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 A collection of 16 different Trade Catalogues of Children's Books et al. 1940-1960s. Samuel Lowe Company.Kenosha, Wis. .  Alphabets for Embroidering on Canvas, No. 36. ..1860s
A collection of 16 different trade catalogues for books and games published by Samuel Lowe Company(9 from the 1940s, 5 from the 1950s and 2 from the 1960s).  Includes painting and coloring books, games, toy books, general books, toy books and games, fall and Christmas books, Bonnie books, Sturdi-Bilt books, Doll books, Linen-Like books, Lolly Pop Easter stories, doll books, wheel toy books and more. The last catalogue May of 1962 is a folio with product line sheets including such items as sticker fun pack, clean slates, animated cartoon profiles, cloth books, paper doll books and much more.  The cover includes a lenticular eye where for the "O" in the word Lowe. With the exception of the last folio with approximately 40 sheets most are approximately 14 pp .  Each measures 11" x 8 1/2". . Concertina style booklet with 7 pages. Five (5) pages of upper case elaborate letters plus 2 pages of decorative element. No printer or publisher indicated. Measures 4 1/2" x 3".  Light foxing within; cover wear and repair. .
 Caledonia Country, Vermont Written Examination of Common School Teachers. L W Rowell (St. Johnsbury, VT).Caledonia Country, Vermont .May 6, 1883  Chief Yellow Thunder Lecturer, Indian Legend, Race and Antiquity of the American Indian. .Wisconsin Dells, Wis..1930
The printed questions for the written exam for common school teachers in Caledonia Country, Vermont. The took place on Saturday, May 6, 1883, and when from 9:30 AM to 2 PM. The printed exam starts by listing the regulations and standard of qualifications for the exam before continuing onto a section called 'General Questions', which is essentially the biographical information of the test taker. From the the exam is divided into four sections: Geography, Grammar, Arithmetic, and History. Each section has ten questions. Some examples of the questions asked are: Which as the greater area, Europe or the United States? Define Etymology. Compare goo, little, round, and honest. Divide .34 by .0034. Who would be President of the United States if the present chief magistrate should die? Printer Measures 9 1/2" x 5 1/4".. Original crease marks. Minor toning and staining due to age. A single-fold 7 3/8" x 4" brochure with an image from a photograph of the Chief Yellow Thunder in traditional attire on the front cover.  The grandson of the original Yellow Thumder. The brochure provides historical information on the Chief and the "Thunder Clan".  His topics for discussion include Race and Antiquity of the American Indian The Educated Indian and What He is Doing Religion of the Northern Indian The Indian Childhood The Indian Philosophy The Winnebago Indian of Wisconsin The Medicine Man Herb Practitioner Witch Craft Among American Indians The Indian Present Day Problems Indian Sign Language, Pictographs and Ideographs Missionary Work Among Indians Also includes testimonials and lists of clubs, organizations and institutions where he has appeared.  An additional leaflet indicates he has addressed religious congregations, student bodies of grade schools and institutions of higher learning, groups of Boy Scouts, Campfire Girls, clubs and others organizations. He boasts he makes an earnest effort to portray Matthew Arnold's interpretation of the word "lecture" in all of his appearances..
 Child's Picture Primer. Davis, Porters, Co.Philadelphia.c1865  Correspondence to Blanche Annis Leavitt, a Teacher from Belmont, NH. .Belmont, NY.1897 - 1911
16 pp (including covers) This is a primer meant for young children. It starts with the alphabet, printed in upper and lower case, and continues on to numbers and vowels, and eventually from sight words to small sentences, to short descriptions. There are thirteen hand colored engravings (including the cover illustration which is repeated later in the book). There is a rather unusual page towards the beginning of the primer. After the pages of the printed alphabet, but before the page showing numbers and vowels, there is a page of what appears to be random letters. At first glance, one would assume the letters are the consonants, (especially considering that the vowels are on the next page) however, there are several vowels among the letters. Additionally the letters appear to be in a random order. The image depicted on the page is of four Scottish men in kilts, brandishing swords.  OCLC- none (4/20/18).  Measures 10 1/4" x 6 1/2.. Cover and edge wear, particular at the corners. Fabric repair to binding, Toned and soiled due to age. Minor tears on paper's edges. Faint water stain at center of book throughout all pages (see pictures). Blanche Annis Leavitt (1881 - ?) was a teacher at Belmont Grammar School in in the early 1900s. The collection includes various correspondence and ephemera associated with her time at Belmont Grammar School, from her students to her co-workers, to her family. The bulk of the collection dates from 1901 - 1907, as Blanche would marry Ira Woodman Leavitt in 1907, and appears to have left the teaching profession. There is a total of forty-four (44) pieces in this collection: nine letters from students, four letters from family (mainly her nephews), five letters from friends, seven invites to various activities put on by students, and 19 pieces of ephemera (including 7 visiting cards). Collection is in chronological order. Items of note include: Teaching Certificate, December 1900 A handwritten teaching certificate awarded to Blanche Leavitt by E S Moulton, a member of the School Board of Belmont. New Hampshire Summer Institute for Teachers Program, August 1901 A 24 pp (including wrappers) program for the 8th annual Summer Institute session in Plymouth, NH from August 12-24, 1901. What was essentially an early teaching conference on education, there are lectures on drawing to arithmetic to psychology. The program lists each lesson available, the various transportation methods to get there, as well as a list of speakers. Courtship Letter, June 1903: Written by Clarence M Johnson, this letter describes a rather awful date he took Blanche on, when he took her for a drive. If appears as though nothing was on his side as the weather was terrible and Johnson spends most of the letter apologizing and asking to see her again. Kappa Sigma Fraternity Invite, February 1905 An invite from the Beta Kappa Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at New Hampshire College (later became New Hampshire University) for a dinner. What is especially of note is the beautiful engraving of the star and crescent symbol associated with the fraternity. There is also visiting card for a Robert M Wright included with the invite. Family Letter, May 1906 While the letter itself gossips about the family and friends they know, included with the letter is a 1901 Canadian penny. It was given to her to "fill up her bank" Various Letters from Students, circa 1906 - 1907 The majority of these seem to have been written after Blanche Leavitt has left the Belmont Grammar School. In general, the children write a little bit about their life and their new teacher, Ms. Hill. It is apparent in the letters that the children prefer Leavitt to their new teacher. To view this collection please click on the following link:
 Fairyland Sprites to Paint, Crayon and Cut-out. No 1202 - ABCs, Counting  and Paper Dolls.  1930  Fiesta Paper Dolls. Saalfield, ArtCraft, No. 1723.USA.c1960
Unnumbered pages.  Illustrated paper covers. The first section of the book provides coloring instructions on the left page and pages to color on the right.  Some pages are text explaining h which colors are to be uses; other are colored images mirroring the black and white images on the opposite page.  This section depicts whimsical fairy and anthropomorphic animal paper dolls costumes and accessories. The second section is counting down  animals  from 10 to 1.  The final section is an ABC of animals at the zoo.  Each with relevant caption. Some pages in full color others in black and white to color. Measures 7 3/4" x 10 1/2". 0 OCLC No online copies.  4/25/16.Like new condition. A 12 1/2" x 10 1/2" book with six (6) paper dolls to cut out from the the covers.  Each is dressed in Hispanic influenced attire.  Includes four (4) pages of festive traditional costumes to cut for the dolls.  Each garment is labeled with the country of origin.  The countries include Uruguay, Guatemala, Cuba, Costa Rica, Honduras, Argentina, Dutch Guiana, Paraguay, Ecuador, Columbia, panama, Mexico, Peru, Chili and Bolivia, .
 Friendship Album of Minnie Brutsche filled with Poems, Victorian Cutworks, and Flower Transfers. .New York.1884 - 1904  History of the Bible. Phinney & Co.Buffalo, NY.1857
A friendship album from the late 1880s belonging to Minnie Brutsche, a child of German immigrants. The album was given to Minnie by her aunt, Lena Brutsche. The album is full of notes, poems, and quotes from her friends and family. Approximately half the album is in German, including notes from her mother, father, and husband. There are several original acrostic poems that spell out Minnie's name throughout the album, one of which is in German. One note that at first glance appears to have been written by a child, was actually written by an 86 year old woman (she notes her age below her signature). There is even a pressed flower tucked in-between two of the pages. There are variety of illustrations in the album. There are two sketches done in pencil - one of a bunch of flowers, and the other of a sailing boat. Additionally there are three ink drawings of a dog, swan and an owl done by the same person. What is one of the more remarkable pieces of artwork in the album is a watercolor done by Minnie's brother-in--law, which features a theorem style floral design inside a decorative boarder with a quote. There are about 10 embossed Victorian cutwork scraps (many with wear), mainly floral designs. What is the real treasury in the album though are the floral transfers that can be found throughout. They range in size from about an 1 1/2" tall to 5", and there is just shy of a dozen of them scattered throughout the album.   Lastly, there are often short notes from Minnie herself. There are some notes regarding the relationship of the individual to herself, or their career (there are two notes with the phrase 'in candy business' added to them). Additionally Minnie sometimes traces a faded date or phrase. On the two notes written to Minnie by her brother-in-laws, she notes when they died and the age they were at the time of death. The covers are a tan crushed velvet, in a design meant to resemble an animal hide. The interior pages are gild-edged. Measures 8 1/4" x 5 14" To view the album, please click on the following link: The covers show some minor wear caused by rubbing, this is evident on the corners and the back strip. The binding is cracked in places and the pages are loose. There are also a few loose pages, but these appeared to have been cut out at one point and then inserted back into the album. 192 pp, blind stamp covers. A brief history of the bible originally intended for a juvenile audience. Along with the text there are nearly two dozen black and white illustrations, the majority of which are portriats of the interregnal figures of the bible. Such as Adam, Noah, Abraham and Joseph. There are approximately five illustrations of various scenes from the bible such as "Samson and the Lion" and "The Crucifixion." . Measures 2" x 1 3/4". Moderate cover and edge wear due to rubbing. The back strip shows heavy wear. The front cover is partially detached from the text. The last interior page (it's blank) has a water stain on it, as well an signature from a previous owner.
 House that Jack Built, Mark's Edition. John Lewis Marks.London.1848  Hut isch wider Fasenacht, wo-n-is d'Mutter Chuechli Bacht. n.d. Bern: A.. Francke,.
8 pp (including wrappers). The book features a poem loosely based on the nursery rhyme the House that Jack built. Illustrations are hand painted. The back cover has a list of other books sold by Marks. Date is inferred from previous owner's inscription. Measures 7" x 4 1/2". . Sewing repair on binding and for a 2" in tear on front cover. Inscription by previous owner. Minor foxing. Oblong, cloth backed pictorial paper-covered boards.  16 pages. 15 color illustrations Text in German.  Rich colors with fanciful illustrations throughout.  Fine color lithography throughout , picturebook style with caption at base of each page.  Measures 4" x 12"  Ink inscription on title page.
 John White and his Lottery Ticket-pair with make-do repairs. Merriam, Moore, & Co.New York.n.d.  Little Folks Series, Little BoPeep. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.c1870
12 pp. Printed soft cover, illustrations. A pair of books both John White and his Lottery ticket. One has hand sewn binding and repair with hand colored illustration on cover. The other has most of the cover missing but has a unique cloth hand sewn binding  attached. The story of John White, a formerly prosperous farmer, who tried to get rich quickly by buying a lottery ticket. He did not win but decided to try again and fro then on took to drinking, smoking, and hunting. He tried to get back on track but began drinking and gambling which led to a disastrous ending. 5 1/2" x 3". one book missing cover and hand sewn cloth spine, the other is colored in and hand sewn repairs and heavy staining, both have heavy wear, small tears on edges, inscribed 14 pp (including wrappers), yellow covers with printed litho illustrations. The design on the cover only uses two colors, red and green, while the interior pages' illustrations are in full color. The book tells an elaboration of the classic nursery rhyme "Little BoPeep". There is a total of six full page color illustrations. Measures 7 1/4" x 5 1/2". Cover show edge wear. Tape repair on spine. Binding is loose bit intact. General soiling and toning due to age.
 Manual Alphabet, used by the Deaf and Dumb; with notices of Laura Bridgman and Julia Brace, who are deaf, dumb and blind. . Kiggins & Kellog.New York.c1850  Mineral Slate Book No. 22. NY Silicate Boock Slate Co..New York,.1897
20 pp (paginated, including yellow wrappers) This book was meant to teach children the alphabet in sign language, so that they might communicate with their "unfortunate companions". There are a total of 29 woodcut illustrations figures depicting the alphabet in sign-language (this includes examples on the cover page). Additionally the chap book gives a the brief narration of the two most famous American deaf mutes of the 19th century, Laura Bridgman and Julia Brace. On the front cover it states, "Third series.--No 10". The date of this chap book is inferred by the address of the publishers, as Kiggins & Kellogg was located at 88 John St., New York, between 1849 and 1856. Measures 4 1/2" x 2 3/4" . Previous owner inscription on the interior front cover. Minor soiling and toning due to age. A 10 1/2" x 6 3/4" slate book with  with blind stamp title on cover. Includes 2 unnumbered leaves constructed into a book 6 pp. (Two leaves plus inside of covers).  Additional product information re copyright blind stamped back cover. .
 Mother Hubbard and her Dog, Marcus Ward's Royal Illuminated Nursery Rhymes. William P Nimmo.Edinburgh, Scotland.1873  Newcomb's Picture Stories, Scripture Series, No. 1 Creation. Clement & Packard.New York.1841
6 leaves (2 unnumbered text leaves, 4 unnumbered leaves of plates of color illustrations). Tells the classic poem of "Mother Hubbard and her Dog". One interior front and back cover is printed music for the poem. The four leaves of color illustrations are illuminated and each showcases a different verse of the poem. The images are captioned with phrases like "Ye Dame Bryngeth Hys Coffyn[sic]" and "Ye Doggie Readeth Ye News[sic]". Measures 7 3/" x 5 1/2". . Edge wear and toning due to age. Sewing repair to binding.  Inscription by previous owner. Back interior cover page has partially separated from the wrapper. 10 leaves. In verse. Hand colored. Tells the story of creation, how chaos became light, how animals and plants came to be, and eventually how man and woman were created. Each page has a hand colored engraving on it. On the back cover is a letter written direct to the parents of children that states, "We ask the aid of those parents who regard the highest interests of their offspring. And, in the beginning, we would remind them, that the success of the attempt depends very much on parents. If they will make the scenes here represented the subjects of frequent and familiar conversation with their children, filling up what is lacking in the instruction here communicated, they will ... increase very much the interest and value of the book." Measures 7 1/4" x 4 3/4".  OCLC  - 2 (March 2018) . Covers detached. Sewing repair to binding, though it is extremely loose. Soiled and toned due to age.
 Oriental "Show-You" Recipes. Oriental Show-You Company.Columbia City, Indiana.c1922  Over in the Meadow, A Handmade Counting Book - Animal Mothers and Babies. ..1940s
24 pp, red illustrated wrapper. This recipe book had easy recipes for which one could use canned Asian ingredients at home. The book starts with the way rice is cooked in Japan, and continues on to recipes for a variety of Chop-Suey sauces such as Plain Chop-Suey, Tomato Chop-Suey and Chinese Chop-Suey. While some of these recipes are variations of oriental recipes (Egg Foo-Young), majority of traditional dishes Americans in the 1920s would have been familiar with, but with an Asian twist. For example Japanese Pork Roast, Chicken Souffle, Oyster Cocktail Sauce, Salmon Croquettes and Fruit Salad. The Oriental Show-You Company was founded in 1918 in Detroit by Shinzo Ohki, a Japanese immigrant. The company imported shoyu, now more commonly known as soy sauce, and tea from China. In 1922  he moved his company to Columbia City, IN, and began bottling his own brand of shoyu, along with other Chinese foods such as canned mung bean sprouts, chow mein noodles, and chop suey. The company would be bought out in the 1960s by Beatrice Food Inc, and later La Choy Food Products. At its peak the company was making approximately 30,000 gallons of soy sauce per year. There are six black and white engravings placed through out the book, which always have at least one of the companies products features in the illustration. Measures 7 1/4" x 4 1/2". Minor fading on the bottom of the front cover due to light damage. Interior pages are toned due to age. A handmade counting book depicting a variety of animals. Each page features a new animal, a mother and her babies. The first page is a turtle and her one baby turtle. The second page is a mother fish and her two babies, the third an owl and her three babies, and so on and so forth until the reader reaches the count of ten. The images are drawn in charcoal. The book is bound by two metal rings. There is no biographical information on the author/maker of the book. Measures 15" x 11 1/2". To view this book, please click on the following link: Minor edge wear due to rubbing.
 School Record for the 6th School District in Woodbury, CT . ..1841-1896  Sketches of Revolutionary Worthies with Fine Portraits. Jonathan Grout, Jr..Worchester.
A manuscript journal recording all of the official actions of the school district beginning with the appointment of George N. Judson as moderator of the School Committee for 1841.  The record includes information on the appointment of committee members through the years and all activities related to the school building.  A primary focus is the acquisition of cords of wood; it begins by noting who it was purchased from and the price.  Bethlehem CT was added to the district in 1853.  In 1859 the committee added a committee member responsible for measuring the cord wood for accuracy. Also includes information on dates for summer seasons, hiring of teachers and taxes to support them, acquiring a new stove, voting for repairs and more.  In 1881 voted to lay a new ash floor with pine walls and overhead. At that time an audit report was also released by the committee (not included). A request for taxs to pay for school house running lines. Last record 1896.  Measures 8" x 6 1/2". A good resource for community leaders, cost and type of wood in the Woodbury CT area, . 24 pp. Yellow pictorial paper cover, frontispiece, four portrait illustrations. The Revolutionary Worthies and portraits depicted are George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Roger Sherman with an additional portrait of Mrs. Washington.  A brief biography with insight into what made them Worthies. 4 1/4" x 3 1/2". wear on cover, foxing throughout
 The Book of the Nations, containing the descriptions of the Costumes and Customs of Foreign Countries. Clark, Austin, and Smith.New York.1855  The Brawnville Papers, being Memorials of the Brawnville Athletic Club, edited by Moses Coit Tyler. Fields, Osgood & Co.Boston.1869
191 pp. Decorated red cloth binding. Miniature book. A charming book that details the costumes and manors of different culture and time periods. While the book is not a scientific text book by any means, it attempts to be as thoroughly detailed as possible in its descriptions. The book is divided up into forty-five (45) categories, such as Russians and Spaniards. In some places it is divided up further into sub categories such as Persian Gentleman, and Persian Lady, or English Labourer (sp) of the Fifteenth Century and English Lady of the Fifteenth Century. Each section also comes with a picture of the people it's describing. With the frontispiece, there are a total of forty-six (46) wood cut engravings, black and white illustrations. There is one printer's mistake between the table of contents and the chapter titles. In the Contents, "English Gentleman of the Eighteenth Century", on pages 164 and 168 is repeated, while the actual chapter on page 168 is "English Lady  of the Eighteenth Century." Measures 3 1/4" x 2 3/4". Covers show minor wear, particularly edge wear, due to rubbing. There is  stain on the back cover. An inscription by a previous owner is on the front interior cover. Interior pages show minor foxing and soiling due to age. 215 page book, with gilt stamped covers. Twelve essays written on the subject of 'physical culture'. First appeared as articles in the Herald of Health Journal. While it might have first have been indended to be essays on 'physical culture' these articles have snowballed into commentary on life, as well as memoirs of the Brawnville Althletic Club. Measures 7 x 5 1/4".. Edge wear, partially on the spine. The book is missing one page, it is evident that it was torn from the book. However it appears to have been the blank page before the title page. There is a small stain on the top corner of the first 25 pages or so, does not affect readability,
 The Cats Party, Dame Dingle's Series. McLoughlin.New York.1869  The coming of Santason. Santason, Inc..Chicago.1928
8 pgs. wraps. An illustration and rhyming verse on each page. The story of  anthropomorphic cats planning and executing a party with all it's trials and tribulations.  Concludes with a Moral.   The reverse of the pages are blank and a child has created (traced) an outline of the image on the reverse page--a charming touch.  Front cover depicts dancing cats while the back cover promotes Indestructible Toy Books by McLoughlin.  Measures 9" x 5 3/4".  OCLC -5 on 6/5/17. Cover wear with  two corner chips on cover. 30pp . wraps. 9 full page relevant color illustrations (1 is centerfold).  Illustrations by Helen Chamberlin.  The story of Santa Claus' desire to have a son when he suddenly appeared in the room.  He named him SANTASON who behaved and performed perfectly, just as Santa would.  Well accepted by the elves, especially SOLEM-NOME, DROLL-DOLL-NOME and DRESS-UPNOME.  They celebrate with a totem pole dance and a party.  SANTASON helped with preparation of toys and eventually Santa asked his son to accompany him on Christmas Eve.  Santa surprised SANTASON with a new plane and life was good... The story concludes with the author suggesting that children embrace and love SANTASON as much as they love Santa. (Guess it didn't catch on...) The back cover indicates it was given as a souvenir at SANTASON’S first visit to America by The Rike-Kumler Company. Dayton OH.  Measures 9 1/4" x 6".  OCLC - 1. The Rike-Kumler Company was a department store in Dayton Ohio.
