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This e-catalog is comprised of an eclectic mix of trade and general consumer catalogues and literature. They date from the 1880s through the 1920s. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Transfer ornaments
  • General merchandise
  • Equipment, Tools & Trade Supplies
  • Druggist labels
  • Paper samples
  • Fine China
  • Fashion
  • Novelties
  • Mattresses
  • Warehouse trucks
and much more. General condition is not pristine, as they were "working copies" but provide useful information on the history of American business, technology, marketing, consumption and design. For questions please contact us. Please view our Trade Catalogs category for similar items.
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Ross-Tacony Crucible Co. - Clay Bonded & Carbon Bonded Graphite Crucibles & More
Price: $40.00

Ross-Talcony Crucible Co.  Manufacturers of Graphite Crucibles.  Ross-Talcony Crucible Co.  Philadelphia.  Established 1871.No date.   Soft cover.  28 pp. A catalogue dedicated to Graphite Crucibles-  clay bonded type and carbon bonded type. Also includes the following related products Nozzels, Sleeves, Phosphorizers, Magnesia Crucibles, Skimmers, Stirrers, Base Blocks, Special Refractories for Foundry Use and much more.  Black & white in-text and full page illustrations. Comprehensive narrative descriptions with sizing and tables.  Measures 5 1/2" x 8".  Very good with light cover wear.
Berger Bros - Hardware anbd Supplies 1892
Price: $40.00

Berger Bros. Supplies. Manufacturers of Tinners' Hardware.  Berger Bros.  Philadelphia.  1892.  Soft cover.  80 pp. Includes fine Malleable and Gray Iron Castings and Roofers'.  Contains Clamp Hanger, Berger's Through Hangers, Galvanized Steel Crestings, Dampers, Hooks and much more. Measures 5" x 7 1/4". Profusely illustrated in black and white.  Numerous examples for each product type. Evidence of staple rust, staple not present,  text block detached from covers but present.
Woman's Institute Fashion Service - Spring & Summer 1923
Price: $40.00

Woman's Institute Fashion Service Spring & Summer 1923.  Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, Inc.  Scranton, Penn.  1923.  Soft cover.  Unpaginated.  Woman's Springtime Fashion.  Contains Variations of One-Piece Dress, Draped Dress, Costume Suit, Sports Apparel, Misses' Costumes, Junior Fashions, Millinery Fashions and more.  Black & white fashion illustrations with multiple views often showing variations on a pattern.  Comprehensive narrative that describes the fashion the material and pattern requirements, construction and fitting and finishing.  Measures 9" x 12".  Overall good condition.
Woman's Institute Fashion Service - Fall & Winter 1923 - 1924
Price: $40.00

Woman's Institute Fashion Service Fall & Winter 1923-1924.  Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, Inc.  Scranton, Penn.  1923.  Soft cover.  Unpaginated.  Woman's Fall & WInter Fashion.  Contains Coat Dress, Side-tiered Dress, Basque Dress, Self-Trimmed Wrap, Coats and Suits, Misses' fashion, Junior Fashions and more. Black & white fashion illustrations with multiple views often showing variations on a pattern. Comprehensive narrative that describes the fashion, the material and pattern requirements, construction and fitting and finishing.  Measures 9" x 12".  Overall good condition.
Woman's Institute Fashion Service - Spring & Summer 1924
Price: $40.00

Woman's Institute Fashion Service Spring & Summer 1924.  Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, Inc.  Scranton, Penn.  1924.  Soft cover.  Unpaginated.  Woman's Spring & Summer Fashion.  Contains Straight-line Dress, Tunic Dress, Slenderizing Costume, Home Dresses, Junior Fashions, Children's Styles, Distinctive Hat Modes and more.  Black & white fashion illustrations with multiple views.  Comprehensive narrative descriptions.  Measures 9" x 12".  Overall good condition with toning on cover.
Folio - Business Room Furniture, W. & J. Sloane NY, c1920
Price: $40.00

Business Room Furniture.  W. & J. Sloane.  New York. No date. c1920.  Fifty-five (55) plate of office and business furniture. Images from photographs.  Each plate includes a title and design number. Contains Swivel Desk Chair, Side Chair, Telephone Table, Costumer, Sofa, Book Case, Console Table and Mirror, Flat Top Desk, Table, Typewriter Desk, Bench and more. Brown toned plates, Images from photographs.  Includes Design number and name.  Some with sizing information.  Measures 8 1/2" x 11 1/2".  Heavy wear on folio, side flap detached but present, bottom flap lacking.  Plates in good condition with one exception - edge wear and intact tear.
Lansing Company Truck Catalogue - Warehouse Trucks & Much More 1913
Price: $50.00

