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Treatise on Art Needle Work with Twenty Color Plates
Price: $20.00

Manufacturer: M Heminway Sons Silk Co. Location: New York Date: c1900 Pages: 112 Subject Matter: Embroidery, Needle point A comprehensive guide to various patterns for needle point utilizing the manufacturer's products to make them. This catalog is the 8th in the series. It starts with a beginners guide to needlepoint, along with B&W photographs of the various stitches used in needle work. The treatise includes B&W illustrations of the designs, and templates for them, as well as 20 color illustrations of completed designs. The templates are for a variety of nature inspired elements, including plants and animals, as well as decorative styles, such as eyelet stitching.   Front cover fully detached, back cover partially detached, with most of the back strip missing. The interior pages are toned, with some stains. 8 x 51/2"
Elisabeth NaramoreWilliam and his Friends: A Group of Notable Creatures in the Metropolitan Museum of ArtThe Viking PressNew York1936
Price: $20.00

28 unnumbered pages. Yellow applied printed cover with matching dust jacket, black and white photographs throughout. William is a blue hippopotamus that lives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He takes the reader around to show off his friends, other art animals. There is a description of the item and when and where it was created as well as what it is made of.  Japanese quail menuki, a French marble hen, a Greek bronze horse, and Egyptian faience Jerboa mice are among a few of the animals featured. 7 1/4" x 5 1/2"
Picasso: The Bathers
Price: $25.00

Manufacturer: Fine Arts Associates (New York) & Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) Location: New York Date: 1959 Pages: A Two fold Sheet Subject Matter: Exhibition Catalog, Picasso, sculpture An exhibition catalogue of Picasso's sculptures entitled "The Bathers". This was the only American showing of his latest sculpture. It was shown in two cities; in New York at the Fine Arts Associates from February 10th to March 7th 1959, and in Boston at the Museum of Fine Arts from March 15th to April 15th, 1959. There are three B&W photographs of the sculpture series and an excerpt from the "Les Baigneurs de Picasso" in Quadrum, v. 1958. Very minimal cover wear, otherwise fine. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
The Electro-Chemical and Specialty Company Trade Catalogs
Price: $25.00

Manufacturer: The Electro-Chemical and Specialty Company Location: New York Date: c1890s Pages: (3 total pieces) 2 are single fold sheets, 1 is a single page Subject Matter: Batteries There is a total of three pieces: The Atlantic Primary Battery Catalog (the" best and most economical battery for running fan motors, sewing and dental machines, and phonographs"), a catalog for various batteries, and an order form. The two catalogs have a comprehensive description and price list with some B&W illustrations of the products. The pages are toned, and the Atlantic Battery Catalog was folded at some point. Largest: 11" x 8 1/2"
Cutter Price List
Price: $25.00

Manufacturer: Hitchcock Manufacturing Location: Cortland, NY Date: September 1st, 1892 Pages: Single Fold Subject Matter: Sleigh, Industrial A price list for various parts to a sleigh. The cover has an illustration of a sleigh in three colors: yellow, pink and black. The text is black with accents in pink. There is some general toning to the price list, as well as crease marks from where it was original tri-folded. Additionally there are some intact tears along those fold marks, and some missing surface litho. 9 1/2" x 6 1/4"
Only That, and Nothing More: Spelman Brothers Trade Catalog
Price: $25.00

Manufacturer: Spelman Brothers' Bazaar and Bargain Goods Location: New York Date: c1880s Pages: 18 (including covers) Subject Matter: Summer goods, trade catalog A sales catalog sent to stores by the Spelman Brothers to advertise their wears in different stores. This was a sample of the catalog that could be ordered (not including the orange cover which would be removed on the final printing), and each store could stamp their name on the bottom of each page. The Spelman brothers claimed that "it sells the goods for you", and no prices were listed so that each store could set their own prices. The items sold in the catalog have brief descriptions and often a B&W illustration to go with it. Some examples of the items sold are: hats, hammocks, fans, camping equipment, "fancy flannel outfits", summer corsets, and drapery scarfs. These catalogs were sent free of charge in return for a "generous order of goods". The whole catalog was folded at one point, and the crease marks are still evident. There is minimal edge wear, and a few intact tears. 9" x 4 1/2"
Modern Painting Reproduced in Art Calendars de Luxe for 1912
Price: $25.00

Manufacturer: Gerlach-Barklow Co Location: Joliet, Illinois Date: 1912 Pages: 16 (including covers) Subject Matter: Art Calendar A catalog for the Gerlach-Barklow de Luxe line of calendars that was advertising directly to stores who sell calendars asking them to "wait for the Gerlach-Barklow Line" . The calendars were known for their "elegant simplicity" and "real water colors" with "no airbrushing" used. The pages show B&W collages of various types and sizes of calendars sold, with 3 full color, tipped in pictures showcases the art in their calendars. No prices listed. Covers have minimal edge wear, and the bottom right corner has crease marks from having been bent all the way through the text block to the back cover. The interior pages show minimal toning, and some staining caused by  the adhesive used to tip in the pictures. 10 1/4" x 8 1/2"
Cromwell Gardens Seed Catalog
Price: $25.00

Manufacturer: An. N Person Inc Location: Cromwell, CT Date: 1924 Pages: 68 Subject Matter: Garden Full color covers, with comprehensive description, cultural and pricing information, images from photographs in B&W with periodic full color. There is a tear away order sheet in the back. Partially cover separation, and toning. 10"x7".
The Eleventh International Water Color Exhibition
Price: $30.00

Manufacturer: The Art Institute of Chicago Location: Chicago Date: 1931 Pages: 68 Subject Matter: Exhibition Catalog, water color An exhibition catalog from the Art Institute of Chicago of the "Eleventh International Exhibition Water Color, Pastels, Drawings, Monotypes and Miniatures", that ran from April 30th to May 31st 1931. There were a total of 566 pieces in this exhibition, 25 of the pieces have B&W photographs of them in the catalog. The pieces are divided up by geographical region. There is a list of the Jury for the show, and a list of prizes given. The cover shows minimal edge wear, and there is a small intact tear on the top right front corner. Light penciling on the back cover, as well as some check marks on the interior pages. 8 3/4" x 5 1/2"
Art and Decoration in Crepe & Tissue Paper. Dennison Manufacturing Co...1913
Price: $30.00

96 pp. Printed soft cover, photographs, illustrations, crepe paper samples. A trade catalog filled with information about crepe and tissue paper. Vividly colored samples of papers, decorating with papers instructions and photographs, advertising for other materials to use with papers, includes index at back. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". tear on cover, cover handled
Catalog of Foreign and American Gun Material
Price: $35.00

Manufacturer: Schoverling, Daly & Gale Location: New York Date: 1912 Pages: 24 (including covers) Subject Matter: Firearms, firearm parts This catalog sells replacement parts for various items, each with a brief description, price, and B&W illustration. Some of the parts sold are gun locks, mainsprings, loading hammers, levers, and tumblers. Additionally there are schematics, list of parts, prices, and B&W illustrations for different popular firearms such as "New Century Rifle", "Police Positive Special Revolvers", "Colt Automatic Pistol", "Police Automatic Revolvers", and "Crack Shot Rifles". Covers are detached from text block, additionally the top right corner of the font cover is missing. Both the covers and interior pages show edge wear, soiling, toning, and some stains. The binding staples are rusted. 11" x 8"
Our '98 Book: A Combined Catalogue and Instruction Book on the Subjects of Silk Embroidery and Popular Fancy Work
Price: $35.00

Manufacturer: The Brainerd & Armstrong Company Location: New London, CT Date: 1898 Pages: 76 Subject Matter: Silk Embroidery A guide with comprehensive descriptions of items sold and instructions on how to utilize them in order to make embroidery or the like. The cover is in color, designed to look like an embroidered rose. There are 21 color plates illustrating finished embroidered designs, such as the Japanese Chrysanthemum, and the borders for the designs. The rest of the book has numerous B&W illustrations of different items to create using embroidery, such as picture frames. The last few pages of the book are the price list, and that is printed in red. The covers have edge wear, with some intact tears and a piece of the top right corner missing. Additionally, they were printed off center. The interior pages have general toning. 8 1/2" x 7 1/4"
Notes on New Remedies and Price List
Price: $35.00

Manufacturer: F. W. Schoonmaker, Manufacturing & Dispensing Pharmacist Location: New York, NY Date: c1890 Pages: 10 Subject Matter: Medical Supplies and Medicine A price list of all the goods offered. New items include a description and B&W illustration. Covers have edge wear and are toned, and is reinforced with tape in one location. Some of the edges are missing pieces. Interior pages have general toning and soiling. 9" x 5 1/4"
Tycos Instruments Hydrometers
Price: $35.00

Manufacturer: Taylor Instruments Companies Location: Rochester, NY Date: 1925 Pages: 24 Subject Matter: Manufacturing, Hydrometers Comprehensive descriptions and pricing as well as B&W illustrations of the items being sold. The text on the covers is embossed with blue accents. Covers show some edge wear, and there is a small stain on the front cover. Binding staples are rusted, and the interior center page is detached from text block. Paper chalking. 10 1/2" x 7 1/2"
Filter Papers Trade Catalog
Price: $35.00