 The Mother's Assistant and Child's Friend, July, 1856, Vol. XXXI No. 1 . ..1856  The Mother's Assistant and the Young Ladies Friend, January 1855, Vol. IX No. 1. Stone & Halpine..1855
32 pp. Printed soft cover, illustrations, plates. A journal for children which includes readings, music, poems, and plates. This specific journal features a plate and writing on the Resurrection of Lazarus, a Summer Song, a writings on Indiscriminate Novel-Reading, What is Family Religion?, Christian Sympathy, and My Mother. . edge wear, toning, inscribed 35 pp. Printed soft cover, illustrations, plates. A journal featuring writings, plates, and music. This Volume features a New Years Address, a plate and reading on Christ Preaching on the Mount, writings entitled The Family Constitution, Honor Your Parents, Mary's Grave, Books for Parents, and The New Year's Wish. 10" x 6". toning, edge wear and chips
 The Schoolmaster, a Favorite Glee for Three Voices, As sung at the Salem Glee Club. C Bradlee.Boston.1834  The Tadwinkle Twins. stapled binding, some wear on spine 1921
4 pages, This song helps children to remember their ABCs. There are five versus to the song, teaching the alphabet and how to pronoun the different common sounds of some letters, such as "B A Ba".  Measures 13 1/2" x 9 3/4". Toned and soiled due to age. Tape repair on binding and edges along tears. Inscribed with page numbers 229- 231. 10 unnumbered pp, color illustrated paper cover, "Linentex". Illustrated in both color and black and white. The story of twins encountering elves in wood and shrinking to small size  Measures 9" x 7 1/2".   stapled binding, some wear on spine
 Uncle Sam's ABC Book, Printed in Linen, 1897. W.B. Conkey Company.Chicago ; New York.1897 "Kalaka", Promoting Carpooling Poster
12 pp unpaginated book printed on linen. Two color illustrations(red and blue) on wrappers; alphabet and words printed in color, accompanied by black and white illustrations. A delightfully charming ABC book which pairs each letter with three words, as well as using creative illustration to include each object in the drawing. For example A is for Acorn, Axe, and Angler; B is for Bicycle, Boy, and Balloon, etc. Measures 6 1/2" x 4 1/2". OCLC 1 - (3/2017). Book has wear and fraying. Pages are soiled and toned. The color accented ink (mostly red) has started to bleed through the pages. The blue ink has faded oddly in some areas. Printed by the US Department of Transportation in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration, the Advertising Council and the Pima Association of Governments. The poster plays off the story of Noah's Ark, and the idea that he was the first carpooler. The poster states "We Have it on High Authority that Sharing the Ride is a very good idea. Kalaka "Babylonian for Carpool". The poster is colorfully illustrated with a wooden ark pairs of animals in various colors. On the ground by the ark is a illustration of Noah, in a yellow rain coat and boots. Semi-gloss paper. Measures 22" x17".
"Proctor" Engraving from the History of the University of Cambridge 10 Little Negroes
10 Little Negroes
Price: $300.00
This engraving features a man in a dark robe standing by a desk holding a book by a chain handle. This engraving has been colored with brown accents for the desk's wooden legs and the clasps on the book. The artwork was done by Thomas Uwins and engraved by J. Agar. This engraving was from Rudolph Ackermann's book "History of the University of Cambridge, Its Colleges, Halls, and Public Building" published in 1815 by L. Harrison and J.C. Leigh. Measures 13 1/4" x 10 1/2". Red cloth backed pictorial boards. Pictorial end papers.  Unpaginated.  Illustrations and text by Trier.  Stereotypical imagery.  The story about how Ebony, the mother continues to add young boys to her family by acquiring them along the way.  At the end there are ten and unlike the original ending where they all disappear, they form a football (soccer) team and live on happily.  Measures 10" x 7".
2 Handmade Photo and Verse Travelog & Primer- Manuscript pen and ink with illustrations. .Cushing ME.1905-1906 A Big Temptation
A Big Temptation
Price: $75.00
The two albums appear to be the memories of a group of close friends, both male and female, vacationing in Maine in 1905 and 1906. Manuscript written in rhyming verse with applied photos and occasional drawings. Creative and whimsical. Album One -  38 leaves with content on both sides of page.  All of the photos are blue toned and printed on lightweight paper.  The cover has an an angled circular cut out of men on a sailboat captioned "Cushing Me. 1905".  The drawing on the first page depicts a pastor marrying ten couples simultaneously.  It is captioned "According to the cards my friends The gang will all be wed; And settled very happily 'Within a two' t'is said."  Relevant photos and verses as the author weaves her way through the events of the trip including tales of two wretched boys who started the berry patch on fire, speculations on courtship and matrimony among the gang, a Candy Pull and The Story of the Longest Day. "The girls may have no follwers While staying at the shore, The boys have "pick up's" right along They all have girls galore. One day the boys were  hunting, For to catch the stealthy clam; We girls sat round in bunches, All waiting for The Man." Album Two - 26 leaves. Gray tone photos and drawings predominantly verso. Verses facing. Titled 'The Gang Primer (7/24-7/31) 1906. An ABC style narrative telling their tales. "J - Jack and Jill, a comedy played In one act, by Edith, our musical maid; She'd been to the spring for water, you see, And returning, tripped on the root of a tree.  The water came first, then pail, then Jill, The only thing lacking was Jack in the spill". "R stands for Rifle -- The gang used them well, It takes Jessie, so steady To make the shots tell". Both with ribbon ties The larger (1906) measures 6" x 9". . No. 1948. 48 pp. with pictorial litho on board book. In-text and full page gray-tone illustrations throughout.  Content includes Kurus: The King of the Cannibal Islands, The Other Carews and The Big Temptation. 6 1/4" x 8 1/2".
A grouping of Three (3) Drawing Books by Ethel Pratt c1910. 1910 A History of Birds. For the Use of Children, Blue.   Rufus Merrill Concord, NH 1843
Three (3) carefully constructed homemade books with pencil drawn sketches of the day to day life of one young girl, Ethel Pratt. The books appear to span a period of time beginning when a young talented girl created simple naive sketches, some embellished with crayon. A loose page depicts a young girl reading a book to a bunny with other rabbits looking on. Others depict her friends, often with dolls. One scene shows a horrified young girl watching a dog carrying her dolly away. As she matures the drawing become more complex and boys begin to appeal.. 8 pp. Blue printed paper cover, chap book, illustrated. The History of Birds contains illustrations of birds with brief descriptions including common birds like owl, swan, and eagle but also less common such as hoopoe and guillemot. 3 1/2" x 2" inscribed, title page torn
A History of Birds. For the Use of Children, yellow.   Rufus Merrill Concord, NH 1843 A Lady of Cincinnati The Child's Bible. with plates. Fisher & Brother.Philadelphia.1834
8 pp. Yellow printed paper cover, chap book, illustrated. The History of Birds contains illustrations of birds with brief descriptions including common birds like owl, swan, and eagle but also less common such as hoopoe and guillemot. 3 1/2" x 2" inscribed in pencil to student from teacher, some staining on cover 192 pp, embossed cloth board covers. Miniature book. Stereotyper: Joseph A James  Written by a 'lady of Cincinnati', this item is a rendition of the bible simplified for a child audience. There are 27 beautifully detailed  black and white illustrations in the book. Inscribed on end paper front cover  and was given to a student by their teacher (Reward of Merit ?). There is a a lock of hair inserted in-between two pages (68 & 69). Measures 2" x 1 3/4". Covers are soiled and have a few stains. In particular there is one on the front cover. Covers are partially separated from the text block. Interior pages are toned and slightly soiled due to age. Missing last page (191-192)
A Little Pickle No. 1395 Nister, c1905,  Miniature Book, Little & Good Library Series A Teacher's Gift.  Asa Bullard Taggard & Thompson Boston 1863
12 pp miniature book.  It is A Little Pickle. No. 1395. c1905.  One of the books from The Little & Good Library Series. . 48 pp. Brown blind stamped hard cover, frontispiece, illustrations. Moral stories for children with religious education and hymns mixed in. Some story titles include "A Teacher's Gift" " Flowers and Weeds" "Things that have Wings" and "The Penknife" 4 1/2" x 3" inscribed, binding loose, water stain on cover
A Walk in the Hay-Fields .H & E Phinney . Cooperstown . c1830s ABC Book
ABC Book
Price: $55.00
16 pp. wrapper with 10 woodcuts. Tells the story of a boy's walk through a farmer's fields and the animals and sights he encounters along the way. There is sewing repair on the binding, as well as general soiling on the cover, some foxing on the pages. Measures 3 1/4" x 2". No. 923. Large format ABC picture book with cover illustrations of bookseller with children curiously looking through his wares.  Picture book with illustrations K for Kangaroo, S for Seasaw, Z for Zebra. Measures 10" x 14"
ABC Rhymes Adomeit, Ruth My Favorite Story Book, with illustrations. Fisher & Bro, Fisher & Denison.Philadelphia, PA.c1850
ABC Rhymes
Price: $50.00
8vo. 14 pp. on linen. Alphabet text page with corresponding illustrations for four (4) alphabet letters on another page. K is for Kakadu, kangaroo, kiosk and kabyl--all of which are depicted in the illustatration 192 pp. Cloth stamped boards.  Miniature book. Wood-cut drummer boy frontisepiece.  This book has several short stories along with over a half a dozen charming black and white illustrations to go along with. A list of the stories found within are as follows: Little Joseph the Child of the Sea, The Bishop and his Birds, Grace Greenwood The Power of a Word, The Christmas Sheaf, Even a Child May Do Something, A Safe House to Sleep In, A Pleasure for A Child, The Ragged Boy, The Bishop's Place of Prayer, The Bear, What the Ostrich Can Eat, A Word with a Beautiful Meanings, Keeping the Rain Off, A Incident at Fort Sumter, Artlessness, and Those Boys. The stories showcase good deeds and morals for children to learn. Measures 2 1/4" x 2".. Covers show some wear, mostly on the edges due to rubbing. The embossed covers have faded, and therefore it is hard to tell the design.
Adventures of Henny Penny and Her Friends, Aunt Louis's Big Picture Book Series. McLoughlin Brothers. New York, NY. c1870s Agnes BondThe Magic LambMerry-Day House, Inc.New York.1946
A 12 page picture book. It is paginated, however, since only the text pages are numbered, the page count only goes up to six. It is apart of the "Aunt Louis's Big Picture Book" series.  Tells the story of 'Henny Penny', a hen, and her adventures with her friends as she tries to make her way to the king to tell him the sky is falling. Opposite of the text pages, there are wonderfully and detailed, full color illustrations, which are most likely chromolithographs. The back cover has several  publisher's advertisements on it , and list of other picture books within the series. Covers are partially detached and show heavy edge wear and some soiling. There is also an inscription on the top of the front cover that says "Alice, from you Aunt Susan, Dec. 25th 1876". Binding is loose, but intact, and the interior have slight staining due to the deterioration of the illustrations. Measures 10 3/4" x 9 3/4". unpaginated. Printed color illustrated board over cloth spine, color illustrated end papers, color and two-tone (red and black) illustrations by Judy Varga. Little Bobby could not find his sheep. He was sad because his family was poor and would not be able to eat if they could not sell the wool from the sheep. He found a baby lamb and fed it his dinner (red beets), in the morning the snow white lamb had turned red and the little wool he had increased and made a scarf. Each night they fed the lamb a different food and each morning the lamb made a different color scarf until spring time when he ate the fresh grass and flowers and something extra special happened. 7 3/4" x 10". some discoloration
Agnes RichardsonPam and PeterDean and Son, LTD.Englandn.d. ca. 1930's Alf. Chas. Moss and Ellwood L. NewHard Polyglot Opera.  H.M.S. Pinafore, Burlesque Translation in Pennsylvania German. Allen W. Haines .Allentown.1901
Applied illustrated color hard cover, color frontispiece plus five plates, illustrations throughout, Dean's Gold Medal Books No. 1. Stories by Agnes Richardson and Mabel M. Stevenson, Illustrated by Nora M. Birch and Agnes Richardson. Other books in the Series: 1-Pam and Peter 2-All Out 3-Storytime 4-Friends All. An assortment of short stories for children. 10" x 7 3/4" 16 pp. wraps. Advertisements precede and follow text pages. Includes the translation of the H.M.S. Pinafore oder "Das Maedle un Ihr Sailor Kerl, 'N translation fum dem bekannte Opera.   In two acts. Although the opera is in Pennyslvania German, the advertisements are in English.  Measures 9" x 6". .
Alfred Guttmann and Karl Lutge Kinder Lieder [Children's Songs]. Deutscher Arbeitersängerbund [German Workers' Singing Association].Berlin.1926 Alice Crew Gall . Mother McGrew and Cordelia Clam: Book No. 9. The Goldsmith Publishing Co. Cleveland. 1918
24 pp, Kinder Lieder: Erstes Heft, zwei- und mehrstimmige lieder und Kanons für kleine und große kinder, which roughly translates to: First Edition, two- and three-part songs and canons for young and old children. The front cover is printed in two colors, with the title and border design in blue and a line drawing of three children of varying ages singing in red. Each song in the book also has illustrations depicting the song. Some of the songs in this book are: Alle Vögel sind schon da [All the Birds Are Already Here], A, B, C, die Katze lief im Schnee [A, B, C, The Cat Ran in the Snow], Ein Männlein steht im Walde [A Little Man Stands in the Forest], and Der Kuckuck und der Esel [The Cuckoo and The Donkey].  In German. Measures 9 1/2" x 6 1/2'.. Minor toning and soiling due to age. The book starts with a brief overview of the series stating: "Mother McGrew gave many sharp lessons to our animal friends, and these stories and pictures tell  how it happened to them and why! ... each [story] impresses a fact about good manners." This particular book tells the story of Cordelia Clam, and how whenever she felt like it she would refused to speak and instead pout, and what Mother McGrew did to teach her a lesson. It is written by Alice Crew Gall, with whimsical and beautifully colored illustrations by Lee Wright Stanley. The book has missing surface litho on the spine, as well as an inscription by a previous owner on the front cover. The pages are lightly toned due to age.
Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  Lewis Carroll Rand McNally & Co Chicago 1951 An Address before the Emma Willard Association and  a collection of School work by Helen Harrison Hadley (nee Morris) from her time at Vassar College
Applied board cover, Rand McNally book-Elf book, abridged by Marion E. Gridley, full color illustrations by Janice Holland. The story of a young girl, Alice, and her adventures in Wonderland. 8" x 6 1/2" wear on cover, discoloration on pages, a few tears This grouping or 21 works begins with an address made by Helen Harrison Hadley  to the Emma Willard Association at their annual banquet in November 1901. The Association’s mission was to unite the graduates of the Troy Seminary in a friendly alliance, and to co-operate in promoting the cause of higher education among women. Emma Willard was an American women's rights activist who dedicated her life to education who founded the first school for women's higher education, the Troy Female Seminary in Troy, New York. Hadley was a member of this association, and it unknown if she gave this address or simple kept a copy of it. The address starts: “Our daughters cannot advantageously be medieval at the present day…. Time was when the right to study earnestly, to think intelligently, to base one’s daily action on reason and self-control, was reserved for men; but that is not more.”  Includes a written and typed copy of the address. Additionally, this offering includes a collection of 18 additional writings of Hadley. The bulk of the materials are 14 school assignment in essay format Hadley wrote for various courses during her time at Vassar. These assignments ranged from essays to short story telling, to book reports to her answer to a test. Most of the assignments have been graded in red pen and often start with an outline before the essay. Helen would graduate Vassar in 1883. Below are the titles of the Assignments: "Are Woman Inferior to Men?" "Nicaragua" (which describes her cousins trip there) "The Wit and Wisdom of Children" x2 "People and their Hobbies" "Having a Picture Take" "The Two Portraits of Shakespeare" "The Use and Abuse of Policy" x2 "The Word Painting in "A Princess of Thule ", a novel by W. Black "Advertising and it Oddities" "Swift: Shall We Pity or Despise Him?" "A Brother and Sister" Test The essays present an interesting view as to the character and beliefs of Ms. Hadley.   Helen would graduate Vassar in 1883, and marry Arthur Twining Hadley in 1891. Arthur would become the 13th President of Yale in 1899. It would appear that for the summer of 1899, Helen spent the majority of the time in New Haven, helping her husband settle into his new role, while a caretaker looked after her three children: her two sons Morris and Hamilton, and her new born daughter, Laura, at the family farmstead in Sandy Hook, CT. There are four letters from that time which are essential reports to Helen on how her children are doing. The four letters are held together by a blue ribbon, most of which has become detached. Another item in this collection is a letter from Edward G Fullerton, a graduate student in the Divinity School at Yale. It appears that he had broken his leg, and Helen had loaned him her copies of the Century Magazine which help to “while away very pleasantly several hours of [his] imprisonment”. The letter continues on to discuss the fact that Fullerton misses seeing the starts at the Yale Observatory. What is truly remarkable about this letter is the pen drawing done by Fullerton, showing him walking with crutches in a cast. To view this collection please click on the following link: 
An Advertising Booklet for the Children's Series My Bookhouse. The Book House for Children. Chicago. 1920 An Object Lesson for Nursery Folk - Dolls on Cover 1885
An advertising booklet for the 5 book series entitled 'My Book House", edited by Olive Beaupre Miller. The five books in the series were entitled: 'Into the Nursery', 'Up One Pair of Stairs', 'Through Fairy Halls', 'The Treasure Chest', and 'From the Tower Window'. The series was a selection of the "best available stories and poems for children up to the age of fourteen, graded according to age and illustrated with remarkable beauty." This booklet features an excerpt from each of the five books in the series with several illustrations from each book as well. At the end of the booklet there is information on how to purchase the series along with the advertising phrase: "My Bookhouse Makes its Appeal to Childhood Because Into it is Woven the Spirit of Childhood." The cover has a small intact tear at the binding, along with a small missing piece along the bottom edge. So of the colored ink used in the illustrations have stained the opposite page. This listing is an unpaginated picture book on board.  It is An Object Lesson for Nursery Folk.  New York Book Company.  New York.  No date. c1885.  The cover illustration is an image of two dolls, one a maid, standing in front of a hutch. The interior pages includes images of different fruits, vegetables and other foods, candies, sewing supplies, toys including a golliwog and writing materials. Measures 6 5/8" x 8".  Published in Bavaria.
Andrew Lang. The Yellow Fairy Book. Grosset & Dunlap.New York. Animal Children
Animal Children
Price: $125.00
339 pp. Tan cloth cover with stamped yellow type, color printed dust jacket, illustrated end papers, frontispiece, illustrations by H.J. Ford, reverse of dust jacket has listing of Books for Boys and Girls. A collection of tales from around the world. Titles include, The Six Swan, The Wizard King, In the Land of Souls, The Flower Queen's Daughter, Big Klaus and Little Klaus, and A Story about a Darning Needle. 7 1/2" x 5 1/4". dust jacket wore with multiple tears, In original box. 95pp. Illustrated litho on boards. Rhyming verses by named animals with color illustrations of animal child on each page. Illustrated end papers. Measures 6 1/4" x 9 1/4".
Ann Lange The Eskimo Store. wear on cover edges, slightly loose binding,  1950 Anna Letitia Barbauld. Hymns for Children in Prose, by Mrs. Barbauld. S Babock.New Haven, CT.c1837
28 unnumbered pp. color illustrated applied cover, blue. Story about two Alaskan girls preparing for Christmas, contains color and black and white illustrations by Gladys Rourke Blackwood. Copyright 1948.  Measures 10 1/4" x 8 1/4". wear on cover edges, slightly loose binding, 8 pp chap book. It has an illustrated green printed wrapper, with string tied binding.  The author, Anna Letitia Barbauld, was a prominent English poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, and children's author. Her two most influential books for children were "Lessons for Children" and "Hymns in Prose for Children" as they were considered revolutionary in children’s literature as the books gave special for the consideration given to the needs of the child reader. Barbauld demanded that her books be printed in large type with wide margins so that children could easily read them and, even more importantly, she developed a style of “informal dialogue between parent and child” that would dominate children’s literature for a generation. Her work has even said to have not only influenced the poetry of William Blake and William Wordsworth. This particular edition is a part of a collection of 'Toy Book' published by S Babcock, and is a selection of the Hymns published in the original volume.   Measures 2 7/8" x 1 7/8".
Anne RochesterJane and JeremyTHe Standard Art Book Co. Ltd.London Anne Wurth, Fern Bisel Peat (Illustrator)Rag Doll Susie and Her Adventures on Laughing IslandSaalfield PublCo..AkronO.1939
Applied illustrated cover, board cover, "Puck Book, fully illustrated by author Anne Rochester. The story of Jane and Jeremy who fell asleep by the stream and 'awoke' to two winged little people. They were taken on a grand adventure to a country called Adream where they spent the day flying, eating, sleeping over in dandelion beds, and meeting royalty. 9 1/2" x 7 1/4". wear on edges, personal library stamp in front cover Illustrated softcover.  Unpaginated.  Begins with two page topigraphical map of Laughing Island and neighboring land masses. This is followed by the title page.  Full page illustrations throughout plus numerous in-text black and white illustarations . Dear imagery of humanized dolls on their adventure. Measures 10 1/4" x 9 1/4".. Penciling and ink inscription inside covers and blank free end paper  Previous owner attempting to learn his street address...
Art Tanchon - Illustrator Circus Day - Cut-out Book No. 135.. Stephens Publishing.Sandusky, OH.n.d. c1950s. August KopischDie Heinzelmännchen (The Brownies)Mainzer Verlagsanstalt und Druckerei.Mainz.
