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Illus Souvenir Folder Promotional Booklet
Mailer from Mount Wilson, CA 1929.  Nine images, taken from photographs, of Mount Wilson and the exterior of the observatory, plus the stage schedule and prices, pages of description, etc. Sixteen page illustrated booklet from the Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C. was published c 1920.
Informational Booklet Here And There In The Yosemite
48pg. booklet, providing information, and promoting agriculture in San Diego, California, published by the San Diego-California Club. "Here and There In The Yosemite," by Cristel Hastings, published by The Cloister Press, San Francisco, in 1923.
Around The Pan 1901 Two (2) c1910s Adv. Blotters
Around The Pan, with Uncle Hank (an Uncle Sam knock-off?), His Trip Through The Pan-American Exposition, by Thomas Fleming, published by The Nut Shell Pub. Co., New York, 1901, Two advertising blotters, Cole’s Rooming House and the Hotel Driscoll, Washington DC
New York at The Alaska-Yucon Pacific Exposition
printed unpaginated booklet containing black and white photographic views of c. 1898 Boston. Included are two views of the Macullar Parker Company buildings. Macullar Parker is noted as having "the best clothing for men and for boys... made in our own workrooms on the premises". Each image includes title an location. 5 3/4" x 8". slight staining Illustrated, 197 page hard cover book about the New York State exhibit at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific  1909.
New Hampshire Photo Album
New Hampshire Photo album with 31 Mounted Views - quarry, covered bridge.. A single-fold 8" x 5 1/2" menu with cover illustrations with Art Nouveau influenced decoration and illustration of asailing vessel.  The menu is for breakfast on the Steamer Plymouth.  Comprehensive menu.  Wine List on reverse.
100 plus pages, tri-fold journal. A very detailed travel log, possibly for a young lady. No name is given but the trip is incredibly documented. The book begins with a preprinted trip information booklet. This included travel information like longitude and latitude, mail times, currency, compass information, navigation, keeping time, how to play shuffleboard, and signals. It then becomes a personal travel log book. It begins with the log detailing date, course, position, run, and remarks. Beginning on July 4, 1929 and ending August 18, 1929, the S.S. Minnekahda of the Atlantic Transport was captained by John Jensen (his signature appears in teh book). A very detailed itinary  is documented starting on June 28 as the leave central wharf on the "Boston" to the Minnekahda which then travels to England. Rails are taken to Scotland, Paris, and around England. Other documents include, hotels stopped at , places visited,gifts received, letters/calls/cards/suppers, and an address book with addresses form a variety of locations. There are personal notes and a listing for who saw them off (father, mother, Herbert, and others). Names mentioned in the diary are May Kunkle, Ruth, Walton, Bixby. Very detailed descriptions of what she did, read, sights seen, and places attended. Color fold out World map at the end of book. 6 3/4" x 4 1/2". some wear on leather cover, pages intact but title page binding is split, still has pencil in holder, most pages fully filled A three fold brochure that promotes the New York City on one side featuring views of the Battery, the New Washington Arch, a view of Broadway and of course the exterior of the hotel including information on the hotels location.  The reverse is a New Map of New York City showing all ferries and steamboat docks, elevated, cable and cross town car lines.  Measures 16 3/4" x 7 1/2" when open flat.. Tilly Haynes acquired the hotel in 1892 and changed the name to Broadway Central from the Broadway Grand Hotel.
Single-fold 7” x 4 ½” menu printed on heavy stock.  Engraving of a woman on the front, engraved by John A. Lowell, Boston. Fare includes Beef Tongue, Corned Shoulder of Mutton, Boiled Rice, Walnut Catsup, German Plum Pudding and much more. No prices. Cover includes an exterior view of the Sinclair House.   . Moderate cover wear.  Partial separation on fold; reinforced with archival tape. Paper menu with decorative image and border written entirely in French, Asian influence featuring 3 women with instruments in front of a screen with a ship in the background. The preprinted menu lists 1st class and has the categories hors-d'oeuvre, plats de cuisine, dessert, and cafe, handwritten menu items are listed. The date is March 5, 1901. 9 1/4" x 6".
An 8 1/2" x 11" broadside with a large fine line illustration of the exterior of the Grand Union Hotel and the near by Grand Central Depot and surrounding street scene.    The narrative explains the hotel and its amenities. A larger font at the base reads "Our Motto is to Please".  G. F. & W. D. Garrison, Managers.  A tip-on provides additional detail on the fine features of the hotel.  This is accompanied by a 2 1/2" x 4"  business or trade card with an similar illustration to that of the broadside.  This includes information on the hotels European Plan and information on their restaurants and food service.   The reverse provides a space for Memoranda.  . Letter folds; otherwise fine. An array of snippets and pages detailing a trip a young family took by train in 1884. A mother, family, and their two young children started in Boston and headed west. They stopped in Niagara Falls, Erie Canal, Denver, Salt Lake, Price Canyon, Black Canyon, Chicago, and Washington DC.  The journal is written on a variety of papers, two (2) folded sheets, four (4) loose papers, three (3) scrap papers, and one (1) top half of a hotel letter head. . While some of the pages appear to be a journal of some sort, other were obviously notes, just written down, such as "Washington Monument 555 ft high".  Measures (Largest) 8" x 5".. Minor soiling and toning due to age. Otherwise fine.
