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Captain Big Bill the Pelican. Leah Gale Samuel Lowe Company Wisconsin 1956
Price: $25.00

Applied board cover, three color illustrations by Elsie Darien and Jo Poehlmann throughout, cardboard penguin with grommet head and feet that can be moved in front cover to simulate different clothing for the pelican. The story of Bill who never encountered another pelican. He wandered around trying to find a job and what his pouch was for. 8" x 6 1/2" some creasing and discoloration
Knerr. The Katzenjammer Kids, an animated novelty book. John Martin's House, Inc. Kenosha, Wisconsin 1945
Price: $45.00

unpaginated. Metal spiral bound printed color paper cover, movable parts and pop ups, book 1864. A movable book about Hans and Fritz Katzenjammer and their uncle, the Captain. Something is always happening to them. The book includes pop-up, a movable wheel, and sliding activity. 8" x 8 1/4". wear on cover, possibly missing a movable part-the legs of the Captain on the page with the alligator
The Toodles
Price: $55.00

Unpaginated board book with plastic spiral binding with two tab movables and two double page pop-ups. Profusely illustrated in two and full color.  Chapters include Pat Talks out of Turn, Barking Dogs and Skating
The Birth of Jesus. Folding book Ltd Amsterdam
Price: $75.00

Applied board cover, peep show book-can fold out into full circle that has pop ups, color illustrations by R.T. Cowern. The story tells the tale of Jesus in a visual way by creating a 3D image. Detailed with pop up and cut out images. 7" x 5" slight wear from folding and unfolding, a few small tears in pop up
Price: $110.00

25 pp. litho on board book with three (3) die-cut pops. First text page titled "The Story of Bunty.   Pop-ups include "Here I am Bunty",  Punch and Judy and Bunty with a policeman.  In-text black and white illustrations.  Measures 7 1/2" 7 3/4".
The Wizard of Oz
Price: $110.00

12 pp. paper covered board spiral comb bone book.  Excerpt from the original story by L. Frank Baum.  Created and Produced by the Duenewald Printing Corp., New York. Sole Agent for Wehr Animation.   Includes six (6) movable pages--when tab is slid to and fro, three-animations move. Charming imagery as when the wizard is filling the scarecrows head with "bran brain"...Nice copy with strong color.  Some corner and edge wear.  Light wrinkling on tabs from use. Measures 6 3/4" x 9".
Little Orphan Annie and Jumbo, the Circus Elephant
Price: $115.00

22 pp. litho on board book printed in black and white with full page and in-text illustrations and three (2) two-page full color pop-ups of Orphan Annie with two elephants, Annie with a dog jumping through a hoop and Annie balancing on a seesaw between a dog and a pig. Copyright 1935 Famous Artists Syndicate.  Harold Lentz paper engineer.
Blinky Bill
Price: $125.00

25 pp. litho on board book with three (3) die-cut pops. First text page titled "Blinky Bill"  Story of a discontented koala bear.   Pop-ups include "Blinky with Frogs, Blinky at Miss Prim refreshments and Blinky in the Peppermints.  In-text black and white illustrations.  Measures 7 1/2" x 7 3/4".
The Tinder Box - Animated by Julian WehrStephen Daye, Inc..NY.1945
Price: $125.00

Spiral bound litho on board. Includes five (5) tab operated moveable plates- a soldier, a queen (crone) a princess and gold in a tinderbox.  All mechanisms work well.  Measures 8 3/4" x 7". . slight wear on cover edges
A Collection of 'Woman's Work' Booklets. .United States.1920-1946
Price: $125.00

