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Er.tes Le.ebuch fur Kinder. (First Reading Book for Children). American Tract Society New York
Price: $18.00

160 pp. Blind stamped, gilt brown cloth hard cover, illustrated, entirely in German. Begins with the alphabet, an illustration, the upper and lower case letter than a biblical verse, other items include the small and large alphabets, the vowels, simple syllables, and short stories. 6 1/4" x 4" written in German, spine torn, binding loose, wear on cover,  foxing
Nursery Primer
Price: $28.00

24 pp primer with color illustrations of children at work and play on covers. Woodcut on inside cover depicts older child playing teacher in a classroom setting. Title page depicts a ring of children around the world.  Includes 18 different lessons. Printed on pulp or short fiber paper.
Baby's First Book. McLoughlin Brothers.NY.c1890
Price: $35.00

16 pp, linen book with wrapper. The cover features a beautiful color illustration of a cat playing with a ball. As the title suggests, this book is meant to help a child start to learn how to read. With the alphabet printed on the first two pages, and an additional 17 'lessons', where a child can learn short sight words. Interspersed in between the lessons are wonderful color illustrations of animals along with short phrases, such as "The Horse: The horse has four legs and so has my dog and my cat; the hen only has two." Measures 10" x 7 3/4" . Minor edge wear near the binding and small section of missing surface litho on the front cover. General toning and soiling due to age.
Major's Alphabet. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.c1870
Price: $38.00

This ABC book is rather unique, in that instead of finding items that start with the corresponding letter, they use names. For each letter of the alphabet they name a person and the action they are performing. For example: A is Ann, with milk from the cow... G is Georgiana, shooting an arrow... Q is Quintus, armed with a lance." Each colorful illustration depicts this action, and there is generally three letters on a page. The front cover shows two young girls reading from a book. The back cover has a printed advertisement for wooden block toys. 12 pp (including yellow wrappers). Measures 8 1/2" x 5 1/4" . Minor tear to front cover and missing lower right corner. The back cover is missing three small pieces along the edge. Covers semidetached. Sewing repair to binding.
Home ABC
Price: $40.00

16mo. Unpaginated. Linen Each page with three (3) letters and illustration relevant to letter. H is for Hoop Henry, N is for Negro, X is for Axe. Cover wear. Interior in excellent condition.
Picture Primer
Price: $40.00

8vo. 8 pp with wraps with red printing  First page is upper case alphabet followed by lower case. page. Five (5) lesson pages, concluding with a child praying as he has lost his parents. All pages hand colored. Scarce item.
Little ABC Book. ..c1880
Price: $45.00

A wonderful example of a nineteenth century linen ABC book featuring a wonderful cover design with block printed with letters colored in red. The covers depict varies designs meant to appear as though they stamped designs. Addtionally the front cover depicts a young blond hair girl reading, and the back cover shows the same girl playing with a doll. The interior pages are printed in a 2 x 3 grid, with letter printed in one square and the corresponding image in the one next to it. The book covers everything from Anvil to Zebra. Has the appearance of a McLoughlin Brothers books, but no publisher is listed. 12 pp (including wrappers) 5 3/4" x 4 1/2". Covers are soiled due to age. Edges are fraying. Binding is held with a pin. Bottom corners are curled and folded.
Major's Alphabet. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.1890s
Price: $45.00

This is a reprint of a 1870s edition by the same publisher. There interior pages are the same, but the covers are different. The front cover depicts two children, one young girl reading, and the other, a young boy, dressed up as a soldier. The back covers shows a young girl in 1890s fashion wading in water, playing with a toy sail boat. This ABC book is rather unique, in that instead of finding items that start with the corresponding letter, they use names. For each letter of the alphabet they name a person and the action they are performing. For example: "B is Benjamin, making a bow... E is Eliza, feeding a hen.... X is Xerxes, a boy of great might." Each colorful illustration depicts this action, and there is generally three letters on a page. 12 pp (including wrappers), Measures 9" x 6". Covers are detached, and saddle stitch binding is loose on bottom staple. Covers show moderate edge wear. Back cover has a tear and several missing surface litho spots. Soiling/toning to interior pages due to age.
Playmates ABC. Charles E. Graham & Co..Newark NJ.c1900
Price: $50.00

0351- Picture A. B. C. Seires 8vo. 10 pp. Linen. A twist on the traditional ABC book. Begins with "Hide and Seek with the Big Letters" printed in black and white. Each letter with a question and relevant illustration for letter. "Where is the A in Wall and Cat?" ."Where is the Q in Queen and Quill?. Interspersed three-quarter page color illustrations throughout.  Measures 9" x 7".  OCLC - 1 (Sept. 2017).
ABC Rhymes
Price: $50.00