Manufacturer: Carl Schleicher & Schull; Sold by Fisher Scientific Co. Limited (Montreal, Canada) Location: Duren, Germnay Date:1925 Pages: 48 Subject Matter: Industrial, Filter Papers A catalog for high grade analytical filter paper that was the recognized 'standard' for filter paper in chemical laborites all over the world. Comprehensive description of materials sold, as well as sizing charts for the filters. Prices not listed. Samples of filter papers are in pockets on the interior front and back covers. There are a minimal amount of B&W illustrations of the products as well as B&W illustrations of  the company's registered Trademark and Watermark, so that the consumer can tell what is a genuine product of the company. The covers for have minimal edge wear and toning to them, additionally the insert tab on the front cover is slightly bent. The interior pages have toning, and there are some indents to the pages corresponding to the placement of the samples pockets. 5 1/2" x 4"
1889 Catalog Standard Stallions
1889 Catalog, Standard Stallions (Mambrino WIlkes, etc.)
Price: $40.00

Well illustrated catalog standard stallions Mambrino Wilkes, Steele, Diomed Wilkes and Jingles, owned by John B. Clarke of Manchester, NH 1889
Catalog: Leadwork for the Garden, May 1932
Catalog: Leadwork for the Garden, May 1932
Price: $40.00

58 pages, most of which have illustrations of lead statuary, some shown in garden settings.
Ross-Tacony Crucible Co. - Clay Bonded & Carbon Bonded Graphite Crucibles & More
Price: $40.00

Ross-Talcony Crucible Co.  Manufacturers of Graphite Crucibles.  Ross-Talcony Crucible Co.  Philadelphia.  Established 1871.No date.   Soft cover.  28 pp. A catalogue dedicated to Graphite Crucibles-  clay bonded type and carbon bonded type. Also includes the following related products Nozzels, Sleeves, Phosphorizers, Magnesia Crucibles, Skimmers, Stirrers, Base Blocks, Special Refractories for Foundry Use and much more.  Black & white in-text and full page illustrations. Comprehensive narrative descriptions with sizing and tables.  Measures 5 1/2" x 8".  Very good with light cover wear.
Berger Bros - Hardware anbd Supplies 1892
Price: $40.00

Berger Bros. Supplies. Manufacturers of Tinners' Hardware.  Berger Bros.  Philadelphia.  1892.  Soft cover.  80 pp. Includes fine Malleable and Gray Iron Castings and Roofers'.  Contains Clamp Hanger, Berger's Through Hangers, Galvanized Steel Crestings, Dampers, Hooks and much more. Measures 5" x 7 1/4". Profusely illustrated in black and white.  Numerous examples for each product type. Evidence of staple rust, staple not present,  text block detached from covers but present.
Woman's Institute Fashion Service - Spring & Summer 1923
Price: $40.00

Woman's Institute Fashion Service Spring & Summer 1923.  Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, Inc.  Scranton, Penn.  1923.  Soft cover.  Unpaginated.  Woman's Springtime Fashion.  Contains Variations of One-Piece Dress, Draped Dress, Costume Suit, Sports Apparel, Misses' Costumes, Junior Fashions, Millinery Fashions and more.  Black & white fashion illustrations with multiple views often showing variations on a pattern.  Comprehensive narrative that describes the fashion the material and pattern requirements, construction and fitting and finishing.  Measures 9" x 12".  Overall good condition.
Woman's Institute Fashion Service - Fall & Winter 1923 - 1924
Price: $40.00

Woman's Institute Fashion Service Fall & Winter 1923-1924.  Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, Inc.  Scranton, Penn.  1923.  Soft cover.  Unpaginated.  Woman's Fall & WInter Fashion.  Contains Coat Dress, Side-tiered Dress, Basque Dress, Self-Trimmed Wrap, Coats and Suits, Misses' fashion, Junior Fashions and more. Black & white fashion illustrations with multiple views often showing variations on a pattern. Comprehensive narrative that describes the fashion, the material and pattern requirements, construction and fitting and finishing.  Measures 9" x 12".  Overall good condition.
Woman's Institute Fashion Service - Spring & Summer 1924
Price: $40.00

Woman's Institute Fashion Service Spring & Summer 1924.  Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, Inc.  Scranton, Penn.  1924.  Soft cover.  Unpaginated.  Woman's Spring & Summer Fashion.  Contains Straight-line Dress, Tunic Dress, Slenderizing Costume, Home Dresses, Junior Fashions, Children's Styles, Distinctive Hat Modes and more.  Black & white fashion illustrations with multiple views.  Comprehensive narrative descriptions.  Measures 9" x 12".  Overall good condition with toning on cover.
Folio - Business Room Furniture, W. & J. Sloane NY, c1920
Price: $40.00

Business Room Furniture.  W. & J. Sloane.  New York. No date. c1920.  Fifty-five (55) plate of office and business furniture. Images from photographs.  Each plate includes a title and design number. Contains Swivel Desk Chair, Side Chair, Telephone Table, Costumer, Sofa, Book Case, Console Table and Mirror, Flat Top Desk, Table, Typewriter Desk, Bench and more. Brown toned plates, Images from photographs.  Includes Design number and name.  Some with sizing information.  Measures 8 1/2" x 11 1/2".  Heavy wear on folio, side flap detached but present, bottom flap lacking.  Plates in good condition with one exception - edge wear and intact tear.
Vernay Autumn 1937
Price: $40.00

Manufacturer: Vernay Inc Location: New York, NY Date: 1937 Pages: 36 Subject Matter: Antique Furniture A comprehensive description of each item listed, including their size, and an accompanying B&W photograph. No prices listed. Pieces range from English sideboards, to tea sets, to paintings. There is an introduction to the collection by Arthur Vernay and an additional list of items not pictured or described. The covers show some edge wear, and the bottom of the front cover is soiled, along with general toning both on the covers and throughout the catalog. The back cover has a few tiny white spots on it.  10 1/4" x 6 1/4"
Andrions for Large Fireplaces
Price: $40.00

Manufacturer: Todhunter Location: New York Date: c1920s Pages: A single 4-fold brochure Subject Matter: Brief descriptions for andrions, fireback and fire tools with an enclosed price list. There are 10 B&W photographs of the items being sold. The descriptions include what they are made from, if they are reproductions, and their measurements. Light soiling and toning throughout, otherwise fine. 6 1/4" x 5 1/2"
Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Christmas Catalog from 1944
Price: $40.00

Manufacturer: Abercrombie & Ftich Co. Location: New York Date: December 1944 Pages: 24 with enclosed order form Subject Matter: Fashion Comprehensive descriptions with pricing. Full color covers (art by Amy Jones), with product images from B&W photographs and illustrations in B&W. Each page has a border on the top of it that depicts an outdoor scene, printed in red. By each description, also  printed in red, is the floor the item is located on at their store in New York. Slight edge wear and minimal soiling. Otherwise fine. 9 3/4" x 7 1/2"
Studd and Millinngton's "Toga Coats"
Price: $40.00

Manufacturer: Studd & Millington Location: London Date: 1914 Pages: 16 Subject Matter: Coats A short description of each coat sold plus a B&W illustration. No prices are listed. Included with the catalog is a short letter to the recipient, a gentleman from New York, inviting him to the store the next time he is in London. The edges show some light cover wear, and the top corner of both the covers and the interior pages are slightly bent. The letter inside the catalog is slightly toned. 8 3/4" x 5 1/4"
1915 Catalogue The Tablet & Ticket Co., Willson's Paper Letters and Figures (Gummed). .New York.1915
Price: $40.00

Printed soft cover, photographs, tables, and illustrations throughout among text. A Catalogue for The Table and Ticket Co. for 1915. Booklet includes advertising, photographs of work for samples, testimonials, explanations of products, and accessories like storage boxes. One page has handwritten notes in margins explaining prices. 9 1/2" x 7". wear on edges, crease from folding catalogue in half
Exhibition Catalog of the work of Jackson Pollock
Price: $44.00

Manufacturer: Museum of Modern Art Location: New York Date: 1956 Pages: 36 Subject Matter: Jackson Pollock, modern art This is an exhibition catalog from the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It is of an exhibit of the work of Jackson Pollock that opened in the year after the artist's tragic death. There was a total of 44 pieces in the exhibit, most on loan from either private collectors, or other museums. Twenty (20) of the pieces featured are shown in the catalog with a black and white photograph, one piece has a full page color photograph. Covers show some slight edge wear and soiling. The interior page are toned. 10" x 7 1/2"
Rogers & Company Engravers and Printers, Chicago and New York building series number one. Rogers and Co..New York.
Price: $45.00

Printed folded paper with color silk screen image, number one in series, red and black text and border.  "The first number of a sequential series picturing progress in the erection of the great new building to house Rogers & Company New York", the front page features  a screened image of two builders and steel beams and two horses. Image is black, white, blue, and red. The inside has one page with Number One and a red lined border and the company logo. The back explains what the series is about and why it was created. 15" x 11". staining- mainly on edges, some wear
John Ruskin. The Stones of Venice. Volume the First. The Foundations and Volume the Second. The Sea Stories. John Wiley & Sons.New York.1887
Price: $45.00