A collection of materials dealing with "woman's work". These information pamphlets gave advice and recipes, or served as how-to guides for woman in their traditional, and stereotypical, roles as a homemaker or hostess. They were produced by companies selling various different products, such as baking supplies or silverware, and while they were intended to simply advertise their products, they also served as a way of enforcing the stereotypical gender roles of the times. There is a total of 7 items within this collection, dating from 1920-1946. Below is a brief description of each of the items:   A Selection of Choice Recipes, 1920, Rumford Chemical Works This pamphlet was published to advertise the product 'The Wholesome Rumford Baking Powder.' The cover shows an older woman with a younger one, and the caption, "How's that, Grandma?" The implication is that cooking is a shared experience to be taught through the different generations, and that Rumford's Baking Powder, is a part of that shared experience. The inside of the pamphlet has six recipes for various biscuits or desserts. Measures 6 1/4" x 3 1/2" (folded), 7" x 6 1/4" (unfolded) Bridal Silver and Wedding Customs, 1920, Towle Silversmiths This short book was written by Emily Post for the Towle Silversmiths, who since 1690 have been creating various items in sterling silver, such as flatware or serve-ware.  Emily Post, herself was an American writer and socialite who became the foremost authority on how to behave graciously in society and business. She produced several etiquette books and even founded the Emily Post Institute, which five generations later, is still a family owned business that maintains and evolves the standards of etiquette that Emily Post first established. This book straddles the line between advice and product endorsement. Starting with short sections that give instructions on every wedding subject imaginable, such as invitations, decorations, the wedding procession, ushers preferred style of dress, and even advice for the bride's dress! Eventually the booklet continues on to give advice about wedding gifts, such as how to acknowledge and/or display them. It goes even further by suggesting which style of sterling silver flatware the bride should request from her guest, all of which are sold by the Towle Silversmiths. The book ends with a chart that the bride can use to keep track of which of her guests purchased each pieces of silver. 27 pages, soft pink cover. Measures 7 1/2" x 5" Easy Ways to Pretty Frocks, 1920, The Spool Cotton Company Published to endorse the product Clark's ONT Boilfast Mercerized Thread, this booklet provides the reader with guidance on all sorts of sewing techniques needed to make oneself affordable, but fashionable, clothes in the 1920s. There are directions and tips on cutting, how to draft patterns, simple embroidery designs for lingerie, seams and seam finishing, and finishing touches such as hemming a skirt, making a narrow belt and stitching a binding inconspicuously. Additionally, the booklet has over 60 illustrations that help you to visualize the directions and the finished product. 34 pages, soft cover. Measures 9" x 6" Once Master Recipe for Ten Delicacies by the Lady with an Apron, 1920s, The Hills Brothers Company Produced to sell Dromedary Cocoanuts (an historical spelling variation of coconut), this small recipe book started with one 'master' recipe for macaroons, and then provided ten different ways to slightly alter the recipe to create, for example, chocolate macaroons or caramel macaroons. Additionally, the book gives advice on how to best serve the dessert to your guests. The author of this pamphlet is not named, but rather simply given the title of ‘The Lady with an Apron'. 12 pp. Measures 6" x 3 1/2" The Housewife's Almanac: A Book for Homemakers, 1938, Kellogg Company Profusely illustrated, this almanac is a compilation of information meant to provide women with everyday advice for how to make their home better. It contains a calendar for 1938 with important historical events noted, horoscopes and astronomical data such as the time of day in which the sun and/or moon rises and sets. Also, there is advice on 'keeping fit', recipes, time tables for baking, lists of interesting facts or words that are often mispronounced, and even pointers for safe driving. As it was produced by the Kellogg company there are several advertisements for its products, like the cereal All-Bran, along several recipes with color illustrations. 36 pages, soft cover. Measures 8" x 5 1/4" Simplicity Sewing Book for Beginners and Experts, 1945, The Spool Cotton Company A fully illustrated sewing guide with over 400 pictures that illustrate the techniques for sewing and dressmaking described in the book. It covers everything from choosing the correct fabric and adjusting patterns to different body types, to hand sewing and how to make pleats, tucks and darts. The center interior page is printed in color, and comes with a short tutorial on how to wear makeup based on your hair color and face shape. The rest of the images in the book are black and white with orange accents. The book heavily promotes the product Clark's ONT Boilfast Mercerized Thread, which was produced by the company. 66 pages, soft cover. Measures 11" x 6 3/4" The Perfect Hostess by Nancy Prentiss, 1946, Westmorland Sterling This short book features a description of the duties of a 'good hostess' in order to provide the perfect care and comfort of her guests. It contains suggestions for any party one might have, such as company meals, luncheons, afternoon teas, buffet suppers, and even how to throw proper engagement party, wedding showers and wedding receptions. Additionally, there are suggestions on games to play for entertainment. However at least half the book is covers everything anyone would ever want to know about silverware, such as a buying guide, how to clean the silver and when and how to use each piece.  78 pages, soft cover. Measures 9 1/4" x 6 1/4" To view this collection, please click on the following link: .
Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Illustrated by CCarey Cloud and Harold BLentzThe Illustrated Pop-Up EditionPleasure Books, Inc..Chicago.1934
Price: $150.00