8vo. 14 pp. on linen. Alphabet text page with corresponding illustrations for four (4) alphabet letters on another page. K is for Kakadu, kangaroo, kiosk and kabyl--all of which are depicted in the illustatration
The Brimful Book, Mother Goose Animals A.B.C. illustrated by Eulalie, C. M. Burd and G & D Haumann. Platt adn Munk Co Inc.New York.1939
Price: $50.00

A charming children's book full of Mother Goose Rhymes and colorful illustrations. In addtion to the classic rhymes the book also features several short stories, such as "Good Doggies" and "The Quack Quack Family". There is also an ABC section to the book as well. Red cloth backed covers, with a pictorial cover attached.  Pictorial end papers depicting characters from the rhymes.   Unpaginated. This book was copyrighted in 1927, 1928, 1929, and 1939. It is the 23rd edition. Edited by Watty Piper. Measures 12 1/4" x 10". Edge wear to cloth covers, the boards beneath the cloth are exposed in the corners. The pictorial cover is worn on the edges, and has some small sections of missing surface litho. Back cover has some stains. Inside endpaper is torn in two places. Tape repair to binding. There is an inscription down by a previous owner. Minor stains and toning on interior pages, does not affect readability.
Adventures of ABC, and other Little People, Alphabet Series. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.1890
Price: $50.00

This charming ABC book is from the McLoughin Brothers' Alphabet Series. The text and the illustrations of the letters are on separate pages. Each color illustration depicts the letter verse with the corresponding letter beside it. The text is in verse and written as though the letter of the alphabet is the name of the 'little person' "F for Frogs went out one day, And sat on the edge of a bog. He caught a cough, and he caught a cold, But he never caught sight of a frog" "R saw a Rat go under a bin, So he said to the rat, 'You die!' But the rat climbed out on the other side, And said, as he ran, 'Goodbye!' " Measures 8 1/8 x 6 1/8". Covers show some wear, the back cover has a signature of a previous owner and a small stain in the upper right corner. Sewing repair to the binding, there is some missing pieces of the cover along the repair. Minor penciling on two interior pages and the back cover.
Apple Pie, ABC; Alphabet Series. McLoughlin Bros..New York..18901
Price: $50.00

12 pp alphabet book with a sentence for each letter of the alphabet; many relating to the baker and baking/eating pies.  Six (6) pages of full color illustrations --each letter a relevant image. Two page line drawn illustration of baker with fresh pie being followed by a crowd of children. Measures 8 1/4" x 6 1/4"..
ABC Book
Price: $55.00

No. 923. Large format ABC picture book with cover illustrations of bookseller with children curiously looking through his wares.  Picture book with illustrations K for Kangaroo, S for Seasaw, Z for Zebra. Measures 10" x 14"
Little Boys and Girls ABC. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.1884
Price: $55.00

12 pp (including covers). Each page has three to four letters on it. Each illustration is accompanied by a corresponding letter. On the bottom of each page is the description, such as "N Nosegay. O Owl. P Parrot." On the front and back interior covers there is a more detailed alphabet poem that matches the illustrations. "N is a Nosegay Besprinkled with dew, Picked in the morning, And given to you. Measures 9" x 6". Covers fully detached. Previous owner inscription on the first page. Interior pages show moderate foxing and toning, with some small stains that do not impact either the text or the illustrations.
Fairy ABC. McLoughlin Brothers.New York .c1875
Price: $60.00

This alphabet book uses a different fairy tale or nursery rhyme for each letter. For example A is for Aladdin, N is for Nutcracker, S is for Sinbad, and U is for Ugly Duck. Each letter is beautifully presented with a large color pictorial letter matching the corresponding fairy tale or nursery rhyme. The text is in verse, for example: "D, Was the Dog Mother Hubard thought dead, When she was so anxious to get him his bread; He was a pup full of fro-lic and fun, And danced like a sylph when his sham-ming was done." "Q, Was the Queer Little Woman, who lived in a shoe, Who never did work, so had no-thing to do; She vowed that the shoe was a good fit, So for all oth-er houses she cared not a bit." The front cover of the book depicts what appears to be a young girl dressed up as a fairy, holding a wand, on a stage. The back cover has several printed advertisements for other McLoughlin Brother series. Measures 7 1/4" x 7".. Covers partially detached, sewing repair on the binding. The bottom corner of the lower right of the front cover is missing, and there is also a tear on the right side. Toning and minor foxing on interior pages.
My Little Darling's Pictorial ABC. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.1899
Price: $60.00

A charming and unique ABC book with full-color chromolithographs. There is an illustration for each letter, with generally two per page. Each image has a printed upper and lower case letter and imagery depicting the verse printed beneath. Some examples of the verses are: C begins Cat, and Carpet, and Cup. E is or Elephant, monstrous and high. R stands for Rabbits, for Fanny, for John. Front cover depicts two young children, a boy and a girl, reading from a large ABC book. The back cover has printed advertisements for other series by the publisher. Some of the pages have offset printing errors. 16 pp (including wrappers). Measures 10 1/2" x 7". . Covers are soiled with some stains. Tear on the front cover and minor penciling near the top. Back cover is missing piece of left bottom corner. Made-do homespun fabric back strip repair, rest of the binding is loose. Interior pages are soiled/toned due to age.
Christmas Stories ABC
Price: $80.00

