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6” Watercolor Handmade Paper Doll w 43 Piece Crayon Decorated Wardrobe and 1 Hat c1940s
Price: $85.00
A 6” watercolor light stock paper doll of a young girl with a rather extensive crayon decorated wardrobe of popular fashion from the 1940s.  Includes 43 pieces, several are casual and swim wear with two pieces, other day, evening or sports attire.  c1940s.  Condition: excellent.
7” Handmade Jenny Lind w 5 Costumes from Original 1850s Set
Price: $100.00
A 7 3/4” handmade water color and varnished paper doll made in the image of the 1850s Jenny Lind paper doll.  The back is dated 1945.  It is accompanied by 5 costumes from the original set that fit nicely on the doll for display.  Each costume is finely lithographs with hand colored finish.  The costumes are two-sided with the back being blank.  Each is marked with a number, they are 1, 2, 6, 7, and 8.  Condition: light wear and bend on one arm, one hand lacking.
7” Watercolor Paper Doll w 11 Crayon Decorated Costumes, 1938
Price: $45.00
A 7” pretty face with delicate featured women with an auburn bob. The crayon decorated costumes include day, work and evening clothing, as well as a sun dress and bathing suit.  Light neck bend otherwise fine. It was found in an envelope postmarked 1938.  A penciled note reads “Mrs. Cory with homemade clothes - she is a homemade doll”
Uncut Flossie Boston Sunday Post Paper Doll Leary c1952 w 4 Costumes & Accessories - What was Popular in 1900!
Price: $16.00
A 14 1/2" x 7 1/4" cutout sheet from the newspaper comic strips in the Boston Sunday Post.  She is 7” Flossie and her 4 outfits and accessories.  The theme is fashion that was popular in 1900 . Lucy Eleanor Leary illustrator.  Dated March 2, 1952 Condition: strong color,  Light edge wear. Light crease.
Uncut Handcolored Sheet -2 Jointed Articulated Ethnic Paper Dolls C. Burckardt c1890 1880
Price: $100.00
A 16 1/2” x 13 1/2” on thin stock.  Printed and hand colored in vibrant shades. Each consists of 7 pieces and when cut and constructed would measure 16” high.  They are a stereotypical Chinese and Turkish man..  Marked Druck u. Verlag v. C Burchardt s Nachf Weissenburg (Els)..   Condition: excellent.  Exceptional color.