Two flight log books from a pilot named Stirling L Bemis from Melrose, Massachusetts. The first log book goes from July 1937 through June 1941. The first several lines of the book summarizes his flight times from 1937 to July 1939 as this log book is a replacement for a lost log book. Afterwards the book continues to detail Bemis' almost daily flights. The second log book picks up where the first one left off in June of 1941 and continues to June 1944. With each entry the following categories are normally filled in: Date, Make and Model, Certificate Number, Engine, Locations, Remarks & Rating, Hours, Instruction Time, and Dual or Solo times. Some of the types of planes flown by Bemis are as follows: Stinson, Piper Cub, Cub Coupe, Curtiss Robin, Travelairc, Luscombe, Taylorcraft, J5 Cub Cruiser, Pitcarin,Aeronca, Army Fairchilde PT19, Army Fairchilde PT19A, Culver Cadet, Link Trainer,  Curtiss C-46 Commando (aka Condor III), and a  Douglas C-47 Skytrain. While the majority of the flights in the first book are local flights in and around Massachusetts and the surrounding states, it also details the various flight tests Bemis took as he received various different classes of pilot licenses. He went from Private, to Limited to Commercial. Of note is a forced down on take off that Bemis managed due to some damage to the gasoline line. In the back of the log it list his total hours of the log book and his employment record along with his salary. He worked for King Aviation, Atlantic Airways, C.D. Bemis, US Department of Justice, US Treasury Department, and Maritime Shipping Corp. Additionally there are two small photographs. The first is presumably of Bemis and his two children, and the second of two unidentified men standing by a military aircraft denoted by the insignia of a star with a stripe on either side.   Click on the following link to view the item: The second log book continues on in a similar manner until December of 1941. On December 7, Bemis notes the attack on Pearl Harbor. These small remarks continue as war is declared on December 8th, and on December 9th he filed for a certificate of reinstatement in the Armed Forces. As of January 1942 it appears as though Bemis was working for the Air Corps Ferrying Command, flying supplies, personnel, and the delivering the planes themselves for Allied forces. By February 1944 Bemis was participating in the South-East Asian theater of World War II, more specially the Burma Campaign on the Northern Front. It does not appear that Bemis was a fighter pilot as according to his logs he flew both the C-46 and C-47, which were military transport aircrafts. Of note during this time is when on May 13 1944 he had to bail out over North Burma and face a 17 day walk back to the base. The log abruptly stops on June 29th 1944, however Bemis did survive the war. Captain Stirling L Bemis, died in November 1958 in Alaska. The logs have a black cloth cover with "Pilot's Flight Log" stamped on the front. Both logs measure 7 1/2" x 5 1/2" and were published by Air Associates INC. Both logs have some very minor edge wear due to rubbing, and a few small stains. One of the interior pages of the first log has some toning on it due to a pasted in new clippings of an article discussing his forced down on take off. Otherwise fine. 384 pp. Leather cover, fold out map at back of book depicting "part of Turkey with Greece" with and inset of "Plan of Constantinople", dedication page to the "Members of the Boston Female Seminary, for the Promotion of Christianity among the Jews", second edition. "I went to the Mediterranean particularly with the view of investigating the condition of the Jews", the book follows his travels from leaving Boston to Gibraltar, Malta, Smyrna, and Constantinople. 7 1/4" x 4 1/4". wear on cover, foxing and some staining throughout, inscribed
A collection of 30 legal size pages of narrative describing the itinerary from a European grand tour taken by most likely Thirza Merriam Rowley wife of H. Curtis Rowley and daughter of Homer Merriam. The journal of loose pages is structured by date and provides a daily accounting by specific locations visited and recounts of activities including sites seen, commentary on modes of transportation, local customs and brief references to her traveling companions.   She was accompanied by a Gardner, who may have been her bother Arthur Gardner Merriam.   She was not hesitant in expressing her opinion of areas and seemed to show a strong interest in landscaping, stone buildings, and the most ancient locations.   Travel began on July 27 and concluded on August 30. Found in the family papers of Arthur Rowley.  For a comprehensive summary of the travels click HERE (#) $375.00 . paper chipping and brittle