584 pp. Cloth hard cover with two volumes of the Stones of Venice, architectural illustrations. Volume 1, 434 pp. Volume 2, 150 pp. Both volumes bound in one book, features Italian architecture and stone work. 8" x 5 1/4". wear on cover, inscribed
Art and Decoration: Crepe and Tissue Paper
Price: $50.00

Manufacturer: Dennison Manufactoring Co Location: Boston Date: 1907 Pages: 96 Subject Matter: Decorations made from Paper A comprehensive guide to crepe and tissue paper, including prices. There are B&W photographs of various samples of the crafts that can be made from crepe and tissue paper, as well as some B&W illustrations of templates, patterns and products. The covers show some edge wear, and sight fading. Additionally, they are detached from the text block. The front cover, at the top, was signed by a previous owner. The back cover is missing a small piece from the bottom left corner. The interior pages shows general toning and soiling. Some pages have stains on them from where the ink was smudged at one point.  8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Lansing Company Truck Catalogue - Warehouse Trucks & Much More 1913
Price: $50.00

Truck Catalogue No. 11-T Lansing - Company.  Formerly Lansing Wheelbarrow Company.  Lansing Company. Philadelphia. 1913.  Soft cover. 86 pp. with 6 additional pages dedicated to coal cars. Handtrucks and carts.  Contains Steel Wheelbarrows, Warehouse Trucks, Russel Paper Truck, Stone Car, Forge Shop Truck, Cotton Trucks and more.  Black & white in-text illustrations.  Brief narrative descriptions including price lists.  Measures 4 1/2" x 6". Good with light fading on cover margin.
Charles Folsom Dealer in Fire Arms, Ammunition, Sporting Goods, Cutlery and Novelties
Price: $50.00

Manufacturer: J. Stevens & Co.'s Celebrated Arms Location: New York Date: November 1883 Pages: 112 Subject Matter: Sporting Goods Comprehensive descriptions with pricing information for all types sporting goods. The catalog has a wide range of items for sale including various fire arms and ammunition, hunting knifes, hunting traps, card games, puzzles and small musical instruments. There are B&W illustrations throughout the catalog of the goods being sold. Charles Folsom was the sole agent for J. Stevens & Co.'s Celebrated Arms. This is his sale catalog, #31 A. Covers show foxing and toning and edge wear. The front cover and first section of interior pages have detached from the text block. One of the two staples used for binding is missing. The interior of the back cover is reinforced with tape. The interior pages show heavily toning, edge wear and some intact tears throughout. 6 3/4" x 5"
Brasses by Ball and Ball
Price: $50.00

Manufacturer: Ball and Ball Brasses Location: West Chester, PA Date: 1936 (catalog), 1937 (price list) Pages: 28 (printed on single side), 8 pp price list Subject Matter: brass household items, furniture knobs A catalog of reproductions of antique furniture knobs made from brass. The tag line of this company is  "when the originals wear out, replace them with these copies!" The catalog itself has no descriptions, just illustrated pictures in B&W with a series and  item number beside it. Each pages has approximately 12 items on it. Included with the catalog is the corresponding price list with a perforated business card (for easy removal) attached. The price list is divided up by series, and it lists a very brief description, and the size, weight and cost of the item. There is minimal edge wear to the covers, however the cloth spine as started to wear down on the edges. There is some missing surface litho on both the front and back covers as well as some stains on the back cover. The front cover and select interior pages have penciling, as well as some soiling due to finger prints. The price guide is in good condition; it was originally tri-folded so there are crease marks still evident. Additionally, the binding staples have rusted, otherwise fine. 10 3/4" x 8 1/4"
Garbison's Kentucky Saddle Horses
Price: $50.00

Manufacturer: S. T. Harbison & Co. Location: Lexington, KY Date: November 28, 1911 Pages: 20 Subject Matter: Horse Auction A total of 16 lots of horses to be sold at auction at the Durland Riding Academy in Central Park, New York. All of the lots include the horse's name, sex, age, and size along with an owner's statement, eight of the lots include a B&W photograph. The book has been annotated with the prices each horse sold for, which ones were bought by the original owner of the catalogue, and handwritten information regarding a 'lot 17' that must have been a last minute entry into the auction. The note also lists the price that horse sold for. A small newspaper clipping is also present, for the Paradise Farm in Teaneck, NJ. Covers are semi faded due to light damage, and the back covers have a few small stains on it. Additionally the catalog was folded in half at some point. The second to last page has some intact tears that have folded over. 9" x 5 3/4"
La Casa Loma Apartments Promotional Brochure Luxury Accommodations w 5 Floor Plans c1960.
Price: $50.00

An unnumbered 12 pp (including covers )promotional brochure for La casa Loma, 100 Rio Vista Place, Santa Fe, NM "One of the Southwest's Finest" .  Birdseye view architectural rendering on front cover. Includes an area map locating the apartments, five different floor plans plus illustrations of interiors--sleek mid-century design and style.   Additionally bulleted list of amenities and features. General Electric appliances promoted on back inside cover including electric range, dial defrost refrigeratior and a stainless disposal.  Measures 8 3/4" x 7".  This community is still in existence.
Art and Decoration: Crepe and Tissue Paper
Price: $50.00

Manufacturer: Dennison Manufactoring Co Location: Boston Date: 1907 Pages: 96 Subject Matter: Decorations made from Paper A comprehensive guide to crepe and tissue paper, including prices. There are B&W photographs of various samples of the crafts that can be made from crepe and tissue paper, as well as some B&W illustrations of templates, patterns and products. The covers show some edge wear, and sight fading. Additionally, they are detached from the text block. The front cover, at the top, was signed by a previous owner. The back cover is missing a small piece from the bottom left corner. The interior pages shows general toning and soiling. Some pages have stains on them from where the ink was smudged at one point.  8 1/2" x 5 1/2".
The Art of Drawing; A Collection of Elementary Manuals: Fancy Subjects-F. GrenierE. Gambart and Co.Londonn. d., ca. mid 1800
Price: $50.00

Original publisher cover, rebound in red covered board, heavy stock paper. The first 8 pages have dual pictures-the first a semi complete illustration and the second a completed form, the remaining pages are full page. 6 1/4" x 9 1/2"
Can't Be "Beet" Die-Cut Beet shaped advertisement for Bay State Papers. ..
Price: $50.00

Red Die cut "beet" advertisement for Bay State Papers, each page explains why their store can't be beat. A new store with "no stairs to climb", a sample box showing their complete line of boards, quality envelopes, ruled goods, and stationary, calendars, assortment of items such as folders, dance orders, invitations, tickets, flat writings, ledgers, bonds, and covers. 6" x 4". papers are detached
Stire & Lyon, Toys, Dolls and Fancy Goods Featuring George C. Whitney Lace Valentines, Valentine Envelopes, Comic Valentines etc. mid18880s. ..
Price: $55.00

4 pp. wrapper.  The trade catalogue is produced by Stirn & Lyon, Importers and Commission Merchants, Toys, Dolls and Fancy Goods, No. 16-20 Park Place, NYC.  n.d. mid 1880s. Content includes Valentines and Envelopes manufactured by George C. Whitney, Worcester MA., featuring Lace Valtines by the dozens with two illustrations and numerous narrative descriptions with size and pricing information includes.  Also includes Valentine Envelopes, Comic Valentines including Long Jokers, Fault Finders, "Hit 'em Hards", Sharp Dartsd, Trade's and Ordinary (which I thought were published by MCloughin...hmm?)  Final page is Assortments for convenience at $6, $10 and $20, each with Show cards.   Stamp on cover indicated 50 & 10% Discounts on this List, except for Comics -- 10 % only.  Measures 7 1/2" x 5".. Corner chips on cover; generalized light wear.
The Regina and the Reginaphone 1908
Price: $60.00

The Regina and the Reginaphone Twentieth Century Music Makers. Rogers & Company.  Chicago.  No Date. c1908.   Soft Cover.  18pp. each with corresponding full page color illustration. Begins with several page narrative on Regina - Queen of Music Makers and it's mechanisms followed by a one page narrative on Reginaphone. Products include Tempo Regulator, Woodwork, Tune Discs, Dampers, Numerous Styles of music box, and much more. ,  Narrative  and comprehensions descriptions with sizing information.  Includes inserted price list.    Measures 7" x 10". Light wear on fold, pages 9-12 detached but present.
New York State Canal System; The Modern Inland Water Route Affording Economical Transportation Between the Great Lakes And the Atlantic Seaboard. January 1931. .
Price: $60.00

32 pp. brochure providing a comprehensive overview of the New York state canal system with images from photographs of the construction and operation of the canals.  Also includes a map of the Barge Canal System. .  Measures 9" x 6". Light discoloration; cover only.
Doch & Ronbright, Wholesale Provision Dealers, Curers and Smokers of Fine Meats. Harrisburg, PA, December 18, 1883.
Price: $60.00

The Strathmore Quality Deckle Edge Book Papers; Strathmore Japan, Old Cloister, Strathmore, Old Stratford, AlexandraMunder-Thomsen PressBaltimore, MD1906
Price: $60.00