Illustrated boards.  Unpaginated. Frontispiece and in-text black and white illustrations throughout. Three (3) double page pop-ups in fine condition. Measures  9" x 8". Light edgewear covers..
The Jolly Jig-Saw Book - 1939
Price: $250.00

The Jolly Jig-Saw Book, Packed with Jig-saw Puzzles and Story-rhymes. John Leng & Co., London. 1939. A hardback book that includes five (5) different rhyming verses with a relevant actual jig-saw puzzles as part of the book. Each has a small black and white illustration of the completed puzzle, that the child was encouraged to paint. Includes No Dogs Allowed, The Good Ship “Cheese-Straw”, Piggy and the Pantry, The Monkey’s Puzzle and Mouse Mountaineers. 7 Ľ” x 10”. Puzzle are complete with illustrations unpainted. Four of five retain the original fold-out cellophane shield to prevent the puzzle from falling from the book as the pages are turned.

Pals on the Farm
Price: $275.00

Diarama-style childrenâ™s book w Eight (8) die-cut movable animals A 9âť x 11 ½❠heavy card stock fold-out diorama-style barnyard scene. Includes eight (8) different easel back, mechanical animals, each with a printed verse. They are Wooley the Sheep, Gobbie the Turkey, Dobbin the Farm Horse, Hissie the Goose, Gruntie the Pig, Sheep the Dog, Rex the Pony and Mooey the Cow. Complete. Cover wear with original price in grease pencil. Interior in excellent condition.
A Collection of "Mother's Helpers", Instruction Manuals and How To Guides. .United States.1898-1953
Price: $275.00

A collection of nineteen (19) "mother's helpers", published mostly from the the early to mid 1900s. Most of these booklets were either instruction manuals provided with household appliances, or short advertising pamphlets given out at stores. However along with the instructions or appliance information were printed recipes or how-to tips for mothers and wives. The items in the collection range from a rather simplistic printing in black and white, to complex color lithography. The collection has been divided up into four categories with the titles of each item included below: Instruction Manuals for Household Appliances, 6 items: Richmond Recipes and Richmond Ranges, 1899 Coleman Cookers Make Their Own Gas, 1930s The Wilcolator Cookbook, 1930s Controlled Cooking for Speedier, Tastier Dishes, 1936 Dexter Washers, 1940s Blackstone's Home Laundry Appliances, 1950s Instruction Manuals for Cooking Appliances and Utensils, 6 items: Frozen Dainties as made by The White Mountain Freezer, 1898 A Lesson Plan on Deep Fat Frying, 1924 Electric Waffle Iron Recipes, 1925 The "American" Oven Candy Fat Frying Refrigerator Thermometer, 1926 What's New in Cookery from the Mirro Test Kitchen, 1928 Sunbeam Controlled Heat Automatic Frypan, 1953 Instruction Manuals for Baking Appliances, 4 items: Universal Bread Maker, 1905 The "Universal Cake Maker, 1905 Betty Crocker's Fancy Cookies, Appetizers, and Desserts, 1950s How to Get the Most Out of Your Sunbeam Mixmaster, 1950 Miscellaneous, 3 items: How to Dye: Amateur Dyer's Guide, 1899 Cleansing Helps, Washing Soda, 1935 Egg Buyer's Guide, 1914 To view this collection, please click on the following link:
Our Peepshow. Ernest Nister.London.1897
Price: $400.00

