the best. Use a Writ. It is up to day; practical, durable and reliable. Get one of the pens illustrated in this catalogue." There is a comprehensive price list in the back, illustrations of the different sizes of the nibs, the different parts of a fountain pen (nozzle, barrel, etc.) and an illustration showing the comparative sizes of Wirt Fountain Pens. Some general toning throughout, and the staples used to bind the catalog have started to rust. 8 3/4" x 5 1/2"..
Catalog of Dennison Mfg. Co. Tags and Printed Gummed Labels, 1903.
Price: $175.00

Filled with illustrations of labels in two color and multi-color examples, plus two pages of use of gold and silver inks. .