Embossed Gilt cover, frontispiece picture of factory, sample pages of Strathmore Quality Deckle edge book papers. Volume 1; Series 149; Issued Oct. 15, '06 by the Mittineague Paper Company in order to show Strathmore paper in the best manner. Begins with a history of the company. 9 1/2" x 6 1/2"
Toilettes - 1896
Price: $65.00

Toilettes August, 1896. Volume XVI No.8.  Toilettes Publishing Company.  New York.  1896. Soft cover. Unpaginated.  Women's Fashion. Contains Toilettes, Dresses, Paris Fashion, Vienna Fashion and more. Illustrated inside covers.  4 full page color plates.  In-text black & white illustrations. Many pages are constructed with fashion collage and narrative descriptions.  Measures 5" x 6 3/4". Minimal toning on covers, 2 color plates at centerfold detached but present, light staple rust.
Jacob Reed's Sons Uniforms for Hotels, Clubs, Theatres, and Chauffeaurs
Price: $65.00

Manufacturer: Jacob Reed's Son Location: Philadelphia, PA Date: 1931 Pages: 10 Subject Matter: Uniform A trade catalog for various uniforms for working men. There are no descriptions beyond a category and model number, but each item listed has a B&W illustration. There is a double-lined color border on each page. Dated by an annotation on a page with the  Chauffeurs uniforms. Covers show some edge wear and there is general toning and soiling on the covers and throughout the text block. The binding was reinforced with additional staples at some point. 9" x 6"
Miner's Make-up Catalogue, Henry C. Miner, NY. c1910s .
Price: $65.00

A 28 pp small format catalogue for Miner's (theatrical) Make-up. Includes illustrations of products, contents of combination boxes, narrative descriptions and prices.   Includes a variety of make-up kits, grease paints, rouge, minstrel black, thespian enamel and much more.
Book of Traps, Guns, and Trapper's Supplies: 1931-1932 Edition
Price: $70.00

Manufacturer: FC Taylor Fur Company Location: St. Louis Date: 1931 Pages: 52 (including covers) Subject Matter: Hunting, trapping Comprehensive descriptions with prices. Full color covers, with the interior page's illustrations mostly in B&W, but with orange accents on some pages. Besides the illustrations of the items being sold, there are also line drawings of animals with fur, such as the badger, beaver, raccoon, mink, and the marten. With each animal illustrated there is a small description of the animal's habits, where it can be found, traps to use, trapping methods, and how skin and stretch the fur. The coves show some edge wear, with a small missing piece on the back cover. The interior pages show some general toning, otherwise fine. 10 3/4" x 7 3/4"
Associated Tile Manufacturers, Details of The House of Tiles Portfolio at Architectural and Allied Arts Exposition. 1925
Price: $75.00

The Exposition was held in conjunction with American Institute of Architects Convention, Grand Central Place, NYC, April 20 - May 2, 1925. A list of Associated Tile Manufacturers at base on cover.  A paper portfolio with 12 plates with images from photographs on the front and designs on the reverse.  Includes images and plans for Tudor Fireplace, Venetian Breakfast Nook, Tudor Living Room, Colonial Bathroom, Craftsman Sun Room, Exterior Spanish style decor, Spanish Dining Room, Colonial Kitchen, Spanish Patio, Italian Hall, Roman Bathroom and Shower and Spanish-American Bathroom. Measures 7 1/2" x 10 1/2".
A Treatise on Shades and Shadows and Linear Perspective. Charles Davies A.S. Barnes & Co New York 1855
Price: $75.00

159 pp. Brown hard cover with leather spine, 21 fold out black and white plates. Consists of explanations of shades and shadows, ellipse,curves, and lines. The first part of the book has two chapters; definitions and first principles and application and constructions. The second part, Linear Perspective, has two untitled chapters. The plates are 8 1/2 x 11 prints. 10" x 6" foxing throughout, book is solid with fold out plates intact
The Deister Concentrator Company: Manufactures of Concentrating Tables for Every Purpose
Price: $75.00

Manufacturer: Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana Date: 1915 Pages: 72 Subject Matter: Mining Tool, Industrial Comprehensive descriptions provided for their concentrating tables. B&W illustrations of the table, and its individual parts are included. Prices not listed. Covers show some wear, with a few intact tears along the edge. The first few interior pages have foxing on the lower portion, additionally at some point the catalog was damaged by water, some pages show a faint water stain, all are slight crinkled, but this does not effect the legibility of the catalog. One page is missing some surface litho as it stuck to the corresponding page. Some paper chalking. 9"x 6"
Art and Decoration in Crepe & Tissue Paper
Price: $75.00

Manufacturer: Dennison Manufacturing Location: Boston Date: 1914 Pages: 96 Subject Matter: Decorations made from Paper Comprehensive descriptions and pricing. Samples of crepe and tissue paper are included. Images from B&W photos of the products and uses, as well as both B&W and color illustrations for possible design ideas and uses for crepe & tissue paper. For example there is an illustration of a decorated car for a parade and costumes of various animal and plants for children made from crepe paper. There are patterns to cut out and use in the back of the catalog as well. Covers shows minimal cover wear, along with one tiny blue stain on the back cover. Toning. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Associated Tile Manufacturers, Details of The House of Tiles Portfolio at Architectural and Allied Arts Exposition. 1925
Price: $75.00

Manufacturer:  Associated Tile Manufacturers Location: New York Date: 1925 Pages: Subject Matter: Tile, Architecture The Exposition was held in conjunction with American Institute of Architects Convention, Grand Central Place, NYC, April 20 - May 2, 1925. A list of Associated Tile Manufacturers at base on cover.  A paper portfolio with 12 plates with images from photographs on the front and designs on the reverse.  Includes images and plans for Tudor Fireplace, Venetian Breakfast Nook, Tudor Living Room, Colonial Bathroom, Craftsman Sun Room, Exterior Spanish style decor, Spanish Dining Room, Colonial Kitchen, Spanish Patio, Italian Hall, Roman Bathroom and Shower and Spanish-American Bathroom. Measures 7 1/2" x 10 1/2".
Paper Box Machinery
Price: $80.00

Manufacturer: Stokes & Smith Co. Location: Summerdale, near Frankford , Philadelphia, PA Date: c1916 Pages: 36 Subject Matter: Machinery for Sealed Wrapped Packages Comprehensive descriptions with B&W illustrations of the machines and their various parts. Additionally there are 3 color plates of illustrations of sample boxes, as well as one printed sample of a gilded and embossed box wrapper. Each page has a yellow triple-line border on it. Some cover wear, with a small stain on the front, and small indents on the bottom. Minimal toning and soiling throughout. 9 3/4" x 7.
The Quarterly - Gibson Drug Co.Catalogue- 1912 with Color Illustrations Carter's Inks & Glues & Much More
Price: $85.00

The Quarterly - A Catalogue of Proprietary Medicines, Pharmaceutical Supplies and Druggists' Sundries.  Gibson Drug Co.  New York.  1912.  Soft cover. 120pp. followed by 4 page full color appendix of Carter's Ink, mucilage and glues. A diverse catalog organized as follows 1. Price list of patent medicines, followed by color coded price list sections  2. Atomizers, Chamois, Perfumes, Sponges, Syringes and Water Bottles, 3. Price list of Confectionery, 4. a Stationery section with black & white in-text illustrations, a brief description and pricing information including a comprehensive section on pencils, pens and erasers. U.S.and American Bank Note Co's Playing Cards and much more and finally 5..a Price list of Eaton, Crane & Pike CO's papeteries, tablets and envelopes. All with brief descriptions,black and white illustrations and price information.  A wide array of offerings including  Alkaseptine, Bathodora, Colorite, Nuxpeptyn, Pile Oil, Solvent, Tissue Phosphates, Stationery items, Carters ink and much more.  Advertising profusely throughout.  Measures 9" x 11 1/4".
The American Wringer Company, Horse-Shoe Brand Wringers, Catalog No. 9, New York, NY 1910
Price: $85.00

The American Wringer Company, Horse-Shoe Brand Wringers, Catalog No. 9, New York, NY 1910 104 pp. catalog with embossed paper covers. Profusely illustrated with chromolithograph illustrations of available product. Each product page provides fine color imagery, a comprehensive narrative description and size information. Corresponding price list included. Measures 6” x 9”. Condition: cover wear, ¼” of left margin title page affixed to free end paper (may have been production error). Light water stain lower margin.