6 page paper doll book with heavy stock covers.  Paper dolls printed on back cover.  Each character has a page of costumes and accessories.  They include Bosco the Bear,  Monk (monkey), Elmer the Elephant, George the Giraffe and Laffie "the Clown.  The final costume page is the circus ring and animal cars. Measures 10 1/2" x 10 3/4".. unpaginated. Printed color applied cover over cloth spine, entirely in German, black and white and color illustrations throughout by Fritz Baumgarten. Brownies (elves) took care of all the chores in the town of Cologne while everyone was asleep. 8" x 9 1/2". written in German, wear on cover,
Aunt Louisa's Big Picture Series: Cock Robin. McLoughin Brothers.New York.c1870 Aunt Louisa's London Toy Books, Edith and Milly's Housekeeping
24 pp (including wrappers). There are six full page color illustrations. The book tells the story of how the cock robin died, and the funeral the rest of the woodland creatures gave him. The story is told in verse. The illustrations are beautifully done, utilizing a solid black background to emphasize the colors in the foreground of the illustrations. Measures 10 1/2" x 9". Some edge wear, and missing surface litho. Front cover missing some small pieces of the corner. Sewing repair on spine. General soiling and toning due to age. One interior page has a tear, approximately 3 inches long, but it does not impact the text on the page. 6 leaves and 6 leaves of color illustrations plates. Yellow illustrated litho covers. Tells the story of Milly and Edith as they explore an ornate dollhouse that Milly got for her birthday. Illustrations are detailed and rich in color. Under each plate is printed “Kronheim & Co, London.”  Joseph Martin Kronheim (1810–1896) was a German-born lithographer and wood engraver known for founding Kronheim & Co. and working with George Baxter to create the ‘Baxter process’ of creating prints, which used zinc instead of wood blocks, which reduced the amount of time needed to complete prints, but resulted in a less shiny finish. Date comes from inscription on cover, however there is also a publisher's advertisement on the back cover which cites a review dated December 1865. A part of the Aunt Louisa's London Toy Books series. Measures 10 1/2"x 9"
Aunt Martha's Corner Cupboard, or Stories about Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Rice, Etc Beatrice Bradshaw Brown. A Paris Pair: Their Day's Doings? E.P. Dutton & Co. New York. 1923
153 pp, stamped cloth over board covers. This book is a collection of ten short stories told by Aunt Martha to her rambunctious two nephews. The stores are meant to be educational, yet fun. The stories center around the things found in Aunt Martha's cupboard, and relate the history of the item. The ten stories are entitled: The Corner Cupboard, The Story of the Tea-Cup , How the Tea-Cup Was Finished, The Story of the Tea, The Story of the Sugar, The Story of the Coffee, The Story of the Salt, The Story of the Currants, The Story of the Needle, The Story of the Cotton, The Story of the Rice, and The Story of the Honey. There are forty-seven (47)  black and white engravings,the subjects of which range from landscapes, to people, to animals, to maps. The front cover has a stamped illustration of Aunt Martha's cupboard. Measures 7" x 5 1/2" 59 pp. Applied illustrated cover over cloth spine, color illustrations by Barbara Haven Brown. A story of brother and sister, Jean and Jeanette, and their daily routine. A poem begins with the time of day, beginning with eight o'clock and is then followed by an illustrated page. The day ends with twenty o'clock. Occasionally words written in French. 6 1/4" x 9 1/4".  staining, binding, sewn inner binding has come apart
Bernard H Martin and William L. Martin Jr.. Silver Stallion, Sequel to Lighting: A Cowboy's Colt. Tell Well Press.Kansas City, MO.1949 Best in Children's Books, 40..   Nelson Doubleday, Inc New York 1960
29 pp. (unpaginated) children's book, tells the story of Danny Morgan, his cousin Melissa, and their friend Eagle, an Indian boy, as they solve the mystery of the phantom silver stallion. Called a "corking good story", it is chalk full of vibrantly colored, or charming black and white illustrations on nearly every page. A must for any child horse lover. Measures 10 3/4" x 8". Both the board covers and the dust jacket show edge wear, particularly on the lower end of the back strip. There is a small piece of missing surface litho on the back of the dust jacket as well as a small stain. The covers themselves have a several small stains on the lower corners. Interior pages are fine. 160 pp. Pink applied stamped cover with printed dust jacket, illustrations and pictures throughout-style varies depending on story. A collection of children's stories by various authors, this volume (40) includes: With Dorothy in Oz by L. Frank Baum, Roger and the Fox by Lavinia R. Davis, The Wishes retold by Sara Cone Bryant, Let's Go to Scandinavia, Page, Squire and Knight by Eva March Tappan, Plants to Have Fun With by Millicent E. Selsam, Master of all Masters retold by Joseph Jacobs, The Fountain of Youth retold by James Baldwin, Mr. Murdle's Large Heart by Margery Williams Bianco, A Farmyard Song, Ulysses S. Grant: The General Who Hated War by Smith Burnham, and Prehistoric Animals of North America. 8 3/4" x 5 3/4" slight wear on dust jacket
Betty S. FixThe Adventures of Idabell and Wakefield: Dolls Around the World, Volume 4The Crosby HouseOklahoma1946 Betty S. FixThe Adventures of Idabell and Wakefield: Through a Child's WIndow, Volume 5.The Crosby HouseOklahoma1946
32 pp. Blue hard cover, color and black and white illustrations, black and white illustrated end papers, each page has decorative borders, illustrations by Edith E. Buhler, part of the Idabell and Wakefield Adventures. Each section has a color illustration of a doll in a country's traditional dress and a letter from the doll. 11 1/4" x 9 1/4" 65 pp. Blue hard cover, color and black and white illustrations, black and white illustrated end papers, verses and pictures by Mary Signe Baravalle, part of the Idabell and Wakefield Adventures. Short verses accompanied by illustrations on a variety of topics such as fairies, siblings, travel, nature, and childhood activities. 11 1/4" x 9 1/4"
Betty S. FixThe Adventures of Idabell and Wakefield: What Would You Do?, Volume 2 The Crosby HouseOklahoma1946 Bird Children
Bird Children
Price: $125.00
32 pp. Blue hard cover, color and black and white illustrations, black and white illustrated end papers, Verse collaboration by Betty S. Fix and Sue Amsden Parker, Illustrated by Kenneth McLellan and assisted by Miriam Morgan Cooper. Part of the Idabell and Wakefield Adventures. Idabell and Wakefield discuss rules and good behavior, for example, virtuous behavior, talking to strangers, crossing the street, covering mouths when sneezing, and hygiene. 11 1/4" x 9 1/4" In original box. 95pp. Illustrated Hard Cover. Rhyming verses by named birds with color illustrations of bird child on each page. From Sir Rook to Sandpipers and Petrol Charming imagery Illustrated end papers. Book in very good condition. Measures 6 1/4" x 9 1/4".
Blinky Bill Book of Birds
Blinky Bill
Price: $125.00
Book of Birds
Price: $70.00
25 pp. litho on board book with three (3) die-cut pops. First text page titled "Blinky Bill"  Story of a discontented koala bear.   Pop-ups include "Blinky with Frogs, Blinky at Miss Prim refreshments and Blinky in the Peppermints.  In-text black and white illustrations.  Measures 7 1/2" x 7 3/4". 16 pp. booklet with original yellow paper wraps with 9 woodcut illustrations. Nine (9) identified illustrations include Lyre Bird, swallow, Boat Bill, Roseate Spoon bill, Blue Jay, Hoopoe, Robin, Belted Kingfisher and doves. Accompanied by narrative description and rhyming verse.  2 3/4" x 4 1/2" chapbook. Make-do sewing repair along back strip.
Bow-wow Stories Brandon Walsh Little Annie Rooney Wishing Book.  Light separation and edge tears cover. 1932
Bow-wow Stories
Price: $90.00
Large format picture story book with rhyming verse and associated imagery, featuring anthropomorphic or dressed animals.  Includes in-text line drawings and full page color illustrations.  Color illustrations depict dogs riding bicycles, a robber dog attacking a robber kitten with a club. inquisitive dogs trying to open a bottle of champagne, the dog Dame Hubbard cradling a kitten while watching Old Dog Tray play the flute. Numerous other whimsical verses and illustrations. Measures 9" x 13 3/4". Light edge wear. Strong color. 16 unnumbered pp, illustrated card stock, no. 282. Forward by author. A book for boys and girls about wishes and imagination.  Two-color drawings by Darrel McClure with rhyming text on blue pages,  Measures 13" x 9 3/4".   Light separation and edge tears cover.
Brothers GrimmSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs: A Tale from the Brothers Grimm Translated by Randall JarrellFarrar, Straus and Giroux.New York.1972 Bunty
Price: $110.00
unpaginated. Black stamped cloth cover, no dust jacket, color illustrated end papers, color illustrations by Nancy Ekholm Burkert. The classic story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs translated by Randall Jarrell. A beautiful Snow White is forced to flee her stepmother's anger and finds herself caring for dwarves deep in the forest. 12" x 9 1/2". no dust jacket 25 pp. litho on board book with three (3) die-cut pops. First text page titled "The Story of Bunty.   Pop-ups include "Here I am Bunty",  Punch and Judy and Bunty with a policeman.  In-text black and white illustrations.  Measures 7 1/2" 7 3/4".
Burges Johnson Pictorial Review Theater - Cut-out Play No. IV - Cinderella with narrative and stage instructions.. Pictorial Review.New York.Feb. 1914 C Williams Child's Natural History of Birds. Loomis and Peck .Philadelphia.1847
Two (2) 16" x 11" sheets from the Feb. 1914 edition of  Pictorial Review.  Grace G. Drayton Illustrator. The first page is seven (7) captioned characters from Cinderella to be cut out.  Self stands. On the previous page is the narrative for “Cinderella - A Story Play to Accompany the Cut-out Pictures on the Opposite Page”.  Written in two scenes with extensive dialogue and stage directions for each character.  This is followed by a note beginning Dear Children: Here is your chance to play "Cinderella" in a real theater, with Actor people to move about on a real stage"...   The reverse of the character page  has an advertisement and instructions on how to acquire the actually Pictorial Review theater for the price of One Dollar.. Irregular margins. 191 pp. Decorated red cloth binding with gilt stamp of eagle. Gilt fore edge. Miniature book. There are forty -seven (47) different birds described in this book. The bird's size, characteristics, coloring, migratory habits, and habitats are detailed for the reader. Each section also comes with a picture of the birds it's describing. Therefore, including the frontispiece, there are a total of forty-eight (48) wood cut, black and white illustrations. The last page of the book lists other "miniature juvenile" produced by the publisher Measures 3 1/4" x 2 3/4".  . Moderate to heavy cover wear, particularly on the back strip. The interior pages show moderated toning and some foxing due to age.  The first two interior blank pages have inscriptions by previous owners, both in pen and pencil.
Caperucita Roja y los tres Ositos (Red Riding Hood and the Three Bears)Juventud.Barcelona.c1945 Captain Big Bill the Pelican.  Leah Gale Samuel Lowe Company Wisconsin 1956
Unnumbered. Center opening litho on cloth.  Illustrated by Mercedes Llimona.  Color pages on each side, which combine to create a  scene.  The end papers include characters and narrative for the initial scene. At the pages are turned the reverse of the scene page provides the narrative for that page. The final scene depicts a combined picnic scene with the characters from Little Red Ridinghood and the Three Bears. 9 1/2" x 8 1/4" . Applied board cover, three color illustrations by Elsie Darien and Jo Poehlmann throughout, cardboard penguin with grommet head and feet that can be moved in front cover to simulate different clothing for the pelican. The story of Bill who never encountered another pelican. He wandered around trying to find a job and what his pouch was for. 8" x 6 1/2" some creasing and discoloration
Carlyle Emery. Twinkie Town Tales, Book No. 4. Hamilton-Brown Shoe Company.Boston.1929 Carolyn Keene . The Secret of the Old Clock, Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. Grosset & Dunlap.New York.1930
36 unnumbered pages. Litho on board. Charming end paper design depicting the various named characters at work.  Profusely illustrated throughout by Arthur Henderson. Chapters include SpringTime in Twinkie Town, The Twinkies Build an Airship, The Twinkies Sail to Sacapacapoo and The Twinkies Meet Mother Nature.  Measures 8 1/2" x 6 1/4".  Edge chips on spine; cove wear . 210 pp. Stamped cloth over board cover with color printed dust wrapper, illustrate end pages, black and white frontispiece. The first in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, The Secret of the Old Clock introduces Nancy as an eighteen year old who wants to help the Turner Family who has just experienced a loss. She encounters many situations and tries to help those in need by discrediting the "nouveau-riche". 7 1/2" x 5". dust wrapper has tears and creases
Carolyn Treffinger. Rag-Doll Jane. The Saalfield Publishing Co. Akron, Ohio 1935 Caumery. Bécassine pendant la Guerre (Snipe during the War). Gautier-Languereau. Paris. 1932
unpaginated. Applied color printed cover over cloth spine, matching dust jacket, story is interspersed by full page color illustrations by Fern Bisel Peat. Rag doll Jane meets many interesting characters, squirrels , cubs, soldiers, sailors, and clowns. 12" x 9 1/2" . some wear on cover, dust jacket has heavy damage and tears 61 pp. Applied color printed cover over cloth spine, written in French, illustrated end papers, color illustrations throughout by J.P. Pinchon. The beginning of World War I, Snipe appears to be a servant. She is uncertain what is happening in the world. Pages include short skits with illustrations of Bécassine depicted in a humorous, cartoonish way. 12 1/2" x 9 1/4" . some wear on cover edges, pages darkening but does not alter the text or illustrations, entirely in French
Chang Chee Charles Clark  Munn. Boyhood Days on the Farm: A Story of Young and Old Boys by Charles Clark  Munn, 1907. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co.Boston.1907
Chang Chee
Price: $25.00
6 preliminary leaves, 137 pages including frontispiece, with illustrations by Laura Bannon. First Edition. This book tells the story of Chang Chee, a young Chinese boy. The marketing material that was distributed when this book was published describes Change as a boy “…with the eyes of an artist, whether in the rice fields where he helped his mother, or on the green hills where he took the water buffalo to graze. Colors for him were like magic, and he hopes some day [sic] to become a great artist. Beautifully told, and for children who do not always demand an exciting plot.” Measures 8 1/2" x 7" A 403 paginated book that  pays homage to the ideal of the New England country farm boy and what boyhood life on a New England farm in the early 1900s was like. In the preface the author writes: "The old time type of New England farm boy is fast passing into oblivion, and with him all the surroundings that made him what he was... and in his place has come a new type of boy that soon grows dissatisfied with farm life and seeks the town. It is to rescue from oblivion just a faint picture of the old fashioned boy... [the author] has the hope that those among its readers who were country born will in memory live their youth again with all its fond recollection and all that made it sweet and sacred ." There four full page black and white illustration (one is missing from this copy) Along with several smaller charming black and white line drawing illustrations at the head of most chapters. This is a library copy of the book from the Connecticut Agricultural College, which later become apart of the University of Connecticut. There are two book plates, one that states the name of the library, the volume and class number, and the date it was rebound (November 1932) and the second that simply states that the book may be loaned out in two week intervals with a fine of 2 cents for every day thereafter. Measures 7 1/2" x 51/2", Illustrator: Frank T. Merrill. This book was rebound by the library in November 1932, as such it is missing the original illustrated cover. The new covers show little edge wear due to rubbing. While the original binding was most certainly cracked, it was repaired. The thread used to rebind the interior pages is visible throughout, but the pages themselves are tightly bound. One of the four full page illustrations is missing, and the last image must have been reinserted in the wrong place during the rebind as it is on page 276 instead of 270 (as it is listed under in the front). Some of the interior pages are soiled and have minor stains, a few pages even have small tears, but nothing that effects the readability of the book.  There is some penciling throughout, as well as on the interior cover. The latter states that the book is a library discard and has a brief summary of the book. This was most likely done at the time the library discard and then sold sold the book.
Charles Foster Kent. The Historical Bible: The Heroes and Crises of Early Hebrew History from the Creation to the Death of Moses. Charles Scribner's Sons.New York.1912 Charles Perrault . Cinderella Series: Cinderella or the Glass Slipper. McLoughlin Brothers. New York, NY. c1875
251 pp. Cloth cover, fold out map on reverse of title page, 2 additional maps. Contents: The Old Testament world -- The Babylonian background of early Hebrew history -- The Egyptian background -- The early Palestinian background -- Israel's religious heritage -- The oldest history of Israel -- The later parallel histories -- The story of man's creation -- Man's sin and its consequences -- The story of Cain and Abel -- The traditional origin of early Semitic institutions -- The story of the great flood -- The traditional origin of the nations -- Abraham's call and settlement in Canaan -- The promise of a son to Sarah -- The destruction of Sodom -- Birth and sacrifice of Isaac -- Securing a wife for Isaac -- Jacob and his brother Esau -- Jacob's experiences as a fugitive -- Jacob's return to Canaan -- Joseph sold by his brothers into Egypt -- Joseph made governor of Egypt -- Joseph and his brothers -- Joseph's loyalty to his kinsman -- The oppression of the Hebrews in Egypt -- Moses's childhood and training -- Moses's call to deliver the Hebrews -- The Egyptian plagues -- The exodus -- The revelation and covenant at Sinai -- Man's individual duties to God and man -- Moses's work as judge and prophet -- The life of the Hebrews in the wilderness -- The attempt to enter Canaan from the south -- The journey from the wilderness and Balaam's prophecy -- East-Jordan conquests and Moses's farewell. 7 1/2" x 5". rubbing on cover, some water staining, foxing, inscribed 8 pp, tells the classic story of Cinderella with a large beautifully colored picture on each page. The back cover lists several other books by the McLoughlin Brothers includinng: "Big Picture Series", "Uncle Ned's Picture Books" and "Ancient Nursery Rhymes." This book has moderate cover and edge wear. The binding has been re-sewn. There are several intact tears, but on the covers and the interior pages. Measures: 9 1/2" x 6 1/2".
Charlotte ZolotowThe Storm BookHarper & Brothers.New York.1952 Child's drawing book with forty-four (44) graphite drawings. C1880
unpaginated. Illustrated applied cover, color illustrations by Margaret Bloy Graham, 1953 Caldecott Honor Book. A little boy in the country watches a storm and asks his mother about the thunder and lightning. a young man in the city watches a storm from his window. An old fisherman out on the edge of the water hears the thunder. A young husband herding sheep shelters under a tree while his wife watches out the window holding their baby. 10 1/4" x 7 1/4". wear on cover, inscribed with date, possibly former library copy-has a 'J' on back cover and what looks like torn out library card holder Thirty-one (31) school girl drawings of girls and women in Grecian bend bustle style costumes. Many of the images have been named by the artist. Thirteen (13) additional drawing by a different hand, most likely a boy, Native Americans, Soldiers. All naive. Three (3) finished in watercolor. Delightful. Measures 7" x 4". Fragile.
ChildhoodSamuel Wood and SonsNew York Christmas Activity Book
paper book, possibly missing cover, string sewn in and tied to bind. Childhood is a book of verses with the chapters; Going to School, School, Writing, See-Saw, Repeating, I Spy, and Swinging. The end of the book admonishes children to "repay their tender parents with filial regard and kind offices." 3 1/4" x 2" . possible missing cover, worn , foxing A vibrantly colored unpaginated chidren's Christmas activity book complients of N. Snellenburg & Co. and Santa Claus...Printed on pulp or short fiber paper. Six (6) color pages, remainder black and white line drawings.s Begins with verse A Visit to Toyland by Maud Wood Henry, followed by story presented in the form of connect the dots, illustrations of Children of Many Lands, Christmas Eve by Emily Linslev, nursery stories Dear Santa Claus by Bessie M. Guigon, a Do-Somehting family sotry by Ruth Morton, Her Christmas Stockings by Lena B. Ellingwood, etc. It concludes with a Christmas Wishes rebus by Isla Paschal Richardson on inside back cover.  Illustration of Santa Claus holding exterior of N. Sneelenburg & Co exterior, captioned "My headquarters". Meausres 8" x 11".
Clement C. MooreThe Night Before ChristmasWestern Publishing Company, Inc.Racine, Wisconsin1969 Conservation Ephemera including Posters, Bumper Stickers & Book Protector - Smokey Bear,  Woodsey Owl...
Illustrated applied cover, "tell a tale books" illustrated by Florence Sarah Winship. The story of Santa Claus visiting on Christmas Eve. Beautifully illustrated in full color. 6 1/2" x 5 1/2". some wear on cover This collection contains various pieces of ephemera dealing with conservation issues. Most of the pieces appear to have been a part of different government sponsored campaigns. For example, Smokey Bear which was created in 1944 by the United States Forest Service and Ad Council to help combat forest fires. Below is a brief description of each item. "Save Sport Fishing - Stop Acid Rain", Bumper Sticker A red and blue bumper sticker with an illustration of a fish, have of which is skeletonized. Measures 12 3/4" x 3". "Use Your Ash Tray", Bumper Sticker An orange and black Smokey the Bear Bumper sticker. The black ink used is a raised ink. There is an illustration of Smokey the Bear on the far left of the sticker. Measures 16 1/2" x 2". "Don't Let  Debris Fires Get Away", Poster A fire prevention poster, published by the United States Forest Service in 1978. It depicts a close up shot of burned out grass, with a piece of 'trash' on fire, that states 'Don't Let Debris Fires Get Away. Printed on paper. Measures 18 1/2" x 13". 'Please! Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires" Book Protector An unused paper book jacket most likely intended to be used for text books. It published by the US Department of Interior and the Forest Service. On what would be the back inside flap of the book jacket is the Forest Fire Prevent Pledge. The portion of the jacket meant to cover the covers of a book, is a color photograph of a very lush, green forest. This portion of the book jacket has glossy coating on it. The front has an image of Smokey the Bear on it stating, 'Please! Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires." Measures 20" x 12". "Give a hoot! Don't Pollute", Poster Printed in 1973 by the US Department of Agriculture, it features the character Woodsy Owl. He is a brown owl, wearing a Robinhood-like green feathered hat and green pants holding whistle in the air. Next to him are two colorful flowers on one side, and on the other is a patch of grass with a whimsical blue and red spotted bug on it. The background is black, which makes the colors of the characters pop. Measures 18 1/2" x 13". To view this collection, please click on the following link:
Constitution of the Tolland County Female Society for Promoting Revivals of Religion Convent Life Exposed -- Great Lectures on Romanism - Opportunity to Hear the Eloquent and Brilliant Ex-Romanst, Margaret L. Shepherd.