Truck Catalogue No. 11-T Lansing - Company.  Formerly Lansing Wheelbarrow Company.  Lansing Company. Philadelphia. 1913.  Soft cover. 86 pp. with 6 additional pages dedicated to coal cars. Handtrucks and carts.  Contains Steel Wheelbarrows, Warehouse Trucks, Russel Paper Truck, Stone Car, Forge Shop Truck, Cotton Trucks and more.  Black & white in-text illustrations.  Brief narrative descriptions including price lists.  Measures 4 1/2" x 6". Good with light fading on cover margin.
The Regina and the Reginaphone 1908
Price: $60.00

The Regina and the Reginaphone Twentieth Century Music Makers. Rogers & Company.  Chicago.  No Date. c1908.   Soft Cover.  18pp. each with corresponding full page color illustration. Begins with several page narrative on Regina - Queen of Music Makers and it's mechanisms followed by a one page narrative on Reginaphone. Products include Tempo Regulator, Woodwork, Tune Discs, Dampers, Numerous Styles of music box, and much more. ,  Narrative  and comprehensions descriptions with sizing information.  Includes inserted price list.    Measures 7" x 10". Light wear on fold, pages 9-12 detached but present.
Toilettes - 1896
Price: $65.00

Toilettes August, 1896. Volume XVI No.8.  Toilettes Publishing Company.  New York.  1896. Soft cover. Unpaginated.  Women's Fashion. Contains Toilettes, Dresses, Paris Fashion, Vienna Fashion and more. Illustrated inside covers.  4 full page color plates.  In-text black & white illustrations. Many pages are constructed with fashion collage and narrative descriptions.  Measures 5" x 6 3/4". Minimal toning on covers, 2 color plates at centerfold detached but present, light staple rust.
The Quarterly - Gibson Drug Co.Catalogue- 1912 with Color Illustrations Carter's Inks & Glues & Much More
Price: $85.00

The Quarterly - A Catalogue of Proprietary Medicines, Pharmaceutical Supplies and Druggists' Sundries.  Gibson Drug Co.  New York.  1912.  Soft cover. 120pp. followed by 4 page full color appendix of Carter's Ink, mucilage and glues. A diverse catalog organized as follows 1. Price list of patent medicines, followed by color coded price list sections  2. Atomizers, Chamois, Perfumes, Sponges, Syringes and Water Bottles, 3. Price list of Confectionery, 4. a Stationery section with black & white in-text illustrations, a brief description and pricing information including a comprehensive section on pencils, pens and erasers. U.S.and American Bank Note Co's Playing Cards and much more and finally 5..a Price list of Eaton, Crane & Pike CO's papeteries, tablets and envelopes. All with brief descriptions,black and white illustrations and price information.  A wide array of offerings including  Alkaseptine, Bathodora, Colorite, Nuxpeptyn, Pile Oil, Solvent, Tissue Phosphates, Stationery items, Carters ink and much more.  Advertising profusely throughout.  Measures 9" x 11 1/4".
The American Wringer Company, Horse-Shoe Brand Wringers, Catalog No. 9, New York, NY 1910
Price: $85.00

The American Wringer Company, Horse-Shoe Brand Wringers, Catalog No. 9, New York, NY 1910 104 pp. catalog with embossed paper covers. Profusely illustrated with chromolithograph illustrations of available product. Each product page provides fine color imagery, a comprehensive narrative description and size information. Corresponding price list included. Measures 6” x 9”. Condition: cover wear, ¼” of left margin title page affixed to free end paper (may have been production error). Light water stain lower margin.

Brass Goods for Fire and Mill Equipment, c1920s
Price: $100.00

Brass Goods for Fire and Mill Equipment, c1920s 70 pp catalog , paper wrapper. Cover title Brass Goods Fire and Mill Equipment, Catalogue No. 6, The Akron Brass Manufacturing Company, Wooster, Ohio, America’s Best Made Nozzles. The title page reads “Brass Couplings, Nozzles, Clamps and Fittings For All Kinds and Styles of Hose, etc. Includes comprehensive narrative descriptions with illustrations or images from photographs of all types of couplings for hoses, hydrant and spanner wrenches, combination spanner, ladder hook and hydrant wrench and similar items. Next is the nozzles including “Ball type” shut-off nozzles, giant play pipe complete in various shapes and types, underwriter play pipe, Boston leather covered play pipe, hose assemblies, a “granger” water thief (hydrant?) and much, much more. No date. C1920s-30s. Measures 6 1/8” x 9 ¼”.