Festive Motives by Emmy Zweybruck - A Collection of ten original designs by outstanding American artists reproduced by the Silk Screen Process. American Crayon Company.New York.1945
Price: $85.00

A Prang Studio Publication.  A paper folio that includes a single-fold  narrative by Emmy Zweybruck discussing the design problems of creating silk screen images of to present the works in the best light.  An additional sheet outlines the progressive steps of a silk screen print. Includes materials by Leonard Weisgard, Mary Frances Burns,  Charlotte Bowman, Gisella Loeffler and others.  Each 11 1/2" x 8 1/2" page  includes the silk screened image with printed signature and an idenfitying caption at base. . Minor toning and soiling due to age. A small address label stating the original owner's name and address has been placed on the back of each print.
Ruth E Adomeit The Happifats Cookbook, Angeleno Doll Club. Angeleno Doll Club.Los Angelos, California.1969
Price: $85.00

The Happifats cookbook, is a miniature book, 1st edition, with recipes inspired by dolls. Each recipe is accompanied charming by a black and white, with accents of hand coloring done in crayon.  Some recipes included are: Raggedy Ann Bars, Hello Dolly Dingles, and Brownies Supreme.  These book was compiled by Ruth E Adomeit and published by the Angeleno Doll Club which was a women's association in Southern California. All the illustrations in this cookbook are of a specific type of doll known as Happifats. They are bisque dolls (a doll made partially or wholly out of bisque porcelain and they are often characterized by their realistic, skin-like matte finish) that are solely inspired by the illustrations of Kate Jordon which appeared in John Martin's Books from 1913 to 1921. John Martin's Book was a children's magazine aimed at five- to eight-year-olds, and included stories, illustrations, and puzzles.  Measures 3" x 2".. Minor edge wear, otherwise fine.
Authentic Reproductions of Antique Lighting Fixtures
Price: $95.00

Manufacturer: I. Sack Cabinet Hardware Co. Location: Boston, MA Date: c1920 Pages: Two sections of 61, numbered, printed single sided pages, one section is the illustrations and descriptions of items, the second is the corresponding price list. Subject Matter: Lighting The catalog is a folder with brad clips. It is divided into two sections, each with their own set of numbered pages. The first section has all the illustrations and brief descriptions of the items sold. The second section is a corresponding price list with instructions for ordering. There were originally approximately 60 pages in each section, but due to the format of the catalog some have been removed and are missing.   The folder has toning and soiling, some interior pages missing. Otherwise fine. 11 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Price List & Catalog Awnings, Tents, Flags, Window Shades, Boat Covers... Catalogue No. 24.. c1910
Price: $95.00

Small format  32 pp. Paper wraps.   Extensive price list with images from photographs  for awnings and window shades for residence, stores, hotels and offices, tents for all occasions, canopies for weddings, receiptions, parties, boat canopies , bunting, flag poles, and roller shades. Instructions on how to measure for an awning.  Measures 6" x 3 1/2".
Liquor Catalog and Price List, The Yellow House, Curacao, D.W.I. Die-cut in the Shape of Luggage. .Curacao, D. W. I. .c1935.
Price: $95.00

A 20 pp catalogue die-cut in the shape of a piece of luggage with litho on alcohol labels on the luggage.   The catalog includes scotch, aperitifs, sherries, rye, bourbon, Irish whiskies, ports, gins, rum, cognacs and brandies.  The title page reads "The Yellow House" (La Casa Amarilla) Curacao- NWIPrice List of Liquors in Bond.  We deliver to the ship free of chard.  Your name and Cabin No. tagged on each case.  Place your orders early.   Measures 4 1/2" x 6 1/2". An extensive array.. Today the Yellow House is a Duty Free Perfume and Costmetic Retailer.
The Riverside Press, Catalogue of Cuts and Price List of Printing for Poultry and Live Stock Breeders and Business Men in General c1908
Price: $100.00

An unpaginated catalog with paper wraps.  Brisben NY.  Includes examples of cuts and ordering instructions.rubber stamps designed for the poultry trade, information on advertising and marketing inlcuding "How to get a Fancy Price for Fresh Market Eggs".  Woodcuts of poultry and various life stock. Measures 6" x 9".  Condition: cover reinforced with book binding tape.
Brass Goods for Fire and Mill Equipment, c1920s
Price: $100.00

Brass Goods for Fire and Mill Equipment, c1920s 70 pp catalog , paper wrapper. Cover title Brass Goods Fire and Mill Equipment, Catalogue No. 6, The Akron Brass Manufacturing Company, Wooster, Ohio, America’s Best Made Nozzles. The title page reads “Brass Couplings, Nozzles, Clamps and Fittings For All Kinds and Styles of Hose, etc. Includes comprehensive narrative descriptions with illustrations or images from photographs of all types of couplings for hoses, hydrant and spanner wrenches, combination spanner, ladder hook and hydrant wrench and similar items. Next is the nozzles including “Ball type” shut-off nozzles, giant play pipe complete in various shapes and types, underwriter play pipe, Boston leather covered play pipe, hose assemblies, a “granger” water thief (hydrant?) and much, much more. No date. C1920s-30s. Measures 6 1/8” x 9 ¼”.

The Jewish Holidays
Price: $100.00

Manufacturer: Associated American Artists Location: New York Date: 1968 Pages: Folder with 13 loose pages and return envelope Subject Matter: Jewish Art, Lithographs A catalog of lithographs by Chaim Gross. For sale were limited editions of eleven original color lithographs, sold in suites from $600 to $1500. Individual lithographs could be purchased for $120. This packet contains B&W images of the holiday set (all are present, including title page), an order form and reply envelope, and the descriptive folder that contains a brief biography of Gross. The covers show minimal edge wear, and soiling and toning on the back cover. The folder was originally folded off center, and as such the edges don't line up exactly. 9"x 6".
American Builders' Register: The National Buyers Economist, Vol. 8, No. 1, June 1880
Price: $100.00

Manufacturer: Buyers Commercial Agency (New York), printed by Albert Palmer Co. (New York) Location: New York Date:June 1880 Pages: 38 (including covers) Subject Matter: Listings of Builders in New York The National Buyers Economist was a weekly magazine, and this particular issue is a listing of builders from all over the US. The covers are the same B&W engraving on both sides. The 'heavy houses' listed each received a quarter of a page, and the rest have a small section of each page. Some of the 'heavy houses' also have B&W illustrations. The covers show edge wear and general soiling and toning, as well as some staining on the back cover. The original string used for binding is still attached. The back cover and corresponding interior pages show evidence of worming. The book was tri-folded at some point, and the pages are still creased, and slightly bend. 13" x 9 3/4"
Le Lilliputien . A Rouyer, Editeur, Paris. No. 359 - Handwork Patterns Secular Subject Matter, April 1877. ..
Price: $100.00

A 4 1/4" x 2 5/8" wrapper with nine fold-out pages of cross-stitch or petit-point patterns All in full color.   The reverse advertises different products and locations in Paris. This pattern booklet was for April 1877..
Marine Machinery - Catalogue 1913
Price: $110.00

Marine Machinery Catalogue.  American Engineering Company.  Consolidation of Williamson Brothers Company of Philadelphia (1865) with American Ship Windlass Company formerly Providence (1857).  Philadelphia.  1913.  Hard cover.  198 pp.  Marine Machinery.  Contains Anchor, Capstans parts, Dredge Winch, Hoists, Quadrant Steering Gear, Towing Bitts, Valve Gear, WIndlasses, Yacht Capstans and much more.  Black & white in-text finely details illustrations.  Comprehensive narrative descriptions often explaining the purpose and use of the individual machine.  Also includes diagrams and tables.  Measures 6 1/4" x 9 1/4".  Replaced endpapers, and most likely rebound; the title page has a 2" separation at base. Cover wear.
The Royal Porcelain Book - Royal Worcester c1910 -Fine
Price: $110.00

The Royal Porcelain Book. Albert Frost & Sons.  c.1910.  20pp. soft cover with ornate embossed cover design. The first two (2) pages a sort of title page  endpapers is attached tissue and reads "The Story of Royal Worcester China and some Notes on a visit to the ancient city of Worcester" bordered with floral decorative devices  Eight (8) fine chromolithograph color plates depicting examples of fine wares created by the firm; each faced with  textured glassine. The text is a history on Royal Worcester Porcelain in narrative.  Floral decorative devices border the pages with deckled edges. Concludes with the applied tissue endpapers.  Measures  8 1/2" x 11 1/4".  Edge wear on covers.
Practical Instructions in Enamel Painting on Glass, China, Tiles,etc., to which is added full instructions for the manufacture of the vitreous pigments required. Henry James Snell Brodie & Middleton London c 1874
Price: $115.00

94 pp. Green embossed gilt cover, has both blank and gold text and images, 12 color plates including frontispiece and some illustration among text. Instructions for painting on glass, china,  and tile. Includes how to make and apply stain, firing, types of porcelain, and gilding china. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"  some discoloration, loose spine, slight wear on cover, "Newman, Soho Square" book seller stamp
Walter L Smith: Die Sinker and Engraver Trade Catalog with Samples
Price: $120.00

Manufacturer: Walter L. Smith Location: Philadelphia, PA Date: 1890s Pages: 3 (plus covers) Subject Matter: Engraving, Die Sinker This is a specimen catalog from Walter L Smith, an expert and high grade workman on die sinking, engraving and fine carving on gold. He worked for noted jewelers Simons, Bro. & Co. for ten years before starting his own company. The first pages gives a brief description of Smith's career and noted worked, the last two pages have 14 samples of his work. Blue covers with a red embossed sealed on front. The blue of the front covers have faded slightly in some places, and the interior pages have some stains corresponding to the gilding used on the sample seals. Otherwise fine. 8 1/4" x 6 1/2"
White & Wyckoff Mfg. Co - Stationery Lines Embossed Labels c1930s
Price: $125.00