12 3/8 x 7 3/4"  that begins BELIEVING that evangelical revivals of religion lay a foundation for the upbuilding of the Redeemer's kingdom, and are in their very nature calculated to multiply benevolent institutions of every description; and being desirous to aid in advancing the general interests of Zion: we the subscribers form ourselves into a society and adopt the following Constitution. Includes 14 Articles with the object of the Society being to seek out Missionaries who are qualified, by the blessing of God, to promote and advance rivals where the state of religion is low, and to lead anxious souls to Christ --and to not limit the labours of its Missionaries to the County of Tolland.   Reverse is blank. A single-fold circular with an illustration of nee Sister Magdalene Adelaide promoting her lecture series speaking against Catholicism.  Private Lectures in the afternoon for Ladies Only, gentlemen welcome in the evening. "Mrs. Shepherd Challenges any Bishop or Priest to attend her Lectures and deny, if they can, the statements she makes -- Did you ever know the Romish Church to say a Good Word about any Woman who Dares to Leave her?"  4 Lectures being held at the Music Hall, Providence R.I.   Subjects include The Priest and the Woman in the Confessional. Reasons why Protestants should not marry Roman Catholics (Ladies Only) The Nuns who are the Brides of Christ, and Private Life in the Nunnery (Ladies Only) Does Secret Convession and Parochial School Education Make Good American Citizens? Purgatory Indulgences and Relics.  Sacrilegious Frauds for Obtaining Money and Building Up Religious Industries.   Admission 15 cents. Also includes testimonials and press notes of Margaret L. Shepherd.  Back page also promotes her books.  Measures 12" x 9 5/8".
Corinne & Bill Bailey . Many Things to Do - Colorful and Delightful. Saalfield.Akron OH.1932 Cut Paste Stick Mother Goose Poster Book. Sameul Lowe Co. Kenosha, Wisconsin, n.d.
A large format book with 18 different activities including toys to make (4 elephants that rock), Cut-outs, a card game, picture puzzles, a paper doll, a paper house, lawn furniture, circus animals and performers, two ships to make, colored paper patterns for designing, a calendar or greeting card, a a flying dart, two face masks, A Miller and his Windmill cutouts, a lamp shade, a picture map,, the game of Fox and Geese and things to wear to make you a "Funny".   Full color.  Printed on one side only. Measures 15 1/4" x 10 1/2".  . Covers reinforced with scotch tape with wear and chip.   Contents in excellent condition. unpaginated. Color printed paper cover, unused coloring pages with 4 sticky color sheets,cover art by R. Maillet, number 955-10. A coloring/activity book. Readers can cut out the color images on the sticky paper and paste them down on the coloring page where the outline of the picture matches. The pages are unused, the color images are uncut, and the pages are still sticky. 10 3/4" x 8". all pages unused
D.C. Underhill. Underhill's New Table-Book; or, Tables of Arithmetic Made Easier. Richard Marsh.New York.1846 Dame Wonder's Series: The Little Drummer. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.c1855
23 pp. Printed soft cover, string tied binding, illustrations, mathematic tables and instruction. Arithmetic book for children, contains rhymes. Includes basic counting, Roman and Arabic numerals, addition, subtraction, multiple, division, money, weights, and measures, time. Complete with tables and illustrations. 4 1/2" x 3 3/4". staining, inscribed, toning 12 pp (including wrappers) Tells the story, in verse, of a young boy who longs to be a soldier. Joining the army he first becomes a drummer boy, and after proving himself through his courage, he eventually became a sergeant.  Below is a brief excerpt from the book: When mounting up the deadly breach, Fire pouring from each gun; Threatening wounds and death to each, I urged them on by beat of drum. There are hand colored woodcut engravings on each page. A part of the Dame Wonder's Series. Measures 7 1/2" x 4 1/2".  OCLC 1 (Feb. 2018). Moderate to heavy cover wear, there is a small piece of the front cover missing along edge. Sewing repair to binding. Minor penciling. Soiling and toning due to age.
Daniel Boone: Historic Adventures of an American Hunter among the IndiansDomino PressFrance1931 Daniel DeFoe. The Illustrated Life and Strange Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Of York, Mariner, As Related by Himself . Thomspon & Thomas.Chicago, IL.1872
14 pp. Applied illustrated cover over cloth spine. Edited by Esther Averill and Lila Stanley, full color lithographs by Fedor Rojankovsky. The adventures of Daniel Boone and his encounters with Indians, , hunting, traveling into the wilderness, and war. 14 1/2" x 11 1/4". wear on cover, some staining, binding loose A 'profusely illustrated' version bound in publisher's gilt stamped and pictorial blue cloth boards. The novel also has an autobiographical memoir of the author, and a life of Alexander Selkirk, to whose residence on the island Juan Fernandez inspired the novel. There are over 40 wonderfully rich and detailed full and half sheet black and white illustrations are found throughout the 528 page novel. Measures 10" x 7".. Edge wear to the covers as well as minor stains. The front cover is partially detached. The cloth binding is slightly worn and there is a very minor tear on the backstrip. Binding is loose, but intact. The interior pages are toned due to age. There is a previous owner's inscription on the front inside cover.
Das Frohe Kind David Hand.The David Hand Ginger Nutt Gift Book Juvenile Productions Ltd. London ca. 1950
Das Frohe Kind
Price: $48.00
Hardcover. 8vo. Illustrated litho cover.  German language rhyming nursery book. Illustrated in black and white. Anthropomorphic animals interact with small children throughout. 123 pp. Applied printed color cover with matching dust jacket, color illustrated end papers, color illustrations and activities throughout along with some black and white photographs. A collection of stories,picture strips, animaland fun pictures, verse, puzzle pictures, animaland features, and games and how to makes. Answer key at back of book. 10 1/2" 8 1/4". some wear on cover, dust jacket torn, inscribed
Dick Jane and Sally Cutouts for Use in Kindergarten and Grade 1.  The New Basic Reading Program: Sixties Edition.  1963 Die Geschicte vom Münchner Kindl.(The Story of the Munich Child)von E. Escherich. Illustrirt von W. Schade.  Verlag von Philipp Hergl in München . ..
Two-fold light stock punch-out pages.  Each of the three pages has one doll with name at base for Jane, Sally and Dick, plus accessories, also includes Puff and Spot. Original Envelope. Lacking background punch-out at base of Jane. Title page with printed signature of illustrator dated 1891.  Embossed heavy stock covers. 16 pp. embossed die-cut shape book.  Die-cut in the shape of a boy monk.   Profusely illustrated in color throughout.  A young boy’s adventures in a monastery while living among the monks.  Printed in German.  Measures 12 ˝” x 7 Ľ”.   . edge wear on covers
Die Kleinsten Schon am Telefon (The Youngest on the Phone). Junior International.Germany.1970 Dixie WillsonPinky-PupP.F. Volland CompanyChicago1922
This book was intended for toddlers, and would show two children having a make believe conversation on a phone. Such as a young girl ordering food from the local baker for her guests - a group of her dolls. The illustrations are colorful and bright. On boards, 6 pgs. In German. Measures 9" x 8" . Cover wear, particularly on the back cover where there is a scratch all the way across. Edge wear due to rubbing. Minor soiling on interior pages. Binding is cracked on center interior page. Applied illustrated black and pink hard cover, A Volland Book to Read and a Doll to Cuddle, trademark, color and black and white illustrations by Erick Berry. The adventures of a lonesome puppy looking for some one to cuddle with. He watches the people to find out how to act and sometimes gets into trouble. 10" x 8 3/4"
Double-Side Book Promotion for The Child's History of the United States by Charles Morris and Beautiful Stories about Children by Charles Dickens. International Publishing Co.Philadelphia.1901 E. Mack A.B.C. No. 2 Bella Waltz  Sheet Music. Lee & Walker.Philadelphia.1865
A double sided advertising sheet for the International Publishing Company located in Philadelphia. The front side advertises for a book entitled "The Child's History of the United States" by Charles Morris. This poster showcases five of the illustrations that would be found in the book (Ponce De Loen: Hunting for the Fountain of Youth in Florida, Capture of Major Andre, the Surrender at Yorktown, Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg, and Osceola Drives His Hunting Knife Through the Treaty: Seminole Ware of 1832), and claims that it is a "complete story of American History from the discovery of the New World by Columbus in 1492, down to the year 1901, written in simple, story-telling style as delightful as any instructive to both children and parents." The backside of the poster advertises for the book "Beautiful Stories about Children" by Charles Dickens, which was first published in 1898. These series of stories were originally by Charles Dickens, but in this book, they are retold by his granddaughter (among others) and others. As the poster advertises, the book is superbly illustrated with “nearly 100 new color plates, half-tones and pen sketches made especially by famous artists for these stories, [and] this book contains the most charming portrayals of child-character from the immortal works of the great author.” The poster features five of these new illustrations: The Death of Poor Jo: The Street Sweeper, Florence and Little Paul, The Toy Maker and His Blind Daughter, The Little Runaway Couple, and Little Neil and her Grandfather Meet Mrs. Jarley. Measures 18" x12" . Toned and soiled due to age. Crease marks along original folds, with some small tears at edge. Tear along the original folds at the top, as well as the top right. Reinforced with archival tape. 5 pp including covers. Cover illustration depicts engraving of by Lauderbach, of a young child learning from and ABC book.  It is the No. 2 song from Recreations for Young Pianists. Twenty-six Progressive Pieces.  The individual selections adorn the border of the illustration.  Caption at base reads Respectfully dedicated to Miss Bella Lee by E. Mack.  Measures 13" x 10 1/4".  Light toning/foxing on margins. .
Ebenezer Porter The Rhetorical Reader. Mark H Newman.New York.1835 Edited by An Association of Clergymen The Family Circle and Parlor Annual  Vol. V, No. 10. J.E.D. Comstock.New York.June 1846
304pp, leather covers. The full title of this book is 'The Rhetorical reader : Consisting of Instructions for Regulating the Voice, with a Rhetorical Notation, Illustrating Inflection, Emphasis, and Modulation, and a Course of Rhetorical Exercises.' This is the two hundred and twentieth Edition, with an Appendix. Measures 7" x 4 1/2" . Leather covers show edge wear and damage due to rubbing, especially on the spine where a piece has separated from the block on the top. Additionally there is a piece of leather missing on the top right corner of the front cover. Interior pages are soiled and tone due to age, with some foxing. The free end paper and fly paper are missing the top right corner. Additionally there is penciling on the end papers. Illustrated wraps. Pgs. 334-363.  Engraving of Bay and Harbour of New York from Staten Island.  Hand colored engraving of Lily of the valley and balsam flowler (sp). An original poem The Return of Spring by H. A. Del Oriend.  Numerous articles including The History and Adventures of a Penny by Mrs. A. B. Whelpley,  An Exciting Scene; an authentic narrative by an eye-witness and Scripture Natural History; the apple-tree,or citron (with wood engraving) . Index and advertisement on back cover. Measures 8 3/4" x 5 3/4". .
Edward Young, D. D. The Complaint; or Night Thoughts, and the Force of Religion. Oliver L Sanborn.Portland.1839 Eia-popeia (well known children's songs)AWA.Germany.
Edward Young was an English poet from the 18th century, whose most well-known poem was "Night-Thoughts."  Although Night Thoughts is long and disconnected poem, it abounds in brilliant isolated passages and it found an enormous amount of success. It was eventually translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Welsh and Magyar. In France, in particular,  it became a classic of the romantic school. The poem is thought to be about the deaths of his daughter and son-in-law, and it deals with themes of morality, immortality and death. "Force of Religion", the other poem in this book is said to be about the execution of Lady Jane Grey and her husband (also known as the Nine Day Queen). Stereotyped: Allison & Foster 288 pp, Cloth covered board with gilt edges. Measures 3 1/2" x 2 1/4".. Cover shows moderate wear, particular to edges due to age and rubbing. Back strip has moderate to heavy wear. Minor foxing and soiling on interior pages. unpaginated. Applied color illustrated board cover over cloth spine,black and white decorative illustrations on text pages, opposite pages full color illustrations by Mogens Heinz Brockmann. Well known children's songs, entirely in German. 8 1/4" x 10". wear on cover, text block lossening
Elisabeth NaramoreWilliam and his Friends: A Group of Notable Creatures in the Metropolitan Museum of ArtThe Viking PressNew York1936 Elise H Alber  A Letter from Elise H Alber to her friend, Lessie. .Cleveland.February 1853
28 unnumbered pages. Yellow applied printed cover with matching dust jacket, black and white photographs throughout. William is a blue hippopotamus that lives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He takes the reader around to show off his friends, other art animals. There is a description of the item and when and where it was created as well as what it is made of.  Japanese quail menuki, a French marble hen, a Greek bronze horse, and Egyptian faience Jerboa mice are among a few of the animals featured. 7 1/4" x 5 1/2" A rather poetic letter written by Elise H Alber after her arrival in Cleveland. It appears that Elise was rather homesick after she and her brother moved to Ohio. The letter begins on a rather despondent note:  "Sealed alone in my chamber and feeling somewhat sad, I am about to write to you to see if it will not drive away the blues."  Shortly there after it picks up, describing a snow storm they recently had and the sleigh rides that resulted from the storm. The letter continues on to describe an Episcopal wedding she and her brother were invited to. While the letter is address to a Mary E Poor of Piermont, NH, Elise often refers to her as Lissie in the letter.  Measures 8 1/2" x 6 3/4" (folded sheet) . Minor toning and soiling due to age.
Elizabeth Rush. The House at the End of the Lane. Green Tiger Press. California. 1982 Elizabeth T Dillingham The Rabbit Windmill: Joyful Stories for Holidays and Other Days. John C Winston Co.Philadelphia.1930
99 pp. Printed color paper cover, first edition, color illustrations by Sarah Wilson, black and white chapter page decorative block, A Star and Elephant Book. The story follows the animals that live at the House at the end of the lane through their daily activities. There is a fold out map at the end of the house and grounds.   8 1/2" x 7 1/4". paperback-slight creases in spine, first edition, color illustrations glued in to book-all present A charming book with a story for every holiday, such as "The Frost Fairies' Christmas Tree", "A Pleasent Year" for New Year's Day, and "The Little Cherry Tree" for May Day. The book is also full of little days for 'other days' such as "The Runaway Dolls" and "The Slow Little Boy." The book has an introduction written by Lucy Wheelock. A 163 pp book,  with pictorial orange cloth hard covers and illustrated end papers. Thirty-eight (38) illustrations, on either full, half, or quarter page. The majority are charming black and white illustrations, however four of them are in vibrant colors. Additionally, there are six black and white boarders with illustrations.  Illustrated by Frederick Richardson, Eunice Stephenson, Edwin J Prittie, Ruth Collins Spears, and Mary R Wireman.. This book used to belong to a library. As such the back strip has a identifying letter on it, and the both end covers have damage on them due to the borrowing card having been removed. Beyond that, there is minor damage to the top of the back strip.
Eloise in Moscow Emile Jaques-Dalcroze Oeuvres Enfantines: 15 Nouvelles Rondes Enfantines, Op 37 [Children’s Work: 15 New Children's Rounds, Op 37]. Sandoz, Jobin and Co..Paris, France.1904
Eloise in Moscow
Price: $150.00
Unpaginated.  Black stamped board book. Profusely illustrated.  In-text illustrations throughout. With the freezing wind blowing and the snow flying, Eloise, Nanny and Weenie arrive in Moscow. This first edition was published in 1959 at the height of the Cold War and unavailable for nearly 40 years, Two-color illustrations. Plus double center fold pictorial map of Moscow in four-color. 10 pp, Cover depicts nine children dancing. The illustration is in color along with some decorative flowers. While the entire works of Oeuvres Enfantines by Jaques-Dalcroze contains a total of 15 rounds, this only has # 626, "La Ronde des Saison Fleuries', which roughly translstes to 'The Round of the Season's Flowers'. It is a song about the different seasons of flowers. A the end of the score, it also tells a teacher how to perform the song. Measures 12 1/4" x 9 1/4".. Soiling and toning due to age. Covers are partially separated.
Employee Sobriety Pledge or Contract English                                -          ( English Textbook for the 3rd Grade). .Moscow.1949
A 9 3/4" x 7 3/4"  manuscript agreement penned by another and signed by Mathew Bannister agreeing he will drink nothing tthat will intoxicate in any way shape or manner and be as faithful as possible to his employer, Geo. G Gilbert & Co.  Should he drink any intoxicating liquors again he will forfeit the sum of Fifty dollars  and would further agree not to leave the premises or go out of the Factory yard with leave of Geo. H. Gilbert Col.  Edge tears and wear. 128 pp. Green covers of line boards, front depicts three young children buying this book a book store. While this book is a Russian to English primer for young children, it was meant as a text book for Soviet Union children to learn English, and not for Russian immigrants to the US. There are over 31 lessons in the book, starting with the alphabet (and how you both write in print and cursive, to sight words, to how to conjugate words. Each lesson has small color illustrations depicting the the various words or concepts introduced in that lesson. The last lesson in the book is entitled "We Love out Mother Country" that starts with the following poem/chant: "We are Soviet children. We live in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is a great country. The Soviet Union is out Mother Country. We love our Great Mother Country. We love our Great Leader Comrade Stalin! Long live the Soviet Union! Long live out Great Leader Comrade Stalin!" Additionally, there are two charts in the back of the book. Only has the alphabet, and the other is what appears to be a bingo game sheet of easy English sight words. Measures 8 3/4" x 6 3/4". . Moderate edge wear. Previous owner inscription on title page.
Er.tes Le.ebuch fur Kinder. (First Reading Book for Children).   American Tract Society New York Ethel Clere Chamberlain.  Minnie: The Little Fish Who Lived in a Shoe and other Tales. Charles E. Graham & Co.New Jersey.1931
160 pp. Blind stamped, gilt brown cloth hard cover, illustrated, entirely in German. Begins with the alphabet, an illustration, the upper and lower case letter than a biblical verse, other items include the small and large alphabets, the vowels, simple syllables, and short stories. 6 1/4" x 4" written in German, spine torn, binding loose, wear on cover,  foxing 63 pp. Embossed Cloth cover, illustrated end papers, color illustrations throughout. A collection of stories by Ethel Clere Chamberlain, Sara E. Wiltse, and others adapted from Old Norwegian Tale. Illustrations by Nell Witters, Marie Schubert, and Julia Green. Stories include: Minnie, the Little Fish Who Lived in a Shoe; The Three Billy-Goats Gruff; Doodle Doo, the Rooster Who Fell in the Pea Soup; The Sheep and the Pig Who Went Into the Woods to Live By Themselves; The Three Little Pig; The Sky is Falling in Henny Penny; and Little Mouse Who Lost His Tail. OCLC: 1 -1931 (10/10/2016) 9 3/4" x 8". wear and staining on cover, inside binding split on title page, pages coming loose
Eugen Reichenbach. Lustige Gesellschaft. Theo Strosfer.Nurnberg.1894 Ezra Read Cinderella Waltz. ..c1920
Unnumbered pages.  Cloth on board with applied chromolithograph . Eight (8) rhyming stories, each accompanied by a changing view picture puzzle.  All mechanisms functioning.  Few changing view pages pulled away from text block. Measures 12 3/4" x 10" .. 4 pp, dark blue cover with a black line drawing depicting Cinderella by a fire place, with her fairy god mother and three mice. Also in the smoke created by the fire is a small drawing of Cinderella's carriage. The song is Cinderella Waltz, which was also sometimes called Dewdrop Waltz. There is no date or publisher on this item. The back list the numerous other pieces sold by the publisher and at the bottom it states "You can get any of above pieces where you got this one."  Measures 14" x 10 1/4".. Minor edge wear, with a few small tears at the fold. Toning and soiling due to age.
Fairy ABC. McLoughlin Brothers.New York .c1875 Fairy Moonbeam Series: Sleeping Beauty. McLoughin Brothers.New York.c1870
This alphabet book uses a different fairy tale or nursery rhyme for each letter. For example A is for Aladdin, N is for Nutcracker, S is for Sinbad, and U is for Ugly Duck. Each letter is beautifully presented with a large color pictorial letter matching the corresponding fairy tale or nursery rhyme. The text is in verse, for example: "D, Was the Dog Mother Hubard thought dead, When she was so anxious to get him his bread; He was a pup full of fro-lic and fun, And danced like a sylph when his sham-ming was done." "Q, Was the Queer Little Woman, who lived in a shoe, Who never did work, so had no-thing to do; She vowed that the shoe was a good fit, So for all oth-er houses she cared not a bit." The front cover of the book depicts what appears to be a young girl dressed up as a fairy, holding a wand, on a stage. The back cover has several printed advertisements for other McLoughlin Brother series. Measures 7 1/4" x 7".. Covers partially detached, sewing repair on the binding. The bottom corner of the lower right of the front cover is missing, and there is also a tear on the right side. Toning and minor foxing on interior pages. 12 pp (including wrappers). The cover depicts the sleeping princess after she is cursed. Cover printed in green, red, and black ink. The title page of the book has the full title as 'Sleeping Beauty in the Woods'. The alphabet is printed on the front and back interior covers. There are six color illustrations in the book. On one illustration, the name of the engraver, Jackson, is featured. A part of the Fairy Moonbeam's Series, which are "little fairy stories that have been household joys for generations." Measures 71/2" x 5 1/4". Edge wear. Missing surface litho on front cover. Tape repair on binding. Sewing repair with red string, the dye in the string has caused some minor staining. There is a small circular brown stain that continues through several pages.
Fairy Moonbeam's Series: Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp. McLoughin Brothers.New York.c1870 Faith Jaques Tilly's House. Margaret K. McElderry Book.New York.1979
12 pp. (including wrappers) The covers depicts a servant bringing food to Aladdin and his mother. It is printed in red and black ink. There are 7 half page color illustrations. The book is a part of the Fairy Moonbeam's Series, which are "little fairy stories that have been household joys for generations." Binding is sewn. Measures 6 3/4" x 4 3/4" . Missing surface litho on front cover. Minor toning due to age. 32pp. Dust jacket. Both written & Illustrated by Faith Jaques, the book tells the story of a doll named Tilly, who leaves the her doll house in search of a place of her own. Along the way she befriends a teddy bear named Edward, who helps her find her way in the world. Tilly shows herself to be a strong, independent individual who is not afraid of hardwork. The illustrations in this children's book are the real gem, as they are extremely rich and detailed and make Tilly's world come to life for the reader. Measures 10 x 8 1/4" . Very minor edge wear, due to rubbing. A small amount of brown speckles on the front cover.