Marine Machinery - Catalogue 1913
Price: $110.00

Marine Machinery Catalogue.  American Engineering Company.  Consolidation of Williamson Brothers Company of Philadelphia (1865) with American Ship Windlass Company formerly Providence (1857).  Philadelphia.  1913.  Hard cover.  198 pp.  Marine Machinery.  Contains Anchor, Capstans parts, Dredge Winch, Hoists, Quadrant Steering Gear, Towing Bitts, Valve Gear, WIndlasses, Yacht Capstans and much more.  Black & white in-text finely details illustrations.  Comprehensive narrative descriptions often explaining the purpose and use of the individual machine.  Also includes diagrams and tables.  Measures 6 1/4" x 9 1/4".  Replaced endpapers, and most likely rebound; the title page has a 2" separation at base. Cover wear.
The Royal Porcelain Book - Royal Worcester c1910 -Fine
Price: $110.00

The Royal Porcelain Book. Albert Frost & Sons.  c.1910.  20pp. soft cover with ornate embossed cover design. The first two (2) pages a sort of title page  endpapers is attached tissue and reads "The Story of Royal Worcester China and some Notes on a visit to the ancient city of Worcester" bordered with floral decorative devices  Eight (8) fine chromolithograph color plates depicting examples of fine wares created by the firm; each faced with  textured glassine. The text is a history on Royal Worcester Porcelain in narrative.  Floral decorative devices border the pages with deckled edges. Concludes with the applied tissue endpapers.  Measures  8 1/2" x 11 1/4".  Edge wear on covers.
Higgins & Seiter - Catalogue No.14 - Fine China and Cut Glass
Price: $140.00

Higgins & Seiter Catalogue No.14 FIne China-Rich Cut Glass.  Higgns & Seiter.  New York.  c.1880s. 165 pp. soft cover catalogue followed by order forms  The focus is on Fine China-Rich Cut Glass, contains Almond dish china, Berry bowls cut glass, Coffee pots, Dinner sets, Fairy lamps, Hall clocks, Jam jars, Majolica ware, Ramekins, Steins, Welsh rabbit mugs, and much more.  black & white in-text and full page illustrations,, 8 full page color plates.  Brief descriptions with pricing and some with sizes.  Measures 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". Cover repair.  Achival tape reinforcment.  Light staple rust. Light tonging throughout. Chips on covers.. Lack of pgs. 119-120, 45-48.
Heywood Wakefield Furniture No. 103A - Wicker or Reed Fiber & Wood 1929
Price: $200.00

Heywood Wakefield Reed Fibre and Wood Furniture Catalogue 103A.  1929.  Soft cover.  151 pp.  catalog. Art Deco influenced cover design. The first 84 pages dedicated to wicker furniture with the remainder wooden.  Reed and Fibre furniture including Bassinet, Cane Webbing, Children's Cabinet Chairs, Couches, Day Beds, Ferneries, Invalid Chairs, Serving Tables, Plant Stands, Tabourets.  Wood furniture including Billiard Chairs, Colonial Chairs, Dinerette Furniture, Fernery, High Chairs, Ladderback Chairs, Steamer Chairs, Windsor Chairs and much more. Black & white illustrations with sizing information. Occasional color room vignettes including brightly colored fabric on cushions and drapery within predominantly black & white illustrations and images from photographs with brief descriptions including size information.  Order form and introductory letter inserted.  Measures 13 3/4" x 10".  Cover wear, edge chip.
1930-31 Catalog No. 31 - G. ED Trebing - General Merchandise
Price: $325.00

New 1930-31 Catalog No.31.  G. ED Trebing CO.  Chicago.  1930.  Soft Cover.  630 pp. Followed by order forms.  General Merchandise.  Contains Clocks, Art metal, Diamond, Leather, Smoker's, Watches, Jewelry-Men's, Women's, Kitchen, Vanities, Wedding and much more. Both In-text and full page illustrations; black and white and color.  Includes some with brief and others with comprehensive descriptions. Measures 9" x 12". Embossed Art Deco influenced cover and product design.  Of particular note are 18 pages of  Deco infulence Perfume Atomizers, Compacts and cigarette lighters,  Featuring Evans and Ronson.  Very good condition. Light wear.Note the printing error on the first image -- the page on Fisher products was inserted upside down.
Sample Book of Transfer Ornaments Palm, Fechteler & Co.1888
Price: $600.00

Sample Book of Transfer Ornaments.  Palm, Fechteler & Co.  New York-Chicago.  1888. Soft cover. 76 pp. catalogue of fine transfer ornaments. Victorian decoration and ornamentation; decalcomania. Contains all forms of elaborate decorative devices incorporating Sporting, Animalier, Equestriana, Heraldic transfers and much more.   Black & white illustrations..  The first page is a comprehensive price list with with an applied supplement for 1888. illustrations include order number and some with choice of color.   OCLC -11.  Measures 11" x 13 1/2".  Price list detached but present, Significant cover deterioration; page toning, text block intact with margin stain at base first few pages. Selling for content.