Unpaginated trade catalog with examples of embossed paper cover and labels within. It is Sterling Worth - White & Wyckoff Mfg. Co., Manufacturing Stationers, Holyoke, Mass c1930s. Includes thirteen (13) label samples, mostly embossed to represent their various tablets, papeteries and composition books. Many of the labels are chromolithography.  Also includes company history and images from photographs of the White & Wyckoff staff.  Measures 5 1/2" x 9".  Condition: heavy cover wear. Overall VG+
The "Standard" Delineator of Fashions Fancy Work and Millinery. November1894. Vol. I, No. 1. Thanksgiving Number cointains an Elegant Colored Lithograph
Price: $125.00

88 pp. wrappers. Foldout fashion plate and separate millinery plate. with descriptions of colored fashion plates.  A comprehensive narrative  with profuse illustrations showing front and back of patterns that could be purchased for sewing. The fashion "Standard" of the day. Measures 11 1/4" x 8".  Light to moderate wear. .
The Language of FlowersGeorge Routledge and SonsLondon
Price: $125.00

80 pp. Applied litho cover, 25 in-text illustrations, border imagery throughout, printed in color by Edmund Evans. A listing of flowers and their symbolism along with beautiful illustrations by Kate Greenaway. The last half of book has meanings with the kind of flower and poetry and prose. 6" x 5"
Catalogue and Price List of Original Label Designs in Stock with Chromolithograph Images. . The Harden Lithographing Co..Phhiladelphia.1909
Price: $125.00

An unpaginated chromolithograph label catalogs beginning with explanations on Blank Lables and Lettered Labels followed by prices per 1000 labels by product number.  Followed by information on Labels in Color --"Special Designs".  The remainder of the catalogue provides different design.  Measures 4 3/4" x 7".. Excessive cover wear; back cover lacking.  Water stains title pages; some cuts.  Selling content, not appearance.
Herbick & Held Type Specimen Book belonging to Violet Symons, Pittsburgh, Pa. c1950s . Herbick & Held Printing Co..Pittsburgh.c1950s
Price: $125.00

Stamped leather cover with personalization of "Violet Symons" on bottom right corner. A large format top fold spiral book designed for page addition and subtraction. It includes a complete line of typographic stock for the company and is to be used by clients to judge appearance, compare fonts and assist n layouts. The introduction describes the Copy Fitting process and provides information on Proofreading. This is followed by tabbed sections with several pages of examples for eighteen (18) different type faces. Examples include Bookman, Century, Garamond, Karnak and Scotch Roman. 12 ½”x 9 ¼”.
Seven (7) Razor Cut Engrossed Salesman Samples, Howard C. Rice,1912. ..1912
Price: $125.00

Seven (7) made by hand salesman samples featuring razor cut art and engrossed calligraphy penmanship. Beautifully decorated cards with penman's samples of engrossing and razor cuts. 2 1/4" x 3 3/4". slight fading on one card
Higgins & Seiter - Catalogue No.14 - Fine China and Cut Glass
Price: $140.00

Higgins & Seiter Catalogue No.14 FIne China-Rich Cut Glass.  Higgns & Seiter.  New York.  c.1880s. 165 pp. soft cover catalogue followed by order forms  The focus is on Fine China-Rich Cut Glass, contains Almond dish china, Berry bowls cut glass, Coffee pots, Dinner sets, Fairy lamps, Hall clocks, Jam jars, Majolica ware, Ramekins, Steins, Welsh rabbit mugs, and much more.  black & white in-text and full page illustrations,, 8 full page color plates.  Brief descriptions with pricing and some with sizes.  Measures 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". Cover repair.  Achival tape reinforcment.  Light staple rust. Light tonging throughout. Chips on covers.. Lack of pgs. 119-120, 45-48.
Cyrus J. Lawrence, Importer and Wholesale Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Fancy Goods, Combs, Brushes, Buttons, Threads, Jewelry, Perfumery, Musical Instruments, Stationery, &c., &c. . Baker & Godwin, Printers.New York.1860
Price: $145.00

New York: Baker & Godwin, Printers, 1860. Catalogue. Good. A 212 pp hard cover catalogue for July 1860 through June 1861. Gild fore edge The first 80 pp. are catalogue, the remainder is for Memorandums – Goods to Purchase, Notes, Invoices and Cash. Two (2) gusseted pouches within back cover. Slot for Railroad Tickets affixed to back cover. Frontispiece is a color illustration promoting the store with black and white vignettes depicting various means of import and products for sale. Yearly calendar follows title page. This is followed by a list of principal hotels in New York City, Rates of Fare and the Index to Catalogue. The index is a comprehensive four page list. This is followed by listings of product by category without prices. Also includes a full color illustration of Cyrus J. Lawrence's Oriental Cologne Water. Fred Mayer & Co. Lithographers. N.Y. Listings include Sealing Wax and Wafers, Gold and Steel Pens, a section on Perfumery, Musical Instruments, Buttons and much more. Memorandum pages 203-212 are lacking, as well as pages 82-98. Measures 5 ½" x 3 ½". Cover wear. Top and bottom of back strip lacking. There is a severe break in the spine, with the book nearly detached in half. . Cover wear. Top and bottom of back strip lacking. There is a severe break in the spine, with the book nearly detached in half.
Pettibone Bros. Mfg. Co. Manufactures of Uniforms and Society Goods, Banners, Badges, Flags, Regalia, Paraphernalia, etc. Catalog No. 674.
Price: $150.00

16 pp catalog with narrative descriptions size and pricing information. The first 9 pages are dedicated to Parade banners and bannerettes including description on how the organizations emblem is hand paints on the banner and the lettering process. Painted by union sign painters. Also includes silk US flags, parade outfits, pennants, burgees, badges, and parade badges including those with gold leaf embossing, celluloid covered medallions and gold or silver plate medallion. The back cover depicts White Duck Uniforms for Parades. Measures 7 ¾” x 10 ¼”. Condition: cover wear. 1 OCLC.

Prospectus of the Philadelphia School of Design for Women for September Term, 1867, and The Financial Report for 1866 Girls' Industrial Printing Office.Philadelphia.1867
Price: $155.00

26 pp. Printed paper cover, additional title "With a Catalogue of Art Studies in the Possession of the Institution, North-West Penn Square. September, 1867." A school catalog for the Philadelphia School of Design, begins with school directors and has pencil inscription of principal's signature. Continues with "Rules for the Government" "Course of Instruction" "Order of Studies" and "Catalogue of Art Studies. "Ends with a "Statement of Receipts and Expenditures." Embossed stamps for Western Reserve Historical Society on cover and first page. 9" x 5 1/2". embossed stamp, inscribed, wear on cover, creased
Catalogue and Price List of Original Label Designs, Talcum Wraps and Sachet Envelopes in Stock with Chromolithograph Images. . The Harden Lithographing Co..Phhiladelphia.1909
Price: $160.00

An unpaginated chromolithograph label catalogs beginning with explanations on Blank Lables and Lettered Labels followed by prices per 1000 labels by product number.  Followed by information on Labels in Color --"Special Designs".  The remainder of the catalogue provides different design.  Measures 4 3/4" x 6 3/4".. Cover wear; some cuts.
The Paul E Wirt Fountain Pen
Price: $165.00

Manufacturer: The Paul E Wirt Fountain Pen; Sold by: Chase Brothers (Haverhill, MA) Location: Bloomsburg, PA Date: c1895 Pages: 16 (including covers) Subject Matter: Fountain Pens The front cover has an illustrated line drawing, with the inscription, "Tho' the pen be mightier than the sword, the Wirt is mightier than them all." The catalog starts with a brief description of fountain pens, and how Paul E Wirt pens are far superior to others. Each page after has B&W illustration of four different pens, the type of case use (ex. Mottle Case, Plain Gold Bands), their prices, and a witty phrase such as "Do not dip, dip, dip. Use a good fountain pen. Use the best. Use a Writ. It is up to day; practical, durable and reliable. Get one of the pens illustrated in this catalogue." There is a comprehensive price list in the back, illustrations of the different sizes of the nibs, the different parts of a fountain pen (nozzle, barrel, etc.) and an illustration showing the comparative sizes of Wirt Fountain Pens. Some general toning throughout, and the staples used to bind the catalog have started to rust. 8 3/4" x 5 1/2"..
The Last Rivet: the story of Rockefeller Center, a city within a city, as told at the ceremony in which John D. Rockefeller, Jr., drove the last rivet of the last building, November 1, 1939. Columbia University Press New York c 1940
Price: $175.00

45 pp. Green cover is covered by a tan dust jacket with silver rivet all over, a mylar sheet is covering the dust jacket and a label with the title is affixed, text is written in black and red,frontispiece contains numerous black and white photographs by Berenice Abbott and Margaret Bourke-White et al. 11 1/4" x 9" faint discoloration on some pages, no marks or tears, rivet cover, spine slightly loose
Seeley's Hard Rubber Specialties
Price: $175.00