Fine Trinket Box with Delicate Cutwork Under Glass– Naïve Alter boy . .. Fine Victorian Christmas Scraps. ..
3” x 4 ˝” x 2” glass topped trinket box with straw decorated exterior and paper lined interior. Depicts a Naďve Alter boy with a Cross among the Flowering Trees, Vines, and Shrubs.  All handmade paper cuts.  Boy with halo dressed in real fabric dress with lace topper. . some wear on straw, slight staining inside box A 7" x 6"  intact embossed die-cut scrap sheet depicting two Victorian Christmas scenes.  The first a scene of children delivering Christmas treats to Grandmother as proud parents look on.  The second is children seated around the children's table with an assortment of goodies including a plum pudding. Surrounded by leaf and gold ladder border decoration. .
Flower Children Flowers for the Nursery or a Good Child's Nosegay;Containing Alphabets, Easy Lessons & a gift from Mamma to her Best Love .Atwood & Brown . Concord . 1837/1839
Flower Children
Price: $125.00
In original box. Illustrated litho boards. Rhyming verses by named flower with color illustrations of flower child on each page. From Anemone to Sweet Alyssum. Charming imagery Illustrated end papers.  Measures 6 1/4" x 9 1/4". 16 pp. wrapper. with 14 illustrations. The cover is yellow, and the title page states this is the Seventh Series -- No. 5. The cover states this was published in 1839 in Concord by Boyd & White, while the title page says 1837 in Concord by Atwood & Brown. There are two pages devoted to woodcuts of the letters of the alphabet. Then for every letter there is a slight verse. For example, the letter 'K', "Was Miss Kitty, born in Kent, Her other name was Knight." At then end of the book are six easy lessons. They are morals, told in verse, with each word only having one syllable.  There is a stain on the bottom left of the book, that continues through about half of the book, though it is barely visible toward the mid point. The words beneath the stain are still complete legible. The corner of the back of the cover is bent, but still attached. There is some foxing throughout. Measures 3 3/4" x 2 1/2".
Frances Brundage Snow White and Rose Red. Center pages detached from staples. Some  staple rust. 1929 Francis L Woodworth Woodworth's Youth Cabinet, Volume 6, No. 1. D A Woodworth.New York.January 1851
12 unnumbered pp. Color illustrated cover, no. 52. Two young girls save a dwarf who tries to feed them to a bear. The bear becomes a prince and marries one of the girls, color illustrations by author. Measures 10 1/2" x 10".  Center pages detached from staples. Some  staple rust. 42 pp, paper wrappers with black and white illustrations. Originally published as an anti-slavery newspaper, entitled the "Youth’s Cabinet", the magazine changed drastically when it was purchased by Francis C. Woodworth in 1846. Woodworth’s Youth’s Cabinet focused on geography and history, or on Christian morality. While there are some illustrations throughout, the pages are general dense with text and its stories are subjects are viewed through a narrow moral aperture. Some stories in this volume are: 'Cousin Helen and her Pets', 'The Deserted College', and 'Conscientious Obedience'. Measures 9" x 5 3/4" . Paper covers show some wear, particularly around the edges. There is a small tear to the top of the binding. Moderate foxing and toning, the last few pages have heavy foxing. Minor penciling on a few interior pages.
Frank and the Farmer.   Merriam & Moore Troy, NY Froche Fahrt (Happy Trip). ..1960s
12 pp. Illustrated paper cover, wood cut illustrations throughout, frontispiece, "The Edgeworth Toys" Story of a boy, Frank, who learns about farming, flowers, haying, animals, honey bees are highlighted. 6" x 4" pencil inscription, foxing throughout, one stain that has bleed through, cover illustration was colored 6pp. Litho on board throughout. German language. A charming story about the trouble three hares get into while their mother is away visiting a friend. The illustrations in the story, while simple, are colorful and whimsical.   Measures 7 1/2" x 5" . Very minor cover and edge wear.
Gelett Burgess The Maxims of Methuselah: Being the advice given by the Patriarch in his nine hundred sixty and ninth year to his great grandson at Shem's coming of age, in regard to women. Frederick A Stokes Company.New York.1907 Gems of Sacred Poetry.   American Tract Society New York c. 1850
108 pp. with applied litho covers. Illustrations, decorations and cover design by Louis D. Fancher. The book is a humorous rendition, in scriptural verse, of the great patriarch's views on the wiles of women. There are four charming color illustrations, along with red boarders on each page. Measures 7" x 5" . The covers show edge wear and some minor damage due to rubbing. The front's endpapers have minor tear and there is a signature form a previous owner. 256 pp. Blind stamped brown cloth hard cover, gilt spine, miniature book, index in back-first by subject then by first lines. Collection of sacred, religious poetry. 3 1/4" x 2 1/2" faintly inscribed "Mrs. Louisa Witson Jan. 22, 1851"
Genevieve BurkeYoung America Serves; This Defend America Coin Savings Book is Designed to Afford Young Americans an Opportunity to Participate Actively in their Country's Defense Program..ca1940's Genevieve TaggardTravelling Standing StillAlfred A KnopfNew York1928
unpaginated. Printed board cover with metal spiral, double board pages with slots for coins, color illustrations throughout by Thomas J. Morrison Jr. Verse written by Genevieve Burke. A savings books with verse about helping the defense program by saving coins. Describes coins and how they add up, for example, "10 copper pennies make two nickel nickels". 8 1/2" x 6 1/2". staining, wear 56 pp. Red applied cover, silver embossed title, first edition, number 53 of 100 sale copies, signed by author. A selection of poems by the author written over a ten year span. 9 3/4" x 6 1/2"
George BudayThe Story of the Christmas CardOdhams Press LimitedLondon Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Illustrated by CCarey Cloud and Harold BLentzThe Illustrated Pop-Up EditionPleasure Books, Inc..Chicago.1934
44 pp. Color applied printed cover, frontispiece, images of cards both color and black and white. The story of the Christmas card, when and why they were created along with many examples. Some images are copied from Great Britain's Royal family collection. There is a strong focus on Victorian cards. 7 1/2" x 5" Illustrated boards.  Unpaginated. Frontispiece and in-text black and white illustrations throughout. Three (3) double page pop-ups in fine condition. Measures  9" x 8". Light edgewear covers..
Good Morning and Good Night Grandmother Goose's Series: Nursery Jingles. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.1882
Soft pictorial cover picture book with rhyming verse. Mounted on linen. Six (6) leaves. Dean's "Pinafore" Toy Books Series.  Imagery in the style of Kate Greenaway Strong color and imagery. Chromolithograph.  Last page and back inside cover include advertisements. Although book was originally printed 1870, a testimonial at back dated 1879. Cover wear with corner chip. 16 pp (including covers) The book contains several nursery rhymes as well as corresponding imagery. Some of the rhymes included are Little Tom Tucker, Hot Cross Buns, and Peter White. Six full-page and one double color illustrations. Many of the illustrations are novelties (having several subjects in one picture). Dated through advertisements on back that were new items in the McLoughlin 1882 catalogue. A part of the Grandmother Goose Series. Measures 10 1/2" x 7 1/2" . Covers partially detached. Moderate cover wear. Toning. Missing surface litho on bottom of some pages along backstrip due to the fact that they were stuck together (one still is). Inscription on front cover from previous owner. Toning and soiling due to age.
Grandmother Goose's Series: Nursery Songs. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.c1890s Grandpapa Pease's Lady Golightly.
16 pp (including covers) The book contains several nursery rhymes as well as corresponding imagery. Some of the rhymes included are Up Piccadilly, Little Jack Horner, Tom the Piper Son.  Six full-page and one double color illustrations. Many of the illustrations are novelties (having several subjects in one picture). Variant issues: some issues begin with the poem, "Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat." This item begins with "Up Piccadilly." A part of the Grandmother Goose Series. Measures 10 1/2" x 7 1/2" . Cover wear. Homespun fabric repair to binding. Repair to binding done with a string on top, otherwise some pages would be fully detached. Missing surface litho on near backstrip some pages where pages glued and pulled apart (one still is). Inscription on front cover from previous owner. Toning and soiling due to age. 6 leaves plus inside covers.  Illustrated wraps.  Hand colored. Story of Lady Golightly, a grasshopper and her cousins and how they learn to make hay while the sun shines.  Text block detached.  Measures 10 1/8" x 7 1/8".
Guido Papini Fairy Tales, Six Easy Pieces (1st Position) for Violin and Pianoforte, Op. 101. Pitt & Hatzfeld and H B Stevens .London and Boston.1891 Hört Ihr Leute!
Hört Ihr Leute!
Price: $60.00
6 pages. While the cover lists sings songs (Bo-Peep, Beauty and the Beast, Puss in Boots, Red Riding Hood, The Sleeping Princess, and Titania) this booklet missing all but one, Bo-Beep. The cover depicts for of the songs found within, a young girl with a wolf from Red Ridding Hood, a cat in boots with a feathered hat from Puss in Boots, a young girl asleep from the Sleeping Princess, and a young girl with a beast from Beauty and the Beast.  Front cover states the copyright as 1891, however at the bottom of the first page it says 1892. Measures 13 1/2" x 10 1/2". Edge wear, cover is fully separated. Minor pencil and pen on front cover. Water stains near the center fold, but it does not affect the illustrations or the score itself. 6 unnumbered pages printed on heavy stock/board.  Four (4) full color illustrations with text describing how a child should behave in different social and safety situations.  German language book. Measures 8 5/8" x 11 3/8".  Marked 1692/64/9
Harriet T Comstock Andersen's Fairy Tales, retold in words of one syllable. A L Burt Company.New York.1900 Helen Jill Fletcher The See and Do Book of Dolls and Doll Houses. H. S. Stuttman Company.New York.1959
97 pp. green cloth covers with a stamped illustration of man and cat standing in front of door. A retelling of some of Hans Christian Andersen classic fairy tales, such as 'The Fir-Tree' and 'The Little Match Girl'. Illustrated with numerous black and white as well as color plates. Measures 8" x 6" . Covers have minor edge wear. Binding is loose. Previous owner inscription on front free endpaper. Minor toning due to age. 128 pp. Brown hard cover book, with illustrated book cover. This book gives detailed instructions on how one can make both their own dolls and their own dollhouse filled with homemade doll furniture. The book jacket states, "One does not have to be gifted to make a doll or doll house or doll clothes.... Mother and child together- and even brother and father, for there are boy dolls too- will find making a doll or doll house a game that the whole family can enjoy." The book starts with a simple rag doll, before showing the reader how to take that design and change it into dolls from all around the world, such as a French doll, an Eskimo doll, and a Chinese boy doll. The book continues on to different types of dolls, such as twig dolls, and sock dolls, before moving on to doll clothes and finally doll furniture. The furniture is all made from various, cheap and easy to find materials. Such as a canopy bed that uses a bit of fabric, empty candy box and four pencils. The book is full of black and white illustrations (often with the background of the drawing showing an accent of color) that show the reader how to put together the various items. Measures 8 3/4" x 5 3/4".. The book jacket shows minor edge wear due to rubbing. It also has a few small tears along the edges.
Heluiz Washburne Little Elephant's Christmas. cover solid, dust jacket tearing on edges and spine, pages intact with slight edge toning. , Three pages have small edge tears. bookseller tag "Wright's Drug Store, Picton, Ontario". 1944 Henry Bradford Simmons. The Jingle Jangle Rhyme-Book. Stokes.New York .1898
32 pp. Green cover with red applied with red dust jacket. Two color illustration by Jean McConnell. Story about Little Elephant's Christmas day. Fourth Printing. Copyright 1938.  Measures 9 1/2" x 7". cover solid, dust jacket tearing on edges and spine, pages intact with slight edge toning. , Three pages have small edge tears. bookseller tag "Wright's Drug Store, Picton, Ontario". Unnumbered. Cloth backed pictorial boardsPrinted on rectos (one side of the paper), whimsical rhymes and imagery each page. Imagery verging on the bizarre e.g. Bridge'ts cooking on Jimmy's hair of fiery red.  Measures 8 3/8" x 11 1/4". . Inscribed on free endg paper.Edges worn, front cover pulled slightly from backstrip.
History of Henry Milner, Abridged .Merriam & Moore . Troy . 1851 Home ABC
Home ABC
Price: $40.00
48 pp. wrapper with 14 woodcuts. Contains an abridged version of Mary Martha Sherwood's History of Henry Milner. This book appears to have been made from several of the series about Henry Milner called Milner's Toys. The hard cover binding is entitled "The Child's Museum". The stories included in this version are Master Henry's Arrival, The Great Alarm, The Evil Temper, Application and Idleness, Master Henry's Lesson, The Visitors, and Hay-making. It is a hardcover book with portions of the front cover colored in, the back has a list of the titles in the Milner Toys Series. The binding tape used is cracking and peeling along the edge. A few intact tears and toning throughout. Measures 6" x 3 3/4". 16mo. Unpaginated. Linen Each page with three (3) letters and illustration relevant to letter. âśHâť is for Hoop Henry, âśNâť is for Negro, âśXâť is for Axe. Cover wear. Interior in excellent condition.
Home ABC. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.c1880 Home Kindness
Home Kindness
Price: $75.00
14 pp (including wrappers, linen book) The cover depicts a boy and girl, playing a drum and a toy horn respectively. The first two pages of the book have each page divided up into 12 squares, with one letter and small illustration in each square. The words used for each letter are basic, such as 'D Ducks' and 'T Tub'. The letters 'I' and 'J' are combined into one square, with the descriptor as "In Jail". There is no letter Z. Besides the alphabet, there are eighteen short lessons, often listing a few new words and a short poem to go along with the. There are six half-page color illustrations that go along with the lessons and illustrate the short poems. Measures 10 1/2" x 7" . Covers show surface wear, particular some cracks in the illustrations. Pages are soiled and toned due to age, particularly on the top edge. There is a faded inscription made by a previous owner on the front cover. Unpaginated. Illustrated Wrap. Inscribed on first page. Six full page lithograph illustrations. Verses include Unwilling Pussy, Lucy and Dash, Be Kind to They Father, Be Kind to Thy Mother, Be Kind to Thy Sister and finally Be Kind to Thy Brother. Hand sewing repair. OCLC 6. Measures 9 1/2" x 10 3/4".
Home Kindness; A Picture Gift Book for the Children. McLoughlin Bros..New York.c1870 How To Make Dolls' Furniture And Furnish A Dolls House
Unpaginated. Illustrated Wrap. 6 full page lithograph illustrations. Verses include Unwilling Pussy, Lucy and Dash, Be Kind to They Father, Be Kind to Thy Mother, Be Kind to Thy Sister and finally Be Kind to Thy Brother.  McLoughlin advertising back cover. Measures 9 1/2" x 10 3/4".. Cover wear with edge chips and light staining. 63pp. Stamped Hardcover. In-text black and white illustrations. Simple instructions for children to make doll's furniture out of paper or cardboard. Including full page fold out patterns.  OCLC 5. Measures 6" x 8".
Howard R. Garis. Uncle Wiggily at the Beach or How He and Uncle Butter Went Swimming and The Hollow Stump School Opens also Uncle Butter and Uncle Wiggily Play Golf. Charles E. Graham & Co..Newark, NJ.1924 I Wonder Why?.  Elizabeth Gordon Rand McNally & Co Chicago 1938
unpaginated. Stamped cloth cover with applied color illustrated pictorial, color illustrations throughout by Lang Campbell, preprinted ex-libris with matching illustrated advertising end papers at back of book. Three short stories-Uncle Wiggly, Nurse Jane, and Uncle Butter spend the day at the beach; Uncle Wiggily visits the Hollow Stump School while bad Gator, Bob Cat, and Fox plan to catch him; Uncle Wiggily and Uncle Butter go golfing and escape the attempts of Bob Cat, Fox, and Wolf to catch them. 7 3/4" x 6 3/4". Wear and staining on cover, text block beginning to detach, inscribed, tears on some page edges 64 pp, illustrated litho on board, profusely illustrated in black and white and color by M. T. (Penny) Ross, verses include "Mother's Opera Glasses" "My Funny Doggies" "The Echo Child", charming book with verses on one page and coordinating images, note the  sheep clouds in "In Haying Time" 6 3/4" x 5 1/2" light edge wear on cover
Ida Bohatta Barli the Ice Bear. ars Edition.New York.1981 Image mock-up for Tier-Kinder-Garten: ein lehrreiches buch fur kleine Leute (animal-kindergarten, an instructive book for little people)Paul MeyerBremen, Germanyn.d. ca. 1942
Eight brief poems written from the point of view of a small white bear. The poems are: The Sold Bearskin, Little Bear Left Alone, Christmas Wonders, Keeping Warm, The Two Little Brothers, Bear's Hunger, Snowstorm, and the Dream. Each poem is accompanied by a printed water color, and a small black and white line drawing of a polar bear. This book was translated into English from the original German by John Theobald. ISBN 0-86724-007-5 Measures 5 3/4" x 4 3/4".. illustrated applied cover, Image mock-up for book. Heavy card stock pages with illustrated color papers attached, each picture is of an animal and some pages are a collage of the habitat. 7 3/4" x 8 1/2"
Instruction and Amusement for the Young. A Series of Improving Tales.S. BabcockNew Haven c. 1841 Isabella Child The Child's Picture Bible. Durrie and Peck.New Haven, CT.1853
23 pp. Green illustrated printed paper cover, "Babcock's Moral, Instructive and Amusing Toy Books." many illustrations, advertising on back cover for "new and beautiful toy and juvenile books." A collection of stories on proper behavior for youth. Stories include: Julia Roscoe; or the Careless Little Girl The Obstinate Girl; a Family Story Hector and Peter, or the Battle on the Beach Dangerous Sport Cruelty to Animals; or the Boys and the Squirrel Papa's Advice to Herbert; or Good Rules for Little Boys Enigma 6" x 3 3/4". inscribed, some foxing,small stain on cover 192 pp. Decorated cloth binding, with gilt edges. 48 woodcut engravings. Miniature book. The book starts off with a note from the author herself to the readers: "In this tiny book, my dear little friends will find a great many pictures drawn from the most interesting parts of the Old Testament. I intend to say a few words about each, to explain the meaning; but there is not much room, so I must be very short. I hope my young readers will want to learn more, and will gladly turn to their Bibles [so] that they may do so." The illustrations in this book are wood engravings, and with over 40 images there is nearly one every other page. While certainly simplicity images, mainly due to their relatively small size, they are charming renditions of some of the most dramatic scenes from the Old Testament. The image of the Tower of Babel, is stamped onto the cover. The last page of the book lists other "miniature juvenile" produced by the publisher.   Measures 3 1/8" x 2 3/4". Covers are soiled and show some cover wear. Additionally they are partially separate from text block. The back strip is damaged on the bottom edge. The interior pages show minor foxing and soiling due to age. There is an inscription done by a previous owner on the front interior cover.
Ivy L. Wallace Pookie believes in Santa Claus. light wear on cover edges, slight loosening of binding, small amount of foxing beginning on some pages but intact pages with no tears. 1954 J E Powers A Book for Boys. D Lothrop & Co.Boston.1886
22 unnumbered pp. color illustrated hard cover. Beautiful detailed color and black and white illustrations by author. Pookie the rabbit with wings sees Santa Claus and his dilemma trying to convince his friends. Part of Pookie series, first printing 1953.  Measures 8" x 10".  light wear on cover edges, slight loosening of binding, small amount of foxing beginning on some pages but intact pages with no tears. 16 pp, red paper covers. An advise book for young boys hoping to succeed in business. The book is broken up into categories: One thing at a time, the way to win (all on one page), the things explained, and hard to understand. On the first page of the book, it describes 'the chance' each boy takes in business. It states "a boy can do some things better than a man. These are given to boys to do; but boys who do them well are scarce.... A girl is a boy in business." The interior cover page lists the author as "by a man who was once a boy himself and knows what boys are good for and what is good for them", however the author, J E Powers, appears under the copyright notice. Title Cover: How a Boy Had Better Behave in Business and What is Going to Come of It. Measures 3 3/4" x 2 1/2".. Minor edge wear. Toning due to age.
J. & H. BirdThe Singer's First Book;  Consisting of Simple Rules and Easy Music for Common SchoolsJohn OwenCambridge1845 Jacqueline Blass Das Leben Auf Dem Bauernhof (Life on the Farm), Paper Doll book, with 8 Cut out sheets. Esslinger Vlg J.F. Schreiber.Germany.1990
38 pp. Applied printed cardboard cover, second edition, sewed binding, music with descriptions and instructions. A music book with preface and note to teachers, first three pages include testimonials in favor of the Singer's First Book. OCLC: 3 (8/29/2016) 5 1/2" x 5" . binding loose, wear on cover, water stain on inside pages, inscribed, foxing 10 pp. (plus 8 uncut sheets). Hardcover, German language. An interactive book, that allows the reader to tell the story of a day on the farm. Included are the paper dolls the two children, Johanna and Stefan, and their Father, Mother, Grandmother, and baby sister. All sheets are UNCUT.  Measures 11 3/4" x 9 3/4" . Unused condition.
James Whitcomb RileyOld School Day Romances  Bobbs-Merrill Co.Indianapolis 1909 Jane Andrews. The Seven Little Sisters Prove Their Sisterhood, by Jane Andrews. Lee & Shepard Publisher.Boston.1892
38 unnumbered pp. Pictorial cloth cover, frontispiece, color illustrations and decorations by E. Stetson Crawford, illustrations repeat throughout the book, red, black, and gilt monogram on end pages. Children's poem about school day romances that "are the dearest, after all!." 9" x 6 1/2" A 162 paginated book tells the story of seven young girls, each representing seven different nationalities in order to showcase how different people around the world have different mannerism and customs.  The book is divided into six parts: Agoonack, and Her Sail Upon the Ice Island, A Long Journey Through a Strange Island, What Was Gemila Doing All This Time?, New Work for Pen-se and Lin, Can the Little Brown Baby do Anything? and Christmas-time Again for Louise. There are seven, including the cover page, charming black and white line drawings throughout the book. This book is a companion to 'The Seven Little Sisters Who Live on the Round Ball that Floats in the Air and' 'Ten Boys Who Lived on the Road from Long Ago to Now,'  also by Jane Andrews, and is  intended as an elementary text book, with pronunciation and vocabulary lists in the back. Copyrighted in 1877. Measures 7" x 5". Covers show edge wear. There is a top piece of the cover missing on the backstrip and there are some minor stains on the back cover. The inside front cover is inscribed by a previous owner. Interior pages are slightly toned and soiled due to age. Otherwise fine.
