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 The Brawnville Papers, being Memorials of the Brawnville Athletic Club, edited by Moses Coit Tyler. Fields, Osgood & Co.Boston.1869 Visualizing Mooseheart, the School that Trains for life, and Mousehaven, Truly a Home for the Twilight of Life.
215 page book, with gilt stamped covers. Twelve essays written on the subject of 'physical culture'. First appeared as articles in the Herald of Health Journal. While it might have first have been indended to be essays on 'physical culture' these articles have snowballed into commentary on life, as well as memoirs of the Brawnville Althletic Club. Measures 7 x 5 1/4".. Edge wear, partially on the spine. The book is missing one page, it is evident that it was torn from the book. However it appears to have been the blank page before the title page. There is a small stain on the top corner of the first 25 pages or so, does not affect readability, 20 pp (including covers), side stapled booklet. This booklet is advertising support services for the young and old, both a residential childcare facility for children in need and retirement home that was published and distributed by the Loyal Order of the Moose (LOOM). The majority of this booklet advertises for Mooseheart, a home, school, and vocational training for children which is located on what was original a farm just outside of Batavia, IL, now Mooseheart, IL. The pages of the booklet are filled with colorful illustrations of the different buildings on campus such as the dormitories, the printing & publishing building, and the dairy farm, along with illustrations of children, general lined up like a school class photo.  While this school was originally intended for the orphans of LOOM members, is today a 1,000-acre community for all children and teens in need, called Mooseheart Child City & School. In contrast to the school for young children, and on the opposite end of the life’s spectrum, Moosehaven, which is a 70 acre retirement community located in Orange Park, FL, only open to LOOM members. Only a few pages in this booklet are dedicated to Moosehaven, but they declare it as a place where “elderly couples may go down into the twilight of life, unseparated and hand in hand.” Measures 8 1/2" x 7 1/2" LOOM is a fraternal and service organization which was founded in 1888, and today has nearly 650,000 men in roughly 1,600 Lodges across in 49 US states, four Canadian provinces, plus Great Britain and Bermuda. They also have a sister organization entitled Woman of the Moose, with approximately 400,000 members.
A Collection of Nine Emblems of Fraternal Symbols
A collection of nine (9) circular emblems of fraternal symbols. The exact fraternal or secret society these emblems belong to is unknown, but the majority of the symbols are Masonic in design. The base for the emblems are made from fabric with medal symbols attached. They have a red velvet center with a blue fringe design and are 4 3/4" in diameter. The backs of the emblems have two small metal rings on them, suggesting that they were designed to be hung. The symbols include a pair of crossed swords, a pair of crossed keys, a pair of crossed spears, a pair of crossed gavels, a pair of crossed arrows (or quills), a single arrow (or quill), the all seeing eye, a stylized collar with a red stone, and a chalice with the letters LPF. As those letters do not match an abbreviation for any known society, they are assumed to be the initials of a member. Again while the exact society these belong to is unknown, here are some societies that are known to use similar symbols: Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Freemasons, Quill and Dagger, and Order of Solomon's Temple (aka the Knights Templar).