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10" Embossed Die-cut Scrap Lion in Jungle Setting Setting 6" Embossed Scrap Zebra in Natural Setting
Price: $14.00
Price: $16.00
Scrap Lion Zebra in African Setting
4” Scrap Winged Musical Cherubs Playing the Harp and Violin 2 Embossed Victorian Scaps - 5" Toddlers at Play
Price: $16.00
Price: $20.00
Winged Musical Cherubs Scrap Babies Playing
George BudayThe Story of the Christmas CardOdhams Press LimitedLondon Headless Baby Hatch's from Egg Christmas Greeting Tuck - Polite Regards
Price: $20.00
Price: $24.00
Egg Christmas Greeting Tuck
44 pp. Color applied printed cover, frontispiece, images of cards both color and black and white. The story of the Christmas card, when and why they were created along with many examples. Some images are copied from Great Britain's Royal family collection. There is a strong focus on Victorian cards. 7 1/2" x 5" Novelty Victorian Christmas Greeting - Child Hatching from Egg.  Raphael Tuck
Headless Baby Hatch's from Egg Christmas Greeting Tuck - Jolly Christmas Trompe'loeil Victorian Die-cut Glass of Pink Lemonade w Straws
Price: $24.00
Price: $28.00
Egg Christmas Greeting Tuck Trompe'loeil Victorian Die-cut Glass of Pink Lemon
Embossed die-cut novelty Christmas greeting card. It depicts a child hatching from an egg. Raphael Tuck. Die-cut heavy stock Trompe'loeil glass of what appears to be pink lemonade
Lg. Victorian Scrap - Country Gentlemen and Girl taking A Carriage Ride on Sunday 6 1/4" Victorian Scrap - Exploration - Polar Bear Attacking Hunters that are Hunting
Price: $30.00
Price: $30.00
Country Gentlemen and girl taking A Carriage Ride on Sunday Polar Bear Attacking Hunters
Die Cut Scene of Children at Play with Wheelbarrow with Verse, c1870. . . 1870s Autograph Album for Ella S. Knapp, Danbury Conn. 1878Connecticut1878-1884
Price: $40.00
Price: $40.00
Shows a die cut outdoor scene of five children playing with a wheelbarrow. The girl on the left of the scene is also carrying a jump rope. It has the verse written on it: "Merrily pass the sunny hours of our holiday: All amongst the pretty flowers, As we laugh and play!" There is some slight edge wear to the scene, minimal creasing, and a small section of missing surface litho on the girl in the wheelbarrow's arm. The back of the scene has glue stains on it. Measures 7" x 4 1/4". Red cloth embossed Autograph album with signatures for the years 1878-1884. Inscribed "A Christmas Gift." Some pages contains a name and town while others have decorative writings as in  friendship album. Many pages have embossed die-cut Victorian scraps. Locations are primarily Danbury, CT but also list Marbledale (a village in Washington, CT), Middletown, Sherman, New Canaan, and New Milford, CT as well as Brooklyn  and Fergusonville New York. 4 3/4" x 7". wear on cover, some oxidation, scrap at beginning of book torn, missing page at beginning
13” Embossed Die-cut Victorian Scrap of Young Boy in Sailor Suit with Fishing Net, Probably Tuck Embossed Victorian Scrap - 12" Lion Attacking Sheik Soldier Riding a White Horse
Price: $45.00
Price: $45.00
13” Embossed Die-cut Victorian Scrap of Young Boy in Sailor Suit with Fishing Net, Probably Tuck
A 13 1/4" embossed die-cut Victorian scrap depicting a young boy in sailor suit and red cap with fishing net. Sheik Soldier Riding a White Horse
12" Scrap Sailor Boy Leaning on his Big Great Dane 7 Gild Enhanced Embossed Victorian Scraps of - Women of Means & Taste
Price: $60.00
Price: $60.00
Scrap Sailor Boy leaning on his big Great Dane Beautiful Scrap 3" Victorian Head/Should Women
7” Dressed Victorian Scrap Paper Doll Sailor Girl with Pond Boat - Lace Paper Ruffles & Red Tissue Paper Sash c1890s 9" Black Americana Embossed Jointed Scrap Paper Doll Toddler
Price: $65.00
Price: $75.00
L  B Victorian Scrap Jointed Paper Doll
A 7” handmade paper doll  constructed of an embossed die-cut Victorian scrap bodice of a young girl holding a pond boat.  Note the anchor on her sleeve.   A heavy card stock body form and legs with red and black watercolor stockings and boots. She is dressed in a tissue paper skirt with lace paper trim. All pulled together with a large red tissue paper sash with  with fringe tassel.  Applied easel back to allow doll to stand.  Condition: excellent. Two 14" embossed die-cut Victorian scrap articulated or jointed ballerina paper doll.