10 pp linen soft cover book. 8vo. Cover depicts Santa Claus plowing down a country road in a roadster-- the back brimming with toys. Christmas themed when appropriate ABC pages follow. C - Chrismas, E - Eve before Christmas, etc.  Five (5) illustrations in full color, five (5) line drawings in sepia. Half page illustrations relevant to alphabet words. Dear Chrismas related imagery Children decorate a tree, Nettie receives a Christmas parce, Children shop for toys. Illustrations in the style of Outcault's Buster Brown.
The Ladder to Learning,
Price: $85.00

8 pages. Paper wraps. Hand colored woodcut ABC book. X stands for Xerxes, the great Persian King. Z stands for Zany, a foolish Young Fellow. Sewing repair on spine. Crayoning on reverse of pages. Charming.  Well used.
Manual Alphabet, used by the Deaf and Dumb; with notices of Laura Bridgman and Julia Brace, who are deaf, dumb and blind. . Kiggins & Kellog.New York.c1850
Price: $85.00

20 pp (paginated, including yellow wrappers) This book was meant to teach children the alphabet in sign language, so that they might communicate with their "unfortunate companions". There are a total of 29 woodcut illustrations figures depicting the alphabet in sign-language (this includes examples on the cover page). Additionally the chap book gives a the brief narration of the two most famous American deaf mutes of the 19th century, Laura Bridgman and Julia Brace. On the front cover it states, "Third series.--No 10". The date of this chap book is inferred by the address of the publishers, as Kiggins & Kellogg was located at 88 John St., New York, between 1849 and 1856. Measures 4 1/2" x 2 3/4" . Previous owner inscription on the interior front cover. Minor soiling and toning due to age.
Home ABC. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.c1880
Price: $85.00

14 pp (including wrappers, linen book) The cover depicts a boy and girl, playing a drum and a toy horn respectively. The first two pages of the book have each page divided up into 12 squares, with one letter and small illustration in each square. The words used for each letter are basic, such as 'D Ducks' and 'T Tub'. The letters 'I' and 'J' are combined into one square, with the descriptor as "In Jail". There is no letter Z. Besides the alphabet, there are eighteen short lessons, often listing a few new words and a short poem to go along with the. There are six half-page color illustrations that go along with the lessons and illustrate the short poems. Measures 10 1/2" x 7" . Covers show surface wear, particular some cracks in the illustrations. Pages are soiled and toned due to age, particularly on the top edge. There is a faded inscription made by a previous owner on the front cover.
Uncle Sam's ABC Book, Printed in Linen, 1897. W.B. Conkey Company.Chicago ; New York.1897
Price: $95.00

12 pp unpaginated book printed on linen. Two color illustrations(red and blue) on wrappers; alphabet and words printed in color, accompanied by black and white illustrations. A delightfully charming ABC book which pairs each letter with three words, as well as using creative illustration to include each object in the drawing. For example A is for Acorn, Axe, and Angler; B is for Bicycle, Boy, and Balloon, etc. Measures 6 1/2" x 4 1/2". OCLC 1 - (3/2017). Book has wear and fraying. Pages are soiled and toned. The color accented ink (mostly red) has started to bleed through the pages. The blue ink has faded oddly in some areas.
Perrault Cinderella and the Little Glass Slipper. R.H. Pease.Albany.1847-1853?
Price: $95.00

8 pag. Grandpapa Pease  Series.Half page hand colored engravings. Elaborate  illustration inside cover. The story of Cinderella.   Back cover promotes Pease's Great Variety Store, games, historical amusements and more.  Decorative device  border. Measures 10 3/4" x 7".  . Heavy wear; sewing repair spine, intact tears, pencilling.
A Nursery ABC Book. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.1900
Price: $125.00

12 pp (including covers) Linen book, covers are paper mounted on linen. On alternating pages there is full page illustration of anthropomorphic animals representing the various letters of the alphabet. On the opposite page is are several short poems describing each letter using only animals. For example: "J is the Jay, a bird, you must know, that can't sing a note, any more than a crow." and "X Xantho, that put out its claw, and seized a poor sad-looking dog by the paw." (Xantho is a a genus of type of crab) Measures 10 1/2" x 8 1/4" . On both the front and back covers the paper is partially separated from the linen backing. Approximately half the page has separated. There is edge wear, particularly to the spine. On the interior pages, the letters of the alphabet were printed in red, this has caused a corresponding faint stain on the opposite page.