Unpaginated. Introduction by F.E. Weatherly. c1897. Three (3) double page pop-ups including Neddy’s Friends (farm scene), Bunny-kin Town, and Wild Indians. The first scene has creases in donkey's head and dog leashes at fold. Second (center) pop-up detached (pulled away from staples) from book, but present. Cover and edge wear from handling. Light warping on cover. Measures 7" x 7 1/2".
Kaufladen u. Puppenhaus
Price: $400.00

8 pp. board pop-up book.  Includes four (4) pop-ups. Includes pop-up scenes with text from the market, the kitchen, the dining room and the bedroom. Each pop-up with rhyming verse. 1950s mid-century modern feel.  Measures 9" x 6". Light toning.
The Little Showman's Series No. 2 - Spring. 1884
Price: $700.00

A 13 5/8" x 10 1/2" applied litho on board book with a single page including a three-tier pop-up scene --a cradle and little girl  in the forward tier rock to and fro. Illustrated by Charles Howard.  Rhyming verse at base is titled "Spring- How We Amuse Ourselves in Doors".  The pop-up theme is relevant to the verse. Back cover promotes a new Object Teach Book by McLoughlin with illustrations from a sample page.
Eugen Reichenbach. Lustige Gesellschaft. Theo Strosfer.Nurnberg.1894
Price: $950.00

Unnumbered pages.  Cloth on board with applied chromolithograph . Eight (8) rhyming stories, each accompanied by a changing view picture puzzle.  All mechanisms functioning.  Few changing view pages pulled away from text block. Measures 12 3/4" x 10" ..
Light - c1940s - A Diorama Created by a 4th Grader
Price: $1,100.00

Handmade Diorama or Pop-up Book Created by a child as a school project.  Titled “Light” by John Crocker c1940s. Includes three (3) of four (4) original multi-dimensional pop-ups hand cut and water colored scenes constructed to demonstrate the evolution of light through the ages. These scenes include: Scene 1. Prehistoric Man – Torch – depicts prehistoric men in dimensional cave setting; one holds a torch; the other writes hieroglyphs of sorts. Scene 3. Pioneer Home – depicts a dimensional log cabin setting; pioneer woman pouring hot wax in a candle mold, while a candle burns on the table. Decorated in early American style. Scene 4. Edison’s Laboratory – Incandescence Light – depicts the interior of what most likely the Menlo Park laboratory; Thomas Edison seated at a table, feverishly at work in a room illuminated with incandescent light. Shelves are lined with scientific supplies and instruments. Measures 9” x 12”. Paper cover with applied lettering. Cover and edge wear. Unfortunately one scene is not present. .
Pantomime Pictures; "A Novel Colour Book for Children" NO. 635. Nister.London.1896
Price: $1,100.00

Introduction by E. Weatherly and black and white in-text illustrations by E. S. Hardy.  Fanciful cover illustration "The Queen of the Bird Fairies', originally from book "Peeps into Fairyland".  Verses include Pantomime Picture, Billy Amos, Hero.,A Little Boy's Pocket, The Other Donkey, Pussycat Street,  How the Letter was Posted, The Brave Circus Boy, Polite Polly and  Honey Pot Farm.   Includes five (5) double page pop-ups.  One text page detached, but present. Edge soiling on pages from handling. Edge of end paper front cover lacking.  Measures 12 1/2" x 10"..