Manufacturer: I. B. Seeley & Co. Location: Philadelphia, PA Date: 1884 Pages: 78 Subject Matter: Medical Appliances Comprehensive descriptions, some prices, and B&W illustrations of medical devices made from rubber used to relieve various ailments, such as abdominal pain, rheumatic affections, and the 'falling of the bowels.' Covers show heavy wear, along with general soiling and toning and several stains. The front cover is signed.  The string binding is loose, and there is a burn mark on the right side that continues through the majority of the book (this does not effect any text or illustrations).  There is also a faint water stain on the top corner of approximately the last 15 pages. 9" x 6".
Catalog of Dennison Mfg. Co. Tags and Printed Gummed Labels, 1903.
Price: $175.00

Filled with illustrations of labels in two color and multi-color examples, plus two pages of use of gold and silver inks. .
The National Casket Company, Inc. Bronze Sarcophagi, 1923
Price: $195.00

28 pp.embossed light weight stock wraps.  Presented by Zwack & Sons, Funeral Directors, Albany N.Y.Illustrating and Describing some Ancient Customs, Past Masterpieces and Present Tendencies in the Finest Types of Burial Enclosures. Color illustrations with narrative description including model numbers (no pricing information included. Also in-text single color illustrations and decorative devices.  Includes original envelop. Measures 8 1/4" x 6 1/4".  Condition: overall excellent..  1" margin tear at margin on blank fly page.
Heywood Wakefield Furniture No. 103A - Wicker or Reed Fiber & Wood 1929
Price: $200.00

Heywood Wakefield Reed Fibre and Wood Furniture Catalogue 103A.  1929.  Soft cover.  151 pp.  catalog. Art Deco influenced cover design. The first 84 pages dedicated to wicker furniture with the remainder wooden.  Reed and Fibre furniture including Bassinet, Cane Webbing, Children's Cabinet Chairs, Couches, Day Beds, Ferneries, Invalid Chairs, Serving Tables, Plant Stands, Tabourets.  Wood furniture including Billiard Chairs, Colonial Chairs, Dinerette Furniture, Fernery, High Chairs, Ladderback Chairs, Steamer Chairs, Windsor Chairs and much more. Black & white illustrations with sizing information. Occasional color room vignettes including brightly colored fabric on cushions and drapery within predominantly black & white illustrations and images from photographs with brief descriptions including size information.  Order form and introductory letter inserted.  Measures 13 3/4" x 10".  Cover wear, edge chip.
Police Signal Telegraphs c1888.
Price: $275.00

22 pp catalogue, illustrated wrapper.  A promotional booklet with information on existing cities with  police telegraph system, illustrations of the various models including the Lamp Post Box, street stations and boxes and individual calls.  Also includes patrol wagon.  A comprehensive narrative describes all aspects of the police signal telegraphs, it's purpose and uses.  The book concludes with testimonials from police commissioners in major cities using the systems.  Fine illustrations throughout. Measures 10 1/2" x 7 1/2".
Documents associated with the early development of the Holyoke to South Hadley Falls Bridge including pledge petition, receipt for survey and plans, and bill heads for material printing and Bridge Committee dinner receipt 1870. . ..1870
Price: $275.00

The documents include As a single-fold 9 3/4" x 7 3/4" hand written pledge petition beginning with "We the undersigned interested in a Bridge between Holyoke & South Hadley Falls promise to pay the amount opposite our respective names for the purpose of processing plans and making surveys for the same and the expenses". This is followed by 79 signatures and pledge amounts. A receipt from D. Briggs & Co, Springfield for the survey and plans totaling $300.00. An 8" x 5" illustrated billhead from the Ingleside, Holyoke Mass. The fee is for Dining and addressed to the Bridge Committee. The bill head is printed in green ink with a fine illustration of the exterior of the establishment including the street scene. A 7" x 8" billhead for printing of associated materials including petitions and rulings, advance notices for various newspapers, postage and printing supplies totaling $75.50. The letterhead is printed in three colors with a vignette of an eagle carrying an American shield. Printed in various decorative fonts in three colors. .
1930-31 Catalog No. 31 - G. ED Trebing - General Merchandise
Price: $325.00

New 1930-31 Catalog No.31.  G. ED Trebing CO.  Chicago.  1930.  Soft Cover.  630 pp. Followed by order forms.  General Merchandise.  Contains Clocks, Art metal, Diamond, Leather, Smoker's, Watches, Jewelry-Men's, Women's, Kitchen, Vanities, Wedding and much more. Both In-text and full page illustrations; black and white and color.  Includes some with brief and others with comprehensive descriptions. Measures 9" x 12". Embossed Art Deco influenced cover and product design.  Of particular note are 18 pages of  Deco infulence Perfume Atomizers, Compacts and cigarette lighters,  Featuring Evans and Ronson.  Very good condition. Light wear.Note the printing error on the first image -- the page on Fisher products was inserted upside down.
The State Arms of the Union: Engravings by L Prang
Price: $325.00

Manufacturer: L. Prang & Co. Location: Boston, MA Date: 1876 Pages: 10 (printed on single side) Subject Matter: Printers Cut Book, State Arms A printers cut book of the States' Coat of Arms. Each page has six coat of arms on it, engraved and gilded. The book was prepared with the assistance of Mr. H Mitchell, a heraldic designer and seal engraver in Boston. The original thirteen states seals were taken directly from paintings found in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA. The covers show moderate edge wear, along with toning and soiling. The top edge of the front cover is slightly bent and there is a small stain on the back cover. The first three pages have detached from the rest of the text block, those pages have edge wear as well. There is some staining on the backs of each page due to the deterioration of the ink used in the printing of the book. General toning and soiling throughout.  10 3/4" x 7".
Electric Cars and Trucks. 1892
Price: $400.00

Hard cover. 115 pp. Restored binding and end papers.  ex.Franklin Institute Philadelphia. Large format.  A comprehensive guide of electric cars and trucks available from the Brill Co.  Each product includes a comprehensive spec sheet and full page fine line engraving of the product including product name and number. Exceptional catalogue.  Measures 9 1/2" x 12".  Cover wear and discoloration.  Text block in excellent condition.
Folding Pocket Catalogue - Kershaw & Edwards Safes. Morton, Phillips & Bulmer.Montreal.c1870
Price: $400.00

A 6 1/2" x 3 1/2"  leather folio with marbled gusseted pocket on inside cover with fold-out linen backed catalogue with gilt stamp C. D. Edwards, Montreal on front cover.  It depicts  27 different models of safes.  They include single and folding door fire proof safes, Permutation Dial and Register Key Bank Locks and Fire and Burglar-proof Combined.Each model with a view of the interior, brief description including dimensions and price.  The reverse of the page is blank.  Measures 16 1/4" x 24" when open flat..
Three Autograph Albums c.1870s -1930s. .Massachusetts.c.1870s -1930s
Price: $450.00

Three autograph albums with a few hand drawn illustrations. The majority of the autographs in the albums are from 1870s and 1880s and are from towns in or around Martha's Vineyard and are  also accompanied by a note indicting if the signer was "dead" normally followed by a year. Most of the years noted are during the latter portion of the 1910s, and therefore most likely caused by World War I. The latest death note is dated 1930. The first autograph album (measures 6 1/2" x 4 1/4"), is filled to the brim with autographs and phrases. It has a cloth cover with stamped decorations and gilded edge pages. This album was owned by Ethel Lynn Beetle, the wife of Edward Roth (the owner of the third album). She lived in San Francisco and was the niece of Judge Charles H Chamberlain. Among the autographs there is a die cut advertising card for Jay Gould, and two colored hand drawn illustrations. The second album (measures 7" x 4 1/4") is a partially filled with a leather cover that has gilded and stamped decorations on it as well as gilded edged pages. While this album is the least filled, the majority of autographs come with poetry or quotes in addition to the signature. This is the only album of the bunch without the notations in regards to the death of the signer. The third and last album (measures 7 3/4" 5") also has a leather cover that has gilded and stamped decorations on it as well as gilded edged pages. This album was owned by Edward Roth, who spent the majority of his life practicing medicine in and around Martha's Vineyard. The majority of the autographs in this album date from 1883 when he departed to San Francisco and he is wished well on his travels across the continent. He practiced for several years in San Francisco before returning to New England, first to Yale, and then Martha's Vineyard. Along with the autographs there are several newspaper clippings for important family events, such as his marriage to Miss E. L. Beetle and the first birthday party of his son Edward Roth Jr. There are also 3 hand drawn illustrations as well. Along with the notes regarding the death of the signers, there are also a few denoting whether or not they were since married. To view the images please click on the following link: Previous owner indicted that these three autograph albums were compiled at Methodist Episcopal events on Martha's Vineyard during the 1870s and 1880s. All with cover wear; loose or partially detached covers.  Some soiling from handling.
A collection of 16 different Trade Catalogues of Children's Books et al. 1940-1960s. Samuel Lowe Company.Kenosha, Wis. .
Price: $500.00

A collection of 16 different trade catalogues for books and games published by Samuel Lowe Company(9 from the 1940s, 5 from the 1950s and 2 from the 1960s).  Includes painting and coloring books, games, toy books, general books, toy books and games, fall and Christmas books, Bonnie books, Sturdi-Bilt books, Doll books, Linen-Like books, Lolly Pop Easter stories, doll books, wheel toy books and more. The last catalogue May of 1962 is a folio with product line sheets including such items as sticker fun pack, clean slates, animated cartoon profiles, cloth books, paper doll books and much more.  The cover includes a lenticular eye where for the "O" in the word Lowe. With the exception of the last folio with approximately 40 sheets most are approximately 14 pp .  Each measures 11" x 8 1/2". .
Autograph and Sketchbook of Dorothy Borrajo, 1907-1915 . .England.1907-1915
Price: $500.00