Je Sais Lire -  Deanâ™s Rag Book Jerry and the Voice.   American Tract Society New York
12mo. 12 pp linen picture book. Vibrant colors with descriptive title for each. Measures 4 5/8" x 8 7/8: Vibrant color. Machine stitch along fold. 16 pp. Illustrated cover with thread tied binding, 5 illustrations mixed with the story. Jerry wanted God to speak to him. He is taught that the voice he hears when he is about to do something wrong is God's voice. 4 1/4" x 3" some staining, thread binding loose in spots but still solid
Johann Strauss Kinderspiele Polka Française, für das Pianoforte, op. 304 [Children's Games, French Polka for the Pianoforte]. Wien, C. A. Spina..1866 John Martin. A Chubby Book for Chubby Children. John Martin's Book House. New York.1922
7 pages, cover has a floral decoration along with the image of six children dancing in a circle. The inside cover contains a list of of other songs published by Johann Strauss and his two brothers Josef and Eduard. In German.  Measures 13 1/2" x 10 1/4".. Inscribed. Toned and soiled due to age. Tape repair on inside front cover. unpaginated. Applied  tri-colored printed cover over cloth spine, illustrated and printed images throughout, some pages with decorative borders, printed end papers, two-toned orange and black throughout. A book to bring happiness and virtue. Contains of variety of styles ranging from alphabet letters to poetry  to short stories all related to the Chubbies characters. 10" x 8". wear on cover, inner binding end paper torn, tears on pages-still able to read all text and see all illustrations
Johnny Crow's Party Johnny GruelleEddie ElephantM.ADonohue.Chicago.1921
Johnny Crow's Party
Price: $20.00
Reprint.  Unpaginated hard cover with paste down illustration.  Color frontispiece and full page illustrations periodically throughout the book.  Each page with black and white line drawings. Two small spots of faint discoloration on dust jacket.  See image. 39 pp. Red fabric cover, bright colorful in-text  illustrations throughout.  Story line is Eddie Elephant's day and his interactions with other animals such as Mabel Monkey, Katy Kangaroo, and Christopher Crocodile. Measures 7 1/2"  x 6".. light wear and sun fading on cover's edges, one page with stai.
Joseph Shaws Book. G. W. Mentz.Philadelphia.1823 Josiah Brewer. A Residence at Constantinople, in the Year 1827. With Notes to the Present Time. Durrie and Peck.New Haven.1830
Large format stenciled wraps. An applied label on the cover reads "Joseph Shaw's Book 1823". 20 unnumbered pages; 15 with verses.  Executed in a fine hand.  The verses include Church Fellowship I Cannot Tell Address to Young Ladies, written in a question an answer format penned in black and brown ink alternately. Ode on Washington's Birth Day Hymn by Pierpont The Genius of Masonry. Excerpt from Clymer's Anniversary "Strike, Strike the lyre, let cannons roar And haild the auspicious day When Freedoms sons undaunted swore To spurn a monarchs sway" Measures 12 1/2" x 18" . Covers detached and separated with wear.  Toning and discoloration first few pages. 384 pp. Leather cover, fold out map at back of book depicting "part of Turkey with Greece" with and inset of "Plan of Constantinople", dedication page to the "Members of the Boston Female Seminary, for the Promotion of Christianity among the Jews", second edition. "I went to the Mediterranean particularly with the view of investigating the condition of the Jews", the book follows his travels from leaving Boston to Gibraltar, Malta, Smyrna, and Constantinople. 7 1/4" x 4 1/4". wear on cover, foxing and some staining throughout, inscribed
Katherine M. YatesCollection of Katherine M. Yates booksSherwood Pub. Co. New York1906-1922 Kathleen Ainslie Dear Dirty Dolly . Castell Brothers Ltd. Frederick A. Stokes..London, New York.1908
5 books written by Katherine M. Yates: Through the Woods, 1906. 33 pp. Color printed cover. By the Roadside, 1908. 39 pp. Color printed cover. Along the Trail, 1912. 62 pp. Color printed cover. On the Hill-top, 1919. 45 pp. Color printed cover. In the Valley, 1922. 53 pp. Color printed cover. This copy was published by The Harmony Shop, Boston. All are part of the Marjorie and the Dream series. They are stories for "the little girl or boy within, who never has grown up, and never will grow up." each book- 7 1/4" x 5" 28 unnumbered pages.  Stiff wrappers.  The wooden doll was upset because Baby wouldn't look at her as Baby wanted a Black dolly and she was white.  She dipped herself in ink and did what she could to become Black.  The excited little girl told her Nursie about her new doll.  Nursie declared "what a dear little dirty dolly!"  She was immediately washed and soon a white wooden doll once again.  Measures 5 1/2" x 4 1/2"..
Kathy Tucker  Do Cowboys Ride Bikes? Book with Braille Interleaves. Albert Whitman & Company.Morton Grove, ILL.1997 Kay SwanThe Kay Swan Sew-Sew BookBarse & Co.NY.1929
Spiral bound unpaginated picture book with heavy plastic outer covers and interleaves printed in braille, while the profusely illustrated book has printed text throughout. Illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott. Humorous rhyming answers to fourteen questions about what it's like to be a cowboy.  Light to moderate wear.. Unnumbered pages includes both color and black and white illustrations. Few with captions suggesting that the items may make a nice hanky, etc. A note on the title page indicates this is a Needlework Book with Silk-Patterns-Needle and Transfers Fourteen (14) different pattern pages' each in black and white and color.  The designs include nursery rhyme characters, chicks, puppies, and circus performers. Each page has numerous transfer images.  Dust jacket with some repair. Measures 8" x 6 1/2".. some wear on dust jacket,
Knerr. The Katzenjammer Kids, an animated novelty book. John Martin's House, Inc. Kenosha, Wisconsin 1945 L Wardell A Delightful and Easy Method for Teaching Children to Read Music with extraordinary facility, by the arrangement of a house on the piano-forte. ..1857
unpaginated. Metal spiral bound printed color paper cover, movable parts and pop ups, book 1864. A movable book about Hans and Fritz Katzenjammer and their uncle, the Captain. Something is always happening to them. The book includes pop-up, a movable wheel, and sliding activity. 8" x 8 1/4". wear on cover, possibly missing a movable part-the legs of the Captain on the page with the alligator A way of learning how to play the piano-forte by L Wardell in which he instructs the player to image a house over the keys. Each key represents a different room or pillar of the house. Wardell claims that "this system has met with astonishing  success wherever it has been adopted."  Measures 10 1/4" x 4 1/2".. There are two separations.
L. Baum Frank. The Marvelous Land of Oz, Being an Account of the Further Adventures of Scarecrow and Tin Woodman... A Sequel to the Wizard of Oz . Reilly & Britton Co.Chicago.1904 La Visite a la Ferme [The Visit to the Farm]. Olivier-Pinot.France.c1876
287 pp. with green pictorial covers showcasing a whimsical illustration of the Tin Woodman shaking hands with the Scarecrow. 1st edition. Sixteen (16) full color plates plus black and white in-text illustrations. Features illustrated endpapers with the comedians Montgomery and Stone portraying the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow, respectively, in the 1902 musical, The Wizard of Oz. Illustrated by John R. Neill. Measures 9 1/4" x 7 1/4".. Rubbings on back strip. Ex-Libris on reverse of frontispiece. Binding cracked but intact. One of the full color illustrations is detached. Two pages, 152 & 153, have a stain in the center of the page. This does not effect visibility of the text. 24 pp (including covers) Eight (8) full page color plates plus the cover.  All with extreme detail. Plus black and white vignettes.  Tells the story of a man and his three children, Marie, Sophie, and Jules, when they visit a farm in the French country side. While there they see cows, learn how to milk them and make butter and cheese. Additionally they go to the barnyard and see a variety of animals, and participate in the harvest of the vegetable fields and fruit orchards. Lastly the children take a trip to the wine cellar. OCLC - 1 only (3/2018).   Inscription from a previous owner 1883. In French. Measures 10 3/4" x 8 3/4". Edge wear, covers partially detached at base (approximately 2 1/2"). Covers glued to margin top portion of book. Two stains on the front cover along the top left. Pages are toned and soiled due to age. Inscription by early owner.
Laura BancroftPrairie-Dog TownReilly & Britton Co.Chicago1906 Laura Beaumont Moseley (nee Hadley) Photo Album of her time at Vassar College
61 pp. Pictorial hard cover with red card stock end papers, no dust jacket, part of the the "Twinkle Tales" series, illustrations throughout by Maginel Wright Barney, story by Laura Bancroft (aka L. Frank Baum). A story about Twinkle and her friend Chubbins who explore the prairie dog holes and the animals who are watching them back. Chapters include The Picnic; Prairie-Dog Town; Mr. Bowko, the Mayor; Presto Digi, the Magician; The Home of the Puff-Pudgys; Teenty and Weenty; The Mayor Gives a Luncheon; On Top of the Earth Again. 7" x 5" The main item in this collection is a photo album that Laura put together of her time at Vassar between 1918 and 1920. There are images of her fellow classmates and teachers, and some campus buildings such as Taylor Hall, the library, and what appears to be her dorm room (labeled as 403 Main). Some of the individuals of note in the photographs are Professor Burges Johnson, Minne Cumnock Blodgett (a school Trustee), and Ella McCaleb (the college’s first dean in 1913). There are four large photographs of the 1919 Junior Party, an annual event at Vassar where plays and such were put on by the students. There is a paper doll chain in the album, that appears to to illustrate Laura and her four close girl friends: Pater, Cyr, Lucy, and Cherub. There are some family photographs in the album, most likely from when she was visiting the family farmstead, named Snake Rock Farm in Sandy Hook, CT. Additionally there are photographs of a large group of her friends and their beaus at an unknown lake. The majority of the photographs also have some notations by them such as “the three roommates” and “Delicious! May I have the recipe?” While the people in each photograph are often identified, it has been mostly done with either by a nickname or their initials. In addition to the album there several loose photographs, including what appears to be a class picture. Furthermore, there are over ten envelopes with negatives. These envelopes are addressed to one of Laura’s three address, 93 Whitney Ave (where her parents lived), Snake Rock Farm in Sandy Hook, and 403 Main (her address at Vassar) and sometimes include receipts.  There are just over a hundred black and white photographs, and approximately forty-five (45) corresponding film negatives. The photographs vary in size, ranging from 3” x 2” up to 9 ˝” x 6”.  Additionally, there are 5 duplicate photographs (4 loose, 1 in the album) of the library at Vassar. Also included in this collection are two homework assignments.  One of the assignments is an essay on the symbolic meaning of a circle (undated), and the other is an essay in Italian (dated November 26, 1919), on several prominent figures who recently visited America, such as the King and Queen of Belgium. The latter assignment is typed and graded, while the former is handwritten with no additional marks. The handmade magazine dates from May 1912, and appears to have been created by Laura in humor. It is three pages long including the title page. The second page has a quote from a geometry book discussing how to find the angle of a triangle. Below it is a humorous interpretation of that geometrical problem entitled “The Horrible Result of Trying this Experiment in the Town of Groton, Triangle ABC.” It shows an illustration of a street with two buildings, the town hall (with the sign “Who Enters Here Leaves Hope Behind, Town Hall”) and the Police Department. Laura is depicted near the police department looking up a man identified as Peter Zeus who is standing on the roof of the town hall. The illustrations shows the reader how to calculate the angle between Laura on the ground and Peter on the roof. Beside the town hall, is a small figure falling, which is meant to illustrate Peter is falling or jumping from the roof. The last page of the magazine has a Sonnet that hilariously discusses how to write a sonnet for class. To view this collection, please click on the following link:
Laura Lee Hope. The Bobbsey Twins at Cherry Corners. Grosset & Dunlap.New York.1927 Laura Lee Hope. The Bobbsey Twins in Washington. Grosset & Dunlap.New York.1919
244 pp. Stamped cloth cover with applied color paper label showing a boy and girl in the meadow with daisies, black and white illustrated frontispiece and 3 plates The adventures of Nan and Bert  and Flossie and Freddie Bobbsey. 7 1/2" x 5 1/4". wear on cover, slight foxing starting, inscribed 244 pp. Stamped cloth cover with applied color paper label showing a boy and girl in the meadow with daisies, black and white illustrated frontispiece and 3 plates The adventures of Nan and Bert  and Flossie and Freddie Bobbsey as their family travels to Washington. 7 1/2" x 5 1/4". no dust wrapper, slight wear on cover, paper clip rust stains on advertising pages in back, inscribed
Le Petit Ourson Qui Crie (The Little Bear Crying). Mulder & Zoon.Amsterdam.1940s Learning to Count: or, "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe." With 10 illustrationsPrinted in Oil ColorsEngraved by Hoppin.Hurd and Houghton.New York.
14 pp. soft cover.  French language. An endearing book about a mischievous little bear, named Michou, and the trouble he gets into both at school and at the pool.  Illustrations are in both color and black and white. Measures 8 1/2" x 7 3/4" . There is a large stain on the cover mostly on the front left corner, but some of it is also on the back cover. The covers are also partially detached in this area. Additionally, there is some missing surface litho on the front left corner. Edge wear. The interior pages are toned due to age. 21 unnumbered pages. Yellow pictorial cover, illustrated by Hoppin, engraved by Fay and Cox. The nursery rhyme "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" arranged with black and white engraved illustrations. 8" x 6 1/2". text block detached from cover, some staining and wear
Leonora Pease. Four and Twenty Dollies. Hamming Publishing Co. Chicago. 1914 Les Maitres Humoristes=Numero 7, Lucien Metivet Juven. Paris. 1907
94 pp. Applied printed color cover, verses by Leonora Pease with vibrant color illustrations by Ella Dolbear Lee. A collection of verses and illustrations of different dolls. Does have stereotyped derogatory comments and images common to the time period. Has dolls including, the little bisque belle, the little jap man, the pickaninny dolls, the calico girl and worsted boy, little eskimo doll, candy mermaid, sailor boy blue, and Chief Zula Lu OCLC: 4 (10/10/2016) 9 3/4" x 8". some wear and staining on cover, inside binding split on title page-all pages are still intact , occasional finger prints on pages, spine material has come off in spots, ex libris sticker over inscription unpaginated. Printed color paper cover, periodical, sketches with quotes. "Les Maitres Humoristes: Les meilleurs Dessins, Les meilleures Legendes" translates to  the Comedian Masters; the best drawings, the best legends. Lucien Metivet (1863-1930/32) was a French poster artist, illustrator, cartoonist, and author. A collection of cartoon sketches with quotes entirely in French. 9 1/2" x 6 3/4". small tears in cover spine, all text in French, has glassine cover
Les Maitres Humoristes=Numero 9, Hermann=Paul Juven. Paris. 1907 Light - c1940s - A Diorama Created by a 4th Grader
unpaginated. Printed color paper cover, periodical, sketches with quotes. "Les Maitres Humoristes: Les meilleurs Dessins, Les meilleures Legendes" translates to  the Comedian Masters; the best drawings, the best legends. René Georges Hermann-Paul (1864-1940) was a French artist and illustrator. A collection of cartoon sketches with quotes entirely in French. 9 1/2" x 6 3/4". some tears in cover, foxing starting, all text in French, has glassine cover Handmade Diorama or Pop-up Book Created by a child as a school project.  Titled “Light” by John Crocker c1940s. Includes three (3) of four (4) original multi-dimensional pop-ups hand cut and water colored scenes constructed to demonstrate the evolution of light through the ages. These scenes include: Scene 1. Prehistoric Man – Torch – depicts prehistoric men in dimensional cave setting; one holds a torch; the other writes hieroglyphs of sorts. Scene 3. Pioneer Home – depicts a dimensional log cabin setting; pioneer woman pouring hot wax in a candle mold, while a candle burns on the table. Decorated in early American style. Scene 4. Edison’s Laboratory – Incandescence Light – depicts the interior of what most likely the Menlo Park laboratory; Thomas Edison seated at a table, feverishly at work in a room illuminated with incandescent light. Shelves are lined with scientific supplies and instruments. Measures 9” x 12”. Paper cover with applied lettering. Cover and edge wear. Unfortunately one scene is not present. .
Lillian HobanMrPig and FamilyHarper & Row.New York.1980 Lily's Picture Book. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.c1890
64 pp. Printed color cover with matching dust jacket, color illustrations throughout, An I Can Read Book. Mr. Pig gets married to Selma Pig. When she tries to tell him that his son Sonny Pig will have a half baby brother or sister, Mr. Pig is confused about what the other half will be. A silly tale about a a pig family. 8 3/4" x 6 1/4". has dust jacket This book includes four poems and their corresponding full=page, color chromolithographs. The poems are: Sister Nell, Dollie, Golden Hair, and Dog Shaggie. The images themselves are richly colored. The front cover is green with gilded accents. The main images is of a trellis with climbing ivy. There are four smaller images depicted within circles. Measures 10 1/4" x 6 3/4". Missing the top left corner of the front cover. Minor stains to the corners near the bindings on both the front and back covers. Interior pages are slightly toned and soiled due to age.  Interior cover page has an inscription from a previous owner (Carrie K Knox, North Sterling Connecticut).
Little ABC Book. ..c1880 Little Boys and Girls ABC. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.1884
A wonderful example of a nineteenth century linen ABC book featuring a wonderful cover design with block printed with letters colored in red. The covers depict varies designs meant to appear as though they stamped designs. Addtionally the front cover depicts a young blond hair girl reading, and the back cover shows the same girl playing with a doll. The interior pages are printed in a 2 x 3 grid, with letter printed in one square and the corresponding image in the one next to it. The book covers everything from Anvil to Zebra. Has the appearance of a McLoughlin Brothers books, but no publisher is listed. 12 pp (including wrappers) 5 3/4" x 4 1/2". Covers are soiled due to age. Edges are fraying. Binding is held with a pin. Bottom corners are curled and folded. 12 pp (including covers). Each page has three to four letters on it. Each illustration is accompanied by a corresponding letter. On the bottom of each page is the description, such as "N Nosegay. O Owl. P Parrot." On the front and back interior covers there is a more detailed alphabet poem that matches the illustrations. "N is a Nosegay Besprinkled with dew, Picked in the morning, And given to you. Measures 9" x 6". Covers fully detached. Previous owner inscription on the first page. Interior pages show moderate foxing and toning, with some small stains that do not impact either the text or the illustrations.
Little George; or Temptation Resisted .Kiggins & Kellogg . New York . 1850s Little Goody TwoshoesMcLoughlin Bros..New York.1850
16 pp. wrapper with 7 illustrations. The back of the chapbook, states that this is apart of Redfield's Toy Books: Four Series of Twelve Books Each. This book is the from the third series, No. 4. Depending on when the book was published the address of the publisher varies either it is 88 John Street or 123 & 125 William St. on wrapper. The publisher was on John St. between 1849 and 1856 (like this book), and on William St. between 1856 and 1857. At the end there is a poem entitled, "Schoolboy Days." The book tells the story of a young boy named George who is tempted by a classmate to steal a farmer's fruit. The cover is pink with a light faded stain on the top left, and a few splotches on the back. The string used to bind the book is loose, and can be seen through the binding. As a result the pages are the book are loosened from the cover, but they are still attached. There is a stain on the top left of the first few pages, but it has faded and doesn't not effect the text or images of the book. There is some soiling and toning throughout. Measures 4 1/2" x 3". unnumbered. Printed yellow  paper cover illustrated in black and red, text with black and white illustrations throughout. The story of Margery Meanwell and her struggles. She and her brother are orphaned and Margery has only one shoe. She is taken in and given two shoes which she proudly displays and earns the nickname Little Goody Twoshoes. She works hard to teach herself then her friends how to read and write. 9 1/2" x 6". wear on cover, text block detached from cover
Little Henry .American Sunday School Union . Philadelphia . 1857-1893? Little Orphan Annie and Jumbo, the Circus Elephant
16 pp. wrapper, with one illustration. Apart of a series published by the American Sunday School Union, called Child's Home Library. The book tells the story of Henry, a little boy, who learns that even children can do the Lord's work, in every day small acts of kindness. Ends with a hymn. Slight foxing and toning. Measures 4 1/4" x 2 3/4". 22 pp. litho on board book printed in black and white with full page and in-text illustrations and three (2) two-page full color pop-ups of Orphan Annie with two elephants, Annie with a dog jumping through a hoop and Annie balancing on a seesaw between a dog and a pig. Copyright 1935 Famous Artists Syndicate.  Harold Lentz paper engineer.