Set of 5 Die-cut Alpine Figures with Horse & Donkey Decorated for a Festival c1900 Agent’s Sample Book of Visiting Cards from Keystone Printing Co., North Branford, Conn. . ..c. 1905
Price: $75.00
Price: $80.00
Set of 5 Die-cut Alpine Figures with Horse & Donkey Decorated for a Festival c1900
5 different embossed die-cut Alpine figures dressed in festival attire.  All appear to be poised to dance. The women in dirndl skirts and the men in lederhosen all adorned with flowers A heavy stock cover agent’s or salesmen’s sample book for embossed die-cut scraps. The title references Visiting Cards; the assumption is that applying storied theme scraps to one’s visiting card may have been a marketing idea, that didn’t take hold. This particular book includes eleven samples from the Bluebeard series of scraps. Each approximately 1 ½” x 1 ½” with a captioned picture. .n.d. (c1905). 3 ½” x 5 ¾” . light edge wear
10" Embossed Die-cut Victorian Scrap Snow Angel in Rose and Winterberry Wreath - Mica Enhanced 5 Fine Snow Angel Scraps - White Winter Wear Toys & Holly
Price: $85.00
Price: $135.00
5 Fine Snow Angel Scraps - White Winter Wear Toys & Holly
10" Scrap Russian Girl Posing Five (5) different 6 1/2" x 3 1/4" embossed die-cut Victorian scraps of snow angels.
Bounteous Gifts Embossed Die-cut Charmstring Calendar for 1901 - - Fowl, Lobster & Wine Embossed die-cut St. Nicholas or Santa Claus Scrap in Blue Robe
Price: $135.00
Price: $175.00
Embossed die-cut St. Nicholas or Santa Claus Scrap in Blue Robe
A three-part 19" x  11" charmstring style drop calendar for 1901.Each of the three ovals with thorny vine and rose border decoration a fine chromolithograph illustration of food and/or wine at center with four (4) calendar months. Accompanied by the verse Bounteous Gifts - May the gates of plenty, honor and Happiness be open to thee.  Drink of this cup; you'l find there's a spell in Its every drop g'gainst the ills of mortality --Moore.  Illegible printed illustrator's signature at the base of each image.  Marked B1161 at base; no other identifying marks. Top hanger lacking. Light toning in spots. Example of late Victoriana. . . A somber faced Santa with long straight beard, wearing a blue robe with brown fur trim and a holly wreath on his hood.
1896 Chromolithograph Calendar - Fine Imagery Forbes 12” Die-cut Embossed Victorian Scrap - Father Christmas Santa Claus
Price: $250.00
Price: $250.00
1896 Chromolithograph Calendar
Chromolithograph calendar for 1896 for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co., Springfield Mass. Forbes Litho Mfg. Co. Boston. A 12 1/2” high embossed die-cut Victorian Santa Claus or Father Christmas donning a red hooded robe with white fur trim.  His baskets are brimming with toys and a small Christmas bush.  He carries a bundle of packages on one arm and walks with a cane. Condition: overall excellent. Two small intact separations.
Scarce 24 Alphabet ABC Occupational Victorian Scraps or Reliefs c1880 Merry Christmas Charm String by Irene Marcellus, in Original Box, Nister Dutton, No. 2131.
Price: $315.00
Price: $375.00
Scarce 24 Alphabet ABC Occupational Victorian Scraps or Reliefs c1880
A set of  Victorian Scrap or Relief alphabet or ABC occupational die-cut figures circa 1880. A 5"  in diameter box with a poinsettia on the cover with a pretty little girl at center titled "Merry Christmas".  When opened  it reveals a charm string with six (6) different girls at the center of die-cut poinsettias.  Verse on reverse.  The final die-cut is affixed to the base of the box bottom. c1890s.  Edge wear on die-cuts.  Restrung.
A Set of 35 Early Finely Details Victorian Embossed Diecut Scraps depicting English Royalty Throughout the ages beginning with William I, Surnamed The Conqueror. C1870. Lovely Victorian Box of Fumigating Pastiles with Woven Metal Pastil Censer or BurnerLondon
Price: $500.00
Price: $600.00
A Set of 35 Early Finely Details Victorian
Thirty-four of the 35 scraps measure approx 6” x 2 ½”, depicting a full body image of the ruler plus the name, information on lifespan, reign and significant events during the reign. A fine set of fumigating pastiles and burner for freshening the air.  The 3" in diameter circular paper covered box of  cone shaped fumigating tablets has applied label with an illustration of a fumigator. Marked H. Silverlock. Sc.  Content within. The second paper covered box is 1 3/4" in diameter and contains a woven wire burner.  The paper label depicts an image of the burner with a pastile in place. Captioned C. F. Buckle's Pastil Censer. Gold foil edging on box.  Burner enclosed.  Inscription on bottom of the box reads "used first time Feb. 3rd '76--Dining Room".
The Nonpareil A New and Much Admired (Pear) Pair to be introduced to the Royal Table. c.1837-42
Price: $650.00
As described by the Royal Collection Trust: Lithograph with hand-colouring of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as queen and consort. A novelty print, one of a series of prints with integrated movable flaps. View of a pear, which when moved, contains a portrait of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. With English inscription below, including publisher's address, 'C. Tilt, Fleet Street, Reeves & Sons, Cheapside, Riddle & Co. P.N.Row.' Not in O'Donoghue. . One of a number of novelty prints produced between 1830 and 1860, which utilise flaps, tabs, or rotating wheels to create integrated movable parts. These prints were popular in the first half of the nineteenth century and were produced by a number of printmakers.