A lovely autograph and sketch book given to Dorothy Borrajo by her classmates as a souvenir when she left school in 1907. The interior cover has a pasted in list of all of Dorothy's classmates. Throughout the sketchbook there are numerous drawings and poems written by her friends from 1907 to 1915. Drawings are in pencil, ink, color pencil and watercolor. Some of the poems and drawings are quite humorous. One depicts a mother by the ocean with her two swimming daughters, glaring at a man, with the caption, "Momma disapproves of mixed bathing." 9" x 7 1/2". Well executed images reflecting all walks of life including racial stereotypes, daily life and more. To view images, please click on the following link: Minor edge wear. Tape repair is evidence on both  the cover and interior pages as it was used to repair some of the binding. The binding itself is loose, but is held together by the tape mentioned above.
Friendship Album: Sketches, Watercolors, and Poetry, 1915-1916. .United Kingdom.
Price: $550.00

A friendship album from the United Kingdom full of quotes, poetry, and twenty-two (22) original artwork pieces, from 1915-1916. The covers are leather with the word 'Album' gilded onto the front cover.  The pages are gilded-edge as well. Some notably poetry in the album is the "Hey, diddle, diddle," poem by Mother Goose, and an original poem entitled "The Taxi". Below is a line from that poem: "Hark the Taxi's at the door- Tick! Tick! Tick! Every tick a little more- Tick! Tick! Tick!" The art work in the album showcases a wide variety of skill levels, and mediums, such as ink, pencil, color pencils, and watercolors. Of note is an ink drawing of a Colonel, a watercolor of a Swedish maiden in clogs on the waterfront, an ink drawing with a poem about a little naughty bear, an watercolor and pencil drawing of "A Song for Five Fingers", a watercolor of a fairy at play, a watercolor of "Little Black Sambo", and a beautiful abstract watercolor of ballerina with a colorful tutu, Also Included is even a needle and thread with the line "A stitch in time, saves nine." Measures 8 1/2" x 7 1/4". To view this album, please click on the following link: Covers show minor wear due to age and rubbing. Bind is loose, with a few pages semi-detached. There is edge wear on the bottom of the backstrip, and the top is missing a portion. That missing section continues onto the back cover.
Sample Book of Transfer Ornaments Palm, Fechteler & Co.1888
Price: $600.00

Sample Book of Transfer Ornaments.  Palm, Fechteler & Co.  New York-Chicago.  1888. Soft cover. 76 pp. catalogue of fine transfer ornaments. Victorian decoration and ornamentation; decalcomania. Contains all forms of elaborate decorative devices incorporating Sporting, Animalier, Equestriana, Heraldic transfers and much more.   Black & white illustrations..  The first page is a comprehensive price list with with an applied supplement for 1888. illustrations include order number and some with choice of color.   OCLC -11.  Measures 11" x 13 1/2".  Price list detached but present, Significant cover deterioration; page toning, text block intact with margin stain at base first few pages. Selling for content.
Salesman Sample or Trade Catalogue for Vida Elastic and Ric-Rac for Sewing and Shoe Laces - Art Deco Influenced DesignUnited Kingdom1930s
Price: $675.00

A 44 pp. trade catalogue for Elastic and Ric-Rac for sewing.  Each page has either a product card or an image of the dispensor and actual pdocut samples with multiple size and style availability. The final few pages inlcude round and flat shoe laces. .
Album with Original Art and Hand Colored Lithography, musings and verse. .England. c 1830-1850s
Price: $675.00

An artist's scrap book filled with over fifty (50) pieces of original art work and hand colored lithography and other pieces.  What makes this scrap book a unique find, is the consistent fine quality of the work within. Some of the hand-colored lithography is so expertly done that it becomes hard to tell whether or not it is a lithographic print. Pieces of note are: the portrait of a young girl with ringlets, and another portrait of a man in a turban. Some beautiful landscapes of farmland (rendered in pencil), an old stone bridge (watercolor), a boldly colored butterfly  (color pencil) and bird (ink & color pencil), and  'A Pas de Deux' of crabs (ink).   Additionally includes a pith watch paper with a thistle. A finely detailed tropical bird on a rose stem with nearby butterfly adorned with dried flora. Along with artwork there are several original pieces of music and poetry. There are two pieces of music, a ballad and a round, along with their music score. The poems are both original pieces, and quotes from other notable poets of the day. Once such quote, written in beautiful calligraphy, is from the poem entitled "Woman" by Eaton Stannard Barrett. "Would Woman govern tyrants? she concedes In slight concerns, and hence in weight, leads. Opposes first, to make surrender prized, And while she gives advice, appears advised" Gilt and blind stamp leather. The pages are  gilt-edged. The majority of the book has tipped in art work that has been secured to the page by glue and/or thread. Furthermore the majority of the lithographic prints within have been hand colored, but not all. Most of the artwork is unsigned, however when it is, the initials are general the same three names, E.B., E.T., and A.C. Wigan. There is reference to the Armstrong famil as well. A letter is included with the note "To my sister Daisy Armstrong, from my mother Mrs. Armstrong".  The bulk of the material in the album dates from the 1930s. Measures 9 1/4" x 7 1/4". To view this album, please click on the following link: Covers show some wear, and the back strip and edges are slightly damaged due to rubbing. The binding is partiallyA few interior pages are loose and/or detached. There is some glue residue on the interior pages as well, due to the original owner pasting in prints, but nothing that affects any of the artwork.
Spillman Engineering Corporation, Amusement Outfitters. Carouselles & Other Park & Carnival Rides, Catalog E 1922
Price: $700.00

North Tonawanda, 1922. N.Y.A 36 pp. catalog with paper wrap. Featuring Carouselles.   Images from photographs of the actual carousels, information on park locations with Spillman carousels.  Comprehensive narrative description including specifications, information on accessories e.g. military band organ.  It also describes the recent advancements ito their carouselle. Information on the Spillman Junior, the "A" Frame Drive, the gasoline power plant and on erecting a Spillman Carouselle.  Last but not least, a Ticket Office could be purchased for $90.00.  The catalog concludes with testimonials. Measure 10 3/4" x 7 1/2". Condition: few pages separated from staple at center of book; otherwise fine.
A S Van Eerde. Collection of Artwork, Drawing, and Sketches by A S Van Eerde, c1920s - 1940s. ..c1920s - 1940s
Price: $750.00

A collection of over seventy (70) pieces of artwork by A S Van Eerde. The work is in various stages of completion, such as notes, outlines, sketches, illustrations, and completed works.   A S Van Eerde was a commercial artist that designed advertisements for clients. He also sold his own fine art and was a writer/illustrator that did covers and interiors for magazines like "American Legion Weekly", and comic books. He had a short-lived comic strip called "2038 AD: An Excursion to Mars", that ran only four installments in "Amazing Mystery Funnies" comic book series published by Centaur between 1938-1940. Among the collection is a series of six (6) watercolors that depict what "Daddy & Bruce" did during their day together, such as visiting the Museum of Natural History, and the zoo. Another series of six (6) watercolors depict several hilarious moments, such as a young girls 'sensible winter outfit' and an early morning conversation at the bus stop. There are several one off pieces (in ink, pencil or watercolor): rides at an amusement park,  a master painter painting using paint by number, a professor putting helium in his car tires instead of air, and sketches of different advertisements, as well as some finished products or possible reference pieces. Please view the collection by clicking on the link: . The collection is overall in good condition. On some pieces there are glue stains on the back. The sketches and notes are on a finer paper, which as caused some very minor tears along the edges on some pieces. Some of the paper is toned and soiled. But overall fine.
Der Bierbrauer, beer brewing magazine Germany1898-1904
Price: $900.00

Collection of 237 beer brewing magazines plus 7 individual separate supplements. 29 are issued monthly and 208 are weekly. Promotion brochures inserted into some magazines with narrative description, imagery and testimonials. Covers depict brewing machinery.  Extensive advertisements included descriptions and imagery of products.   Content predominantly  technical journal articles. Der Bierbrauer Monthly Reports (Berichte) January-July 1899 no. 1-7 (missing 6) Weekly supplement (Beiblatt) January-December 1898 (missing 1, 5, 7, 9, 14, 18, 22, 27, 31, 36, 40, 45, 49, 51) Monthly Reports March-December 1898 (missing 1, 2) Weekly Supplement January-April 1899 no. 1-17 (missing 1, 5, 10, 14) Weekly Reports October-December 1900 no. 41-52 Weekly Reports November-December 1901 no. 48-51 Weekly Reports January-December 1902 no. 1-52 (complete) Weekly Reports January-December 1903 no. 1-52 (missing no 40) Weekly Reports January-December 1904 no. 1-52 (missing no. 51, double of no. 52) . All content in German, covers are flaking, some staining and water damage