Little Pleasewell's Greedy Ben .McLoughlin Brothers . New York . c1870 Little Prayers for Little Children.   American Sunday-School Union Philadelphia c. 1840s
8 pp. wrapper, with 4 illustrations, colored. The story, told in verse, is a moral of boy who steals cherries from a farmer and his punishment. The cover is printed in color, and shows some wear with intact tears by the binding. The cover itself is almost completely detached from the rest of the book. There is some foxing, soiling and toning throughout. Measures 4 1/2"x 3 1/2". 8 pp. Blue illustrated printed cover, illustrations. Prayers are for "In the Morning" "At Night" "A Prayer for a Child who is in trouble" and "A Thanksgiving when a Child has recieved a favour from God" 3" x 2" inscribed, slight staining
Little Songs Of Long Ago "More Old Nursery Rhymes" Loretta Moore Loopin and Jaggers, Books 1-4 - Adventures in Space, Clock-Makers, Bubble-Makers and the Land of the Friendly Camel. Blue Ribbon, Limited.Toronto.1945
Unpaginated. (65p.) Stamped Illustrated Hard Cover. An illustrated collection of traditional nursery rhymes with accompanying music. Full page relevant illustration verso with muscia and verse recto. Measures 11 1/2" x 8 3/4". A set of four books featuring the characters Loopin the Elfin and Jaggers the Cat. The four books are Loopin and Jaggers in the Town of the Clock-Makers, Loopin and Jaggger in the Town of the Bubble-Makers, Loopin and Jaggers in the Town of Candlemakers, and Loopin and Jaggers in the Land of the Friendly Camel. Fine imagery with full color illustrations and corner vignettes. All four books were published by Blue Ribbon, a company who sold a variety of cooking products such as coffee, cocoa, tea, backing powder, and baking chocolate. One could only receive the books by collecting the coupons on each of their products. Measures 6 3/4" x 4 3/4".. Minor edge ware and soiling.
Louise Robyn Peter Pan Pictures, Four Characteristic Pieces for the Piano. Clayton F Summy Co.Chicago.1932 Lovely Chromolithograph Menu Hotel du Quirinal
4 pp, the cover depicts Peter Pan dancing with his shadow while playing his pan flute with Tinker Bell flying above him. This piece was a set of four that could be bought separately or together. This sheet music contains only one piece, 'Wendy Gives Peter a Thimble.' The other three pieces that make up the set are (not included): 'Peter Dances with his Shadow' (depicted on the cover), 'The Never, Never Land', and 'The Wendy House'. Measures 12" x 9 1/4".. Minor toning and soiling due to age. A 5 Ľ” x 7 ˝” ornately decorated menu card depicting an elaborate parlor or dining room setting with a large mirror or marque in the background that displays the bill of fare.  A pair of puti at sides.  An elegant couple seated at the table with personal servants nearby.   Floral festoons about.  The reverse is the Carte des Vins.  Stab. Lit. C. Virano. C’ Roma.  Small corner chip. .
M B Cormack The First Book of Stones. Franklin Watts Inc.New York.1950 Mabel DeanThe Magic May TreeHutchinson's Books for Young PeopleLondonc. 1944
93 pp,, grey cloth boards with a stamped design on the front cover of a hammer and a rock. There are numerous black and white illustrations on every page by M K Scott. The book starts with "Perhaps you don't know one stone from another - very few people do. But perhaps you have collected some stones already, because they were pretty or odd looking. You'd like to know what they are, where they came from, and what they are made of. This book answers your questions." The book continues to describe how to start a rock collection, how to identify rocks, how to go on a 'real collecting' trip, and even how to make shelves for your rock collection. The book's endpapers are diagrams of different stones described in the book. Measures 8 1/2" x 7 1/4" . Cover have very minor edge wear, with several small stains on the front. The book itself has been bent in a slight upwards curve. Previous owner inscription on front free endpaper. 38 pp. Green cloth cover with color illustrated dust jacket that has been covered with plastic. Color illustrations interspersed with text and black and white sketches. Illustrated by Anne Rochester. The story of a May tree growing in Margaret May's yard. Margaret plans parties for her dolls under the tree but disobeys her mother and meets a goblin. The story grows dark until Margaret and her uncle discover their May tree is more than a may tree. OCLC: 7 (8/24/2016) 7 1/2" x 9 1/2". inscribed in pencil on inside front cover, plastic covered dust jacket
Major's Alphabet. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.c1870 Margaret Wise Brown . Little Fur Family. Harper & Brothers Publishers. 1946
This ABC book is rather unique, in that instead of finding items that start with the corresponding letter, they use names. For each letter of the alphabet they name a person and the action they are performing. For example: A is Ann, with milk from the cow... G is Georgiana, shooting an arrow... Q is Quintus, armed with a lance." Each colorful illustration depicts this action, and there is generally three letters on a page. The front cover shows two young girls reading from a book. The back cover has a printed advertisement for wooden block toys. 12 pp (including yellow wrappers). Measures 8 1/2" x 5 1/4" . Minor tear to front cover and missing lower right corner. The back cover is missing three small pieces along the edge. Covers semidetached. Sewing repair to binding. The book tells the story of a little fur family that live in a tree trunk in the woods. The story showcases the little fur child as he leaves his house and explores the surrounding woods for the day. He encounters other creatures like him, as well as others that are very different, such as a fish and a flying bug. In one of the book's most memorable sequences, he even encounters a tiny version of himself, which he kisses and sends it on its way.  At the end of the day he returns home to dinner with his parents who then tuck him in and sing him to sleep. This book was one of the first collaborations between writer Margaret Brown and illustrator Garth Williams. Little Fur Family was a notable due to its fur cover.  The original edition of the book was entirely wrapped in real rabbit fur. This first edition had 50,000 copies printed, and it has been estimated that 15,000 rabbits were killed and skinned to provide enough fur for the covers. It came in a pictorial box with circular cut-out in the bear's stomach through which the fur protrudes. Later editions of the book only featured a patch of fur, mostly like fake fur, on the front cover. This is the first edition of this book, completely covered in rabbit's fur. The front fur cover is torn, but the fur covering makes it barely noticeable unless one opens the book. There is some slight deterioration stains on the pages where the paper has been in contact with glue used to adhere the fur. It comes in its original box, which is slighted browned and rubbed in the corners. This used to be a library copy so there are a few partial library stamps still visible on the box.
Marjorie Weinman Sharmat. I'm Terrific. Scholastic Book Services. New York, n.d. Mark Twain . The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Tom Sawyer's Comrade). Harper & Brothers.New York .1923
unpaginated. Printed paper cover, black, white, and orange illustrations by Kay Chorao, printed on peach paper. Jason Everett Bear lives with his mother in the forest. He loves himself and is very proud of himself because he does everything he is supposed to. He gets teased by the other animals who think he is a show off and " mama's bear" . He tries to act differently by getting into trouble but soon realizes that does not work. 9 1/4" x 7 1/2". paper back with minimal creasing on spine, scholastic price sticker 421 pp. Cloth cover with color applied pictorial, color frontispiece, black and white illustrations by Worth Brehm. The classic story by Mark Twain. A nineteenth-century boy from a Mississippi River town recounts his adventures as he travels down the river with a runaway slave, encountering a family involved in a feud, two scoundrels pretending to be royalty, and Tom Sawyer's aunt who mistakes him for Tom. 9 1/4" x 6 1/4". wear on cover, binding starting to loosen, inscribed
Mark Twain. The Prince and the Pauper: A Tale for Young People of All Ages. Harper & Brothers.New York.1917 Marmaduke Multiplier. Munroe and Francis.Bsoton.
285 pp. Cloth cover with stamped frame around applied color illustration, frontispiece, 7 color plates. Illustrated by Franklin Booth. The story of two boys who look identical but live very different lives. One, Tom Canty,  an abused pauper and the other, Prince Edward, son of King Henry VI. 9 1/4" x 7" . inscribed in pencil, owners exlibris, foxing, text block loosening from binding 71 pp wrapper w period leather replacement cover.  Relevant black and white woodcut illustrations with multiplication solution and rhyming verse on each page.  e.g. Twice 8 are 16.   Yonder lions to be seen.  4 times 9 are 36.  Your medicine I soon will mix.  Decorative border elements page corners.  Back cover promotes publishers other products.  Measures 5 3/4" x 4 1/2". . Front cover detached but present.
Mary Ann; or, how a child can give itself to Jesus and Little James.   American Tract Society New York c 1867 Mary Harvey The Story of Snoopy and Sally-Ann. cover pulled away from bottom staple, light discoloration and some staining, inscribed. c. 1957
32 pp. Applied marble cover, two stories 16 pp each. Two stories, Mary Ann no. 51 , discusses a new Sabbath school in New York and Little James no. 52, which describes a boy who memorizes Dr. Watts' First Catechism before he could read. 4 1/2" x 3" cover worn, foxing and staining on pages, pencil inscription 16 pp, color illustrated cover. Color illustrations throughout by author.  Story of a girl and her dog encountering fairies. Fantasy and whimsy throughout.  Measures 11 1/4" x 8 3/4". cover pulled away from bottom staple, light discoloration and some staining, inscribed.
Mary PhippsLiza Jane and the KinkiesJ.H. Sears and Company, Inc.New York1929 Mary Windsor. Soap and Bubbles-A Picture Story Book. Whitman Publishing Co. Racine, Wisconsin.1935
91 unnumbered pages. Illustrated applied tri-color hard cover, black cloth spine, illustrated by author in black and red, illustrated end papers. Story about a little girl, Liza Jane, who lives on a plantation where her parents work. She tries to entertain herself and at a moment of quiet the stone she is sitting on bursts open and four little fairies emerge. They tell Liza about their history and they take her to their land. Although a pleasant story does contain stereotypical vernacular and some derogatory comments. 11" x 8" unpaginated. Printed paper cover with stapled binding, color illustrations throughout by Ruth E. Newton. Verses by Mary Windsor of activities including going to the beach, playing, visiting the park, and riding in a carriage. 13" x 9 3/4". wear on cover, rip on cover, slight staining
Mary's Book of HymnsAtwood & BrownConcord1847 Master Henry's Visit at Mrs Green's and his return .Merriam & Moore .  . 1851
16 pp. Blue illustrated printed paper cover, illustrations in book, cover lists "S.H. Colesworthy: Portland" as publisher,Seventh Series-no. 7. Hymn book with short religions lessons on behavior for children. Titles include Industrious William, The Violet, To a Little Girl that has Told a Lie, and A Naughty Boy. 4" x 2 1/2" . light staining on cover 24 pp. wrapper with 9 illustrations. This book tells part of a abridged version of Mary Martha Sherwood's History of Henry Milner. The story is broken up in to two sections, the visit and the return. The cover is pink with a very small section missing on the bottom left. The back cover is an advert for the series "Milner Toys." It lists all six books in the series, this book is number four. There is also some general toning. Measures 6" x 4".
Master Henry's Visit at Mrs Green's and his return .Merriam & Moore .  . 1851 Master Henry's Walk
Master Henry's Walk
Price: $55.00
24 pp. wrapper with 9 illustrations. This book tells part of a abridged version of Mary Martha Sherwood's History of Henry Milner. The story is broken up in to two sections, the visit and the return. The cover is pink with a very small section missing on the bottom left. The back cover is an advert for the series "Milner Toys." It lists all six books in the series, this book is number four. There is also some general toning. Measures 6" x 4". 24pp. . Paper wraps. Hand colored cover decoration. Milner' Toys Series. Nine in-text woodcut engravings, including title page vignette. Adventures with Mr. Dalben and Master Henry Milner. Measures 3 3/4" x 6".
Mattie Pounds Work and Workers in the Mission Fields of the Christian Woman's Board of Missions. Christian Woman's Board of Missions..1902 Maxwell Dudley.A Picture Story Book for Children.Whitman Publishing Co. Racine, Wisconsin 1934
36 pp (including covers printed on crinkled paper). The front cover has a stamped red board design of Fleur-de-lys with a gild title. This is the 3rd Edition of this book, and was prepared by Mattie Pounds the National Superintendent of the Young People's Work. Each page of this book has numerous black and white photographs "showing pictures of some of the missionaries, mission buildings, natives, idols, customs, etc." What is particularly poignant about some of these photographs are the images of the 'natives' at work or in orphanages, or their 'heathen' idols. At the time of publication there were missionaries in six countries: the United States (located in multiple states but mainly the south directed towards African Americans), India, Mexico, Jamaica, China, and Puerto Rico (then called Porto Rico).   Measures 10 3/4" x 7 3/4". To view additional images: The binding staples have caused slight rusts stains at the center of the middle interior page. Minimal toning due to age. The publishing date of this book is inferred using the members of the board, and the missionaries listed in each location. 30 pp. Applied printed color cover, extended title: Containing the Stories of Peter Rabbit, Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, and Three Bears, color and black and white illustrations. Stories told for very young children by the author. 12" x 9 1/2". wear on cover, possible water damage on edge, inside binding split, some discoloration, inscribed
May Byron. Millicent Sowerby Illustrator.. The Counterpane Book. Henry Frowde, Hodder and Stoughton.London.1913 McBride's Comic Dialogues for School Exhibitions and Literary Entertainments. A collection of original humorous dialogues designed or the development of amateur dramatic talent.  H. Elliott McBride Dick and Fitzgerald New York 1873
Embossed illustrated paper wraps. unpaginated.  Color frontispiece. Black and white full page line drawing illustrations and border decoration throughout.   The story of Joyce and Robin and Jacko the Jackdow who lead them from adventure to adventure.  3 OCLC - 10/17/16.. Light cover wear. 179 pp, applied cover, collection of dialogues for school children, lists characters and props for each scenario, preface by author, beginning and end pages contain advertisement for publisher's other books. 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" binding loosening, cover worn on edges,  foxing throughout, faded inscription on cover, "Alfred Williams" N. C. bookseller label on inside front cover
Memoir of Mary Lothrop, Who Died in Boston, March 18, 1831, Aged Six Years and Three MonthsAmerican Tract SocietyNew York1832 Miniature Manuscript The Lords Prayer and Apostles Creed. .Slatington PA.c1860
108 pp. Applied marble cover, frontispiece. The story of Mary Lothrop, who was taught to be pious and obedient. She talks with her mother about why her little sister died, her entry to school is discussed, and how her heart fails in the end, all while keeping her religious faith. 6" x 3 1/2" A 4 1/2" x 3 3/4"  sheet with a miniature hand penned and decorated Lord's Prayer and Apostles Creed.  The Lords Prayer is written horizontally and measures 5/8" in diameter.   The Creed is written in a circular format.  Extensive geometric starburst devices around the Lords Pray and intricate geometric scolloped designs surrounding the Creed.  An eternal wreath with flowers and leaves surrounds the work.  Pennsylvania Dutch influence. Caption at base reads ""Being justified by faith we have peach with God through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen".  Reverse is blank.  Found in an envelope addressed to Miss Nellie Hughes of Slatington PA. .
Momberger, William Visit to the Menagerie, Aunt Louisa's Big Picture Series.. McLoughlin.. Mother Goose
Mother Goose
Price: $175.00
6] leaves, [6] leaves of plates.  18 chromolithograph illustrations. Cover illustration of running lion.  Rhyming story is titled Visit to the Zoological Gardens.  The first illustration depicts children on sedan chair riding an elephant. Numerous animals depicted. Measures 10 3/4" x 9".  Back cover promotes New Picture Books for Little Children. 71 & 73 Duane St., NY. . Light to moderate cover wear. 24pp. heavy card stock accordion or concertina style book. Illustrated by Mary La Fetra Russell. Printed front and back. Each page depicts and illustrates a different nursery rhyme with a portion of the rhyme at the base of the page. Charming imagery.  Includes all of the favorites plus a few less known including Tommy Snooks and Baby Brooks; Daffy-down-dilly and Wooley Foster has gone to sea. Generalized light to moderate wear. Measures 9 1/4" x 11" when folded.
Mother Goose CutOut Picture Book . National Art Co. .New York.c1930s Mother Goose or the Old Nursery Rhymes
A four leaf book including the covers. Wraps  Images of Little Bo Peep on the front and Little Red Ridinghood on the back.  The inside covers of have the Little Bo Peep rhyme and story of Litte Red Ridinghood.  A costume page for each character. Directions included.   The head of the Bo-Peep on cover is die-cut for proper placement of the costumes.  Each has die-cuts for costume tab placement.  Measures 13 3/4" x 7 1/2".  . Unpagenated. Litho on board covers. Full page illustrations with rhyming verse at base. Collection of Nursery Rhymes. Front free paper detached but present. Hinge is loose but attched. Intact tears last two pages 3in. along back strip. Measures 5" x 7".
Mother's Series: Miss Vanity's Holiday. McLoughlin Brothers. New York. c1870s Mozart The Alphabet. ..c1890
Tells the story of Miss Vanity and how her pride, and love of fine dresses almost costs here everything. The story is written in verse with the moral of the story printed on the last page. Each page has its own wonderfully colored illustration. The publisher's advertisement on the back reads: "Picture books for little children ... 66 different kinds, for six cents each." Some light cover wear, and minimal general toning due to age. Otherwise fine. Measures 6" x 4 3/4". A single fold page of sheet music entitled "The Alphabet". The song is exactly as the title implies, it is simple the letters of the  alphabet set to music. There are three parts, 1st Soprano, 2nd Soprano and Alto. Measures 10 1/4" x 6 1/2".. Partially separated, minor toning due to age. The bottom edge of the sheet has minor tears and is missing a small section.
Mrs. C Durang The Way to Happiness, A Moral Story. Fisher & Brother.Philadelphia.1860 Mrs. C.W. Denison The Child-Angel. A nson D.F. Randolph.New York.1860
This look book tell the story of Mrs Mortimer and the school she opened after she became a widow. The story focuses on her two children, Josephine and Edward, her one of her favored pupils, Emma. There are eight black and white lithographs illustrating important scenes. The book is inscribed on the inside front cover; it was given to a student by her teacher. On the inside back cover, there is a list of other books that were a part of "The Child's Evergreen Miniature Library." 192 pp. Decorated pink cloth binding, with gilt edges. Measures 3" x 2 1/2". Slight cover and edge wear due to rubbing. The covers are soiled and faded, as is the gilt edges. The covers are partially detached from the text book. Interior pages have some minor foxing, soiling and stains due to age. 16 pp. Printed soft cover, full text, originally printed in The Mother's Journal. The religious story of sweet little three year old Antoinette who befriends Loose Ben, the sixteen year old slouching, dirty fire-maker at the Nelson Hotel. Antoinette asks Ben if she loves and prays to God. He responds yes but later confesses that he lied and until that morning did not. Ben has a change of heart. Little Antoinette is then spoken of as in her coffin and covered in roses when Ben finds her again. 4 1/4" x 2 3/4". slight wear, foxing
Mrs. Sherwood Soffrona and her Cat Muff. T. Mason and G. Lane.New York.1837 Mrs. Sherwood The Rose. An Allegory. Mahlon Day.New York.1836
26 pp. Printed paper cover, frontispiece, illustrations. The story of a young girl and her rescue of a cat. Soffrona and her 'sister' Sophia were sitting by the water when some boys tried to drown a cat. They chased the boys away and took the cat home. The young kitten was not able to eat. Soffrona was so worried about the kitten. The next day she and Sophie went to deliver a warm petticoat to the woman down the road. The woman was upset because while she was out collecting sticks for her fire, some boys snuck in and stole the kitten of her cat. Soffrona was thrilled and let the kitten out to find her mother. The story contains many religious teachings. OCLC: 2 (Dec. 7, 2016) 4 1/2" x 2 3/4". staining on cover, foxing throughout, inscribed 17 pp. Printed soft cover, illustrations. The adventure of the author exploring on a May night and encountering fairies. The writer sees one fairy taller than the rest with a crown of diamonds and the name Gloriana. In her hand is a rose instead of a sceptre with which to bestow the never-fading rose on one who has been most profitable. The writer get s to hear why each fairy believes she should be the recipient. 5" x 3 1/4". wear on cover, foxing
multipleMerry Times for Boys and GirlsPorter and CoatesPhiladelphia1878 Muriel Nelson d'Auvergne An Anthology of Babyhood. Hutchinson Co.London.1912
400 pp. Applied color illustrated front cover, applied illustrated black and white back cover. A collection of prose and poetry literature, heavily illustrated, contibutors include Louisa May Alcott, R.M. Ballantyne, Mary Lamb, Aesop, Alfred Tennyson,  Clement Moore and more. Inscribed to Bessie P. Wiley Christmas 1895. 9" x 6 1/2". wear on cover, inscribed A collection of poetry and lullabies for a child. The book has been divided into twelve different sections, with only a number as a title. At the start of each section is a small black and white charming illustration. There are also a few random illustrations throughout the book. The only illustration in color is the frontispiece, and it showcases a baby in her baptism dress and cap. The end papers are a whimsical piece in pink, of "The Week of Babies". This book was edited & compiled by Muriel Nelson d'Auvergne, and illustrated by T.J. & E.A. Overnell. Measures 6 3/4" x 4 1/2". . Light surface wear and fading on cover.
Museum of Foreign Animals or History of Beasts.   S. Babcock New Haven c. 1840 My Little Darling's Pictorial ABC. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.1899
16 pp. green illustrated cover with thread tied binding, 7 engravings. Museum of Animals describes large animals such as the lion, elephant, giraffe, and bear. The book, which is not dated, discusses Pompey the lion in London and how he died 80 years ago-the lion died in 1758. 4 1/2" x 2 3/4" staining, cover wearing, criss cross stitched binding, inscribed A charming and unique ABC book with full-color chromolithographs. There is an illustration for each letter, with generally two per page. Each image has a printed upper and lower case letter and imagery depicting the verse printed beneath. Some examples of the verses are: C begins Cat, and Carpet, and Cup. E is or Elephant, monstrous and high. R stands for Rabbits, for Fanny, for John. Front cover depicts two young children, a boy and a girl, reading from a large ABC book. The back cover has printed advertisements for other series by the publisher. Some of the pages have offset printing errors. 16 pp (including wrappers). Measures 10 1/2" x 7". . Covers are soiled with some stains. Tear on the front cover and minor penciling near the top. Back cover is missing piece of left bottom corner. Made-do homespun fabric back strip repair, rest of the binding is loose. Interior pages are soiled/toned due to age.
My Mother's Gold Ring. Founded on Fact.Ford and DamrellBoston1833 My Own Picture BookTruman and SmithCincinnatic. 1835
24 pp. Blue printed paper cover, full text, sewed binding, Number one of series, seventeenth edition. "first of a series of stories, of which it possible may be the beginning and the end" from to the reader. A story of a woman and her misery when her husband begins drinking. 5" x 3 1/2". some wear and staining on cover and on pages 16 pp. Red illustrated printed paper cover, engraving throughout, 'by a friend to youth.' Short descriptions with illustrations, mostly biblical but also one with playtime and one with elephant, writing addressed to "William." 4 1/4" x 2 1/4". wear on cover, foxing, binding coming loose
My Real Doll House, with Cut-Out and Stand-Up Illustrations and Colored Lithograph. Saalfield Publishing Company.Akron, Ohio.c1910 Nancy Pritchard White Nursery Rhyme Puppet Book. Jack Built Toy Mf'g Co..Los Angeles.1957
My Real Dollhouse is an activity book where each page when cut out and properly folded makes one room of the doll house. Along with the directions the following rooms are included the Kitchen, the Garden, the Play-Room Circus, the Living-Room, the Nursery, the Dining Room. The rooms are wonderfully charming colored lithographs depicting scenes in each room. The covers There are no dolls with this book. Measures 13" x 10". Heavy edge wear. The covers themselves are soiled and partially detached and the back cover has a section that is fully detached. The interior pages are fully detached, and the direction sheet is toned and brittle due to age. The rooms themselves have some edge wear and  are tone, and cut out. There are crease marks where they were folded in order to make them stand, and in some cases there are slight tears along these folds. An 11" x  13" litho on press board spiral bound book.  Edited and Illustrated by Florence and Bob Dalton,   There is  one die-cut stage page with proscenium on the front  and directions  for use on the reverse or “the behind the scenes”.  There are also eight (8) quarter page nursery rhymes pages with the verse on the left pages and an image of the backs of the heads of the audience on the right.  The stage is designed with three slots to insert the base of the stick puppets.  It includes 16 stick actors and prop puppets with a die-cut  character(s) on top of each stick. They are stored in captioned slots on the inside front cover that also displays instructions.  .  The verses include Little Miss Muffett, Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Hickory, Dickory, Dock, Jack Be Nimble, Georgie Porgie, Little Bo-Peep, and Hey, Diddle Diddle.  Night scene on back inside cover.    . Scuffing and surface wear. Complete.
Needlework Copy Book Toilette Present for Ladies No. V. ..1860s Neues Carricaturen Spiel [New Caricatures Game]. .Germany.1870
16 pp. Decorative wraps. Sets of alphabets and numbers in various fonts, both upper and lower case. No printer or publisher indicated. Measures 4 1/2" x 3".  Cover wear.. A 15 1/2" x 12" hand-colored lithographic German board game with anthropomorphic characters. Originally illustrated by Jakob Schmitt some time between 1820-1830, this is a reprint on thick board from around 1870. There are are forty-one (41) numbered squares, half of have characters in them. Square #41 is the large drawing in the center that depicts anthropomorphic characters at a banquet. There are instructions at the bottom, in German.. Minor edge wear and toning due to age.
Nina Wilcox PutnamSunny BunnyP.FVolland Co..New York.1918 Noah's Ark.  Dorothy Bell Briggs Rand McNally & Co Chicago 1946
unpaginated. Printed color cover, color illustrated end papers,color illustrations throughout by Johnny Gruelle, 15th edition. Sunny Bunny and his family are in a bind, the farmer has plowed up all the grassy land and Sunny Bunny being a respectable and honest bunny will not steal from the gardens. He moves his family and is almost out of hope when he encounters Bobby and betty, two children who are sad because they set up a beautiful home for guinea pigs but their uncle can no longer get the guinea pigs. Sunny Bunny and the children come to an agreement. 7 1/4" x 6". wear on cover, some staining in book, two pages have spots where the page has lifted-does not impact ability to read the story Applied cover board book, colorful illustrations, Rand McNally Junior Elf Book, 8026. A brief story of Noah's Ark with vibrant cartoon images. Large simple words for early readers. 6 1/2" x 5"
Nursery Primer Nursery Tales Children Love
Nursery Primer
Price: $28.00
24 pp primer with color illustrations of children at work and play on covers. Woodcut on inside cover depicts older child playing teacher in a classroom setting. Title page depicts a ring of children around the world.  Includes 18 different lessons. Printed on pulp or short fiber paper. New York: The Platt & Munk Co Inc, 1933. Hardcover. Good +. Eulalie. 77 pp. profusely illustrated with full page color numerous colored and some B&W in text illustrations. There are eight stories told in this book: The little red hen and the grain of wheat -- The Tale of Peter Rabbit -- The Three Little Pigs -- The Cock, the Mouse and the Little Red Hen -- The Story of Little Black Sambo -- The Gingerbread Boy -- Chicken Little -- The Three Little Kittens. The cover shows some general wear, and damage to the top of the binding. The inside pages show light toning, and two illustrations during the story of The Three Little Pigs have blue crayoning. 12 1/4" x 10".
Oak Hall PictorialOak HallBoston1854 Old Dame and Her Silver Sixpence. McLoughlin Bros..New York.c. 1890s
15 pp. Illustrated printed paper cover, illustrations throughout with associated text. Advertisement for Oak Hall, clothing store on North Street Boston, prose of store history and advertising for juvenile patrons with illustrations. 6 1/4" x 5 1/4". some wear on cover, water stain on inside pages unpaginated. Printed soft cover with cloth spine hand sewn, illustrations, Pleasure Books. An old dame founf a silver sixpence while sweeping her home. She went to town and traded it for a white pig. While trying to get home, the pig refuses to go over the stile. She tries to get a dog to bite the pig but ends up having no one listening to her until a a smart mouse comes along. 5 1/2" x 4 1/2". some staining
Old Mother Bruin and Her Foolish Cubs. McLoughlin.New YOrk.1874 Old Mother Hubbard and Her Wonderful Dog
Gilt enhanced chromolithograph wraps. 6 leaves. 6 full page color plates. The adventures and misadventures of a mother bear and her cubs.  Back cover promotes McLoughlin products  including info on Aunt Louisa's Big Picture Series, Gilt Cover Picture Books and more. Measures 9" x 10 3/4".. Sewing repair on backstrip. First text page and plate page appear to be reverses. 16pp nursery rhyme picture book.  Includes six (6) full page chromolithograph images and numerous in-text three color line drawing. Charming anthropomorphic or humanized dog.  Measures 10 3/4" x 9 1/4"
On the Way There.  Katherine M. Yates Sherwood Publishing Co. New York 1919 Our Holidays
Our Holidays
Price: $55.00
30 pp. Printed hard cover, paper on cover has faint marbling, full text. "A wonder tale for boys and girls, both little and 'grown tall'", part of the Marjorie and the Dream series. Preface and foreword by author. 7 1/4" x 5" has address label on front page 6 leaves with applied cutout puzzle pieces. Pictorial wraps 9 1/4" x 10 1/2".. Instructions on inside cover. Depicts busy midway with vendors and acts, farm life, the seashore, the zoo,the flower mart and the train station.  Back inside cover promotes other books in the series. Outer cover promotes the Warne's Nursery Literature books.
Our Peepshow. Ernest Nister.London.1897 Pals on the Farm
Pals on the Farm
Price: $275.00
Unpaginated. Introduction by F.E. Weatherly. c1897. Three (3) double page pop-ups including Neddy’s Friends (farm scene), Bunny-kin Town, and Wild Indians. The first scene has creases in donkey's head and dog leashes at fold. Second (center) pop-up detached (pulled away from staples) from book, but present. Cover and edge wear from handling. Light warping on cover. Measures 7" x 7 1/2". Diarama-style childrenâ™s book w Eight (8) die-cut movable animals A 9âť x 11 ½❠heavy card stock fold-out diorama-style barnyard scene. Includes eight (8) different easel back, mechanical animals, each with a printed verse. They are Wooley the Sheep, Gobbie the Turkey, Dobbin the Farm Horse, Hissie the Goose, Gruntie the Pig, Sheep the Dog, Rex the Pony and Mooey the Cow. Complete. Cover wear with original price in grease pencil. Interior in excellent condition.
Pan-Pipes: A Book of Old Songs, Panorama of the Lord Mayor's Show.
51 pp with pictorial covers of song including printed music and musical score. Arranged and with accompaniments by Theo. Marzials ; set to pictures by Walter Crane; engraved & printed in colours by Edmund Evans. Profusely illustrated in the fanciful Victorian style of Walter Crane, both full page and in-text illustrations. Contents include The Spanish Lady, The Seeds of Love, Early One Morning, Phillis on the New Made Hay and many more⦠Measures 12" x 8 ½âť.  Light separation at base where end paper meets backstrip. When closed measures 4 1/2" x 6". Paper wraps.  Opens out to an 80" hand colored procession with the Lord Mayor concluding the procession.  Created in four sections and glued together.
Pantomime Pictures; "A Novel Colour Book for Children" NO. 635. Nister.London.1896 Paul Fenimore CooperTricks of Women & Other Albanian TalesWilliam Morrow & Co. New York1928
Introduction by E. Weatherly and black and white in-text illustrations by E. S. Hardy.  Fanciful cover illustration "The Queen of the Bird Fairies', originally from book "Peeps into Fairyland".  Verses include Pantomime Picture, Billy Amos, Hero.,A Little Boy's Pocket, The Other Donkey, Pussycat Street,  How the Letter was Posted, The Brave Circus Boy, Polite Polly and  Honey Pot Farm.   Includes five (5) double page pop-ups.  One text page detached, but present. Edge soiling on pages from handling. Edge of end paper front cover lacking.  Measures 12 1/2" x 10".. 205 pp. Black embossed cover, frontispiece, illustrations, plates throughout. Paul Fenimore Cooper is the translator of these tales and woodcuts are by Ilse M. Bischoff. The Stories are of the southern, or Tosk, dialect and come from two collections made by  Auguste Dozon and Holger Pedersen. 9 1/4" x 6 1/4"
Paul Pryor "E.T. Taggard" Uncle Sam's Big Picture Series: Putnam. McLoughin Brothers.New York.1873 Peculiar Penguins
Peculiar Penguins
Price: $125.00
24 pp (including wrappers) The title page states The Life of General Putnam'. "The book tells the embellished story of the life of General Israel Putnam, starting as a young boy who slaughters a wolf, and his time in service during the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. There are six full page colored illustrations, rich in detail and color. The author is Paul Pryor, who is under the pseudonym of American writer E.T. Taggard. A part of Uncle Sam's Big Picture Series.  Measures 10 1/2" x 9". Cover is mostly fully detached. The binding is loose by intact, and one page is fully detached. Edge wear. Soiling and toning to interior pages. The last few pages have foxing. 45 pp. 8vo. red cloth on board with pictorial cover label depicting courting penguins. Bright illustrations top portion of each page Inscribed on free end paper. Generalized light wear from handling and edge wear on cover. Vibrant color.
Perrault Cinderella and the Little Glass Slipper. R.H. Pease.Albany.1847-1853? Picture Books for Little Children: Picture Lessons in Prose, no. 16The Religious Tract Society London
8 pag. Grandpapa Pease  Series.Half page hand colored engravings. Elaborate  illustration inside cover. The story of Cinderella.   Back cover promotes Pease's Great Variety Store, games, historical amusements and more.  Decorative device  border. Measures 10 3/4" x 7".  . Heavy wear; sewing repair spine, intact tears, pencilling. 16 pp. Illustrated printed paper cover, each story has illustration at start, book number 16, mid to late 1800's. Titles include: Remember. -- What a child ought to be. -- What a child ought not to be. -- What a good little boy is. -- What a good little girl is. -- Things to give. -- Things to keep. -- Rules for the playground. -- The golden rule. -- The morning ride. -- The new armchair. -- Yes and no. -- Love to Jesus. -- A bad bargain. OCLC: 1 (8/29/2016) 5 3/4" x 3 1/4" . cover worn and torn, edges flaking, cover not attached to binding, pages intact with some foxing
Picture Primer Pinocchio
Picture Primer
Price: $40.00
Price: $100.00
8vo. 8 pp with wraps with red printing  First page is upper case alphabet followed by lower case. page. Five (5) lesson pages, concluding with a child praying as he has lost his parents. All pages hand colored. Scarce item. Unpaginated. Illustrated wrap. French Language. In-text black and white with lithograph. Three-quarter page illustrations with text at base. Based on Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio. 2 in. separation at base of cover. Measures 7" x 10 1/2". .
Play Time - The Playtime Unit of the How and Why Program of Child Mental Development..  1949 Playtime - Drayton-like Folding Book. Cover wear with scuffs and light fading. Shelf wear. Vibrant color within.
A 10 1/2 x 7 1/2" box style folio with 37 Play Time booklets.  The reverse of the box indicates the series was designed for young children to learn by doing - nursery through primary grades.  This is followed by contributors and artists and a lyst of available Play Time books.    Apparently only a portion of the list is in each box and in no particular orde.  The booklets range from 4 to 8 pages and encourage learning in many different ways, from cutting and dressing paper dolls, to counting and drawing, reading, cooking, creating shadow puppets and much more. There is a  reference to an "Instant Guide to How and Why Program"  which is not present.   Partially completed by a child. 16 pp, concertina style book applied litho on board. Brown cloth tape bind, printed on both sides.  Googly-eyed children in the style of Grace Drayton children depicted in daily activities e.g. playing, reading, and boating.  Measures 10" x 8", opens to 10" x 64". Cover wear with scuffs and light fading. Shelf wear. Vibrant color within.
Playtime for Nancy.  Margaret O. Hyde Wonder Books New York 1951 Pleasewell Series: 5 Little Pigs. McLoughlin Brothers.New York.1890
Applied board cover, colorful illustrations by Doris Stolberg. Nancy is on vacation and wants to see and do everything. The story describes her weeks adventures. 8" x 6 1/2" slight wear on edges of cover Tells the classic story of the Five Little Pigs and along with the story are six full page illustrations, beautifully rendered. The front cover depicts an older woman with a child on her lap, appearing to tell the story of the Five Little Pigs as she tweaks at each of the child's toes. A pig in a suit is show in the doorway. Apart of the Pleasewell Series, with stapled lithographic wrappers.Unpaginated, 12pp (including wrappers.). The interior pages are printed on linen. Measures 7 3/4" x 5 1/2". Both the front and back covers show cracks down the center, most likely due to being bent at some point. Edge wear. Minor toning on interior pages. There is a signature in pencil from a previous owner on the interior cover, and a red mark on one interior page.
Pranks of Peter Pig Raggedy Ann In The Deep Deep Woods
Pranks of Peter Pig
Price: $100.00
Unpaginated.  Applied litho on cloth binding.  Illustrated end papers with pigs. In-text three-color anthropomorphic animal images throughout.  Stories of Peter the little pig who lived at Folly Farm.  These stories were broadcast on Madge Tucker, director of Children's Programs for National Broadcasting Company, Sunday Morning Children's Hours.   Content includes Peter Pig Discovers Things, Peter Pig Takes a Prancing Lesson, Peter Pig Meets a Ghost, Mumsy Pig takes a Holiday, A Pig is judged by the way he oinks and much more.  Measures 7" x 10". 95pp. Illustrated Hardcover. In-text black and white with color imagery.Vibrant color. Illustrated end papers. Measures 6 1/8" x 9 1/8".
Raggedy Ann's Lucky Pennies Reader-Manual for Jim and Judy by Arthur I. Gates with the assistance of Mary M. Bartlett. The New World Play Book, MacMillan Company. 1939. First edition
93 pp cloth backed pictorial boards.  Copyright John B. Gruelle, Norwalk, CT.   Pictorial end papers. Profusely illustrated with vibrant partial to full page illustrations.

Fifty (50) playing cards, each representing a different
Latin author.  The name of the individual
is at the top of the card followed by seven (7) questions.  Each of the questions is answered by the name
at the top of the card.  In original slip
case with instructions.   The interior
portion of the slip case provides information on the Outline of Latin
Literature, Significance of These Dates and Abbreviations of Roman Personal
Names Used in This Game.  Inscribed on
exterior of slip case. Light wear on slip case; contents excellent and

Religious Tract Society. The Widow's Lamp. Reed & Pardon, Printers.London.1840 Rennee Kellett & Gwen Divison Typescript & Illustrations: Unpublished Book - Grannie's Book of Fairy Stories. .London.c1960s
8 pp. wrapper, 1 woodcut. This is from a series of 32 booklets, all 8 pages each. Three short religious stories about how one person can make a difference. Produced for the Religious Tract Society, at 56 Paternoster Row; 164 Piccadilly, London. Slight soiling and toning, intact tears along binding. Measures 3 1/2" x 2 1/2".. Includes two stories titled The Story of King Hippus-Woppus & Queen Lovely Lady and The Strange Adventures in the Forest, of Little Diamond-Eyes. The first is 44pp long.  The characters include King Hippus-Woppus, Lovely Lady,  Kim Dymo (Lovely Lady's Father the King), Katta-Wann-Shee (sorcerer), Princess Dream-of-Delight, Araminta (the Cat) and Mr. Whiskers, Prince Braveheart, Princess Happy-All-the-Day, King Kee-Hiley, Queen Lotus Blossom, Prince Ti-Yemminnots, Chinnamooni (sorcerer), Robert the Raven, Prince Kiska and the Great Scientist.   A charming yet simple story even with the long cast of characters. The second story is 18 pp and tells of the adventures of a girl called Little Diamond Eyes including subplots of The Fairy Dewdrop and The Friendly Frogs, Dewdrop in Danger and  A Peep into Fairyland. Includes 7 full page illustrations in black and white and gray-tones.  Each with a printed captions.   Measures 10 1/4" x 8 1/4".  Loose-leaf..
Reuben Kent at School; or, Influence as it Should BeAmericna Sunday-School UnionPhiladelphia1844 Rev, Joel HawesMemoir of Normand Smith; or the Christian Serving GodAmerican Tract SocietyNew York1839
87 pp. Applied marble cover, 3 plates,  embellishments at end of some chapters. Reuben, originally hesitant about going off to school,  learns how his Bible studies can influence his daily life. 6" x 4" 72 pp. Apllied marble cover, full text. Memoir of Normand Smith, born in Hartford, CT in 1800. An advertisement at the start of the book explains that this is not a eulogy but "an example for the imitation of others, who move, as he did, in common walks of life." 6" x 4"
Rev. J. L. BlakeFirst Book in Astronomy, Adapted to the Use of Common Schools.Lincoln and EdmandsBoston1831 Reward of Merit depicts Female Textile Mill Workers. ..
115 pp. Applied illustrated cover over blue cloth, frontispiece, illustrations, plates. Contains lessons in astronomy, including diagrams, descriptions, and accounts of planetary and celestial topics. Dictionary at end. 8 3/4" x 5 1/2" A 3 1/4" x 3 5/8"  Reward of Merit for  diligence and good behaviour.   Intricate engraving depicts women operating looms and working with the completed fabric.  Moral -- if you are diligent and behave you can be a factory worker.  Hmm...  Reverse is blank..
Rhymes for the Young Folk. Richard Pease Farmer Fallowfield's Pretty Stories for Good Girls and Boys. Gray, Sprague & Co..Albany.1857
A 76 pp hard cover book with pictorial covers. Includes 22 full page illustrated plates, some in color. Profusely illustrated with sepia tone line drawings throughout. Includes verse and music. Cassell & Company's Publications advertising pages at rear. Shelf wear. Rebound with black endpapers. Slight separation at fold. 6 3/4" x 8 1/2". 15pp Grandmamma Easy Series. Half-page relevant hand colored engravings. Elaborate  illustration inside cover.  Contents include The Farmer's Wife, The Shepherd, The Wheatsheaf,  The Horse, The Donkey, Look at the Nobel Swan and The Child and Pirde. Back cover promotes other Gray Sprague & Co. books and Marks' Colored Toy Books. Measures 10 3/4" x 7".  . Moderate to heavy wear.
Robert and his School.   Lane & Tippett New York 1847 Robert Louis Stevenson A Child's Garden of Verse. M A Donohue & Co.Chicago, IL.1916
24 pp. Blue paper illustrated printed cover, no title page, book begins with illustration and story. "For the Sunday-School Union of the Methodist Episcopal Church" The story of Robert and his lack of enjoyment at school, he encounters the parents of his friend Frank, a successful student, and is quoted the lessons of the Bible. Robert is very impressed and changes his ways. 4 1/2" x 3" slight foxing 302 pp. Cloth cover with a stamped black and red illustrations of a flowering plant. Heavily illustrated and decorated by Myrtle Sheldon. The book is a collection of poems evoking the world and feelings of childhood, each paired with an illustration. Measures 7 1/2" x 6" . Covers show minor edge wear. Binding is cracked, and some interior pages are loose. Front interior cover is signed by a previous owner.
Robert Louis Stevenson. Kidnapped: Being Memoirs of the Adventures of David Balfour in the Year 1751. Harper & Brothers.New York.1921 Robert Mercy, Uncle Frank, Hiram Hatchet Merry's Museum Parley's Magazine, Woodworth's Cabinet and Schoolfellow. Volume 34, No. 5. J N Stearns & Co..New York.November 1857
302 pp. Cloth cover with applied printed  paper title, frontispiece, heavily illustrated and decorated by Louis Rhead. An exciting tale of David Balfour, who after his father dies, goes to live with his miserly old uncle. The uncle brings him to the port one day where he proceed to sell the boy. 9 1/4" x 6 1/4". some rubbing on edge of cover, inscribed, ex-libris of previous owner 36 pp, paper wrappers with black and white illustrations. The pages are numbered 129-160. Three magazines were combined, so that "all the attractions of each magazine will now be concentrated in one." The new magazine was instructive and moral, and featured a large number of woodcuts. A great variety of material was included such as bible stories, little moralized tales, fables, dialogues, poems, letters, puzzles, and games. There were often featured articles that would deal with geography, travel, natural history and with various industries and arts. A highlight of this particular volume is an excerpt detailing what attractions were found at Merry's Museum, such as a aquarium filled with fish, and the story of Cleopatra. Measures 9" x 5 3/4" . Paper covers show minor wear, particularly around the edges. There are minor stains, toning and foxing throughout. Previous owner